Masturbation Month Update – 3-6 May


My daily masturbation has been either a play in bed with Doxy or a fiddle in the bathroom with my iGino. Over the bank holiday weekend things were very ‘family’ and relaxing, and then more family turned up yesterday (Bank Holiday Monday) and staying til Saturday. So it’s quite a family kinda week. Great in some ways but trying to keep my thoughts meltingly hot and sex related when faced with family at every turn in the house is quite a challenge. I know I have family around anyway but with my kids I can somehow do the ‘turning a blind eye as a Mum’ that they’re in the next room but with my Dad staying over it’s a little different. I don’t really know why, it just is.

I am still quite set on having at least one masturbated orgasm a day on top of any sex with my partner – but for the next few days at least it may sound quite boring to write up. Apologies in advance.

I’m off to think of something stonkingly fucking sexy that will make tomorrow’s update a lot more interesting. I also have other chores to do and a ton of emails to answer plus some admin. Altogether, a #sexyfail.

Somebody spank me!

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