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How Do You Put A Condom On?

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If you’re asking “How do you put a condom on?”, there’s a good chance you already know how important it is to use a condom. Condoms are essential for safe sex, especially penis in vagina sex. They are used for the protection of both partners, such as the prevention of sexually transmitted infections & pregnancy. This is a great approach, and I congratulate you on your sensible attitude towards sex.

How Do You Put A Condom On?

Condoms don’t need to mean a less exciting sex life, nor do they necessarily mean a loss of sensation during penetrative sex. There are all sorts of condoms available nowadays, ultra thin, ribs and dots, flavoured and latex free, to name but a few. However, not using a condom at all could mean the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, some deadly – or life changing events such as unplanned pregnancy amongst those not willing or ready for such an important life step. Read all about safe sex in this related article.

How Do You Put A Condom On?

It’s a question that should be answered through sex education at a school age level. Just in case you’re unsure, or still have questions, I want to spell out exactly how to put a condom on as part of my popular Sex Basics series of sex education articles.

How Do You Put A Condom On?

Because this is a question best answered with visuals, and as I’m not there with a pile of condoms and a penis, I’ve decided to explain this with a step by step guide in photo format.

Step-by-Step: How To Put A Condom On

Get Some Condoms

Make sure you have some condoms readily available (buy a selection and have a few with you when you’re out and about, or by the bedside). Ensure that the condoms you use are in date. There will be an expiry date of the condoms not only on the outer packet, but also on the foil wrapper of each one. So don’t panic if you’ve thrown the box away.

So you’re ready with your in-date condom and want to get on with things. Next step is to make sure you’re going to put the condom on an erect penis. It won’t work very well trying to put it on a flaccid, or soft, penis. It can be done with a semi-erect penis, but it’s fiddly, prone to nipping of the skin, discomfort and pain, and really it’s best to avoid that whole situation at all.

Work That Erection

Get the penis hard. If you’re not sure how to do this then you’re reading the wrong advice post. If you have trouble getting an erection or maintaining one, take a look at these erectile dysfunction aids and accessories.

How Do You Put A Condom On?

Open The Packet

Tear open the foil packet, taking care only to tear the foil, not the condom inside. It generally squelches out of the way during this part of the process, so no worries.

How Do You Put A Condom On?

Remove The Condom

Once you’ve opened the packet, you can retrieve the condom from within. Hold the condom by pinching the dome on top with index finger and thumb, then wiggle the sides as if you were going to unfurl them, to see which way down they will roll. Don’t actually unroll it at this stage. You’re just trying to determine whether the condom will unroll the right way.

How Do You Put A Condom On?

Make Sure It’s The Right Way Round

Check you have the condom the right way around. The correct way for a condom to unroll is with the dome coming up through the centre and the sides unfurl on the outsides, downwards and smoothly. If the sides unfurl from the inside, it’s the wrong way round. Turn it over and check again. Remember, you’re still not ready to unroll it properly yet.

How Do You Put A Condom On?

How Do You Put A Condom On?

Start At The Tip

Still with your index finger and thumb pinching the dome, and confident that the condom will unfurl in the correct, smooth, outer manner, place the condom directly on the head of the erect penis. When you put a condom on, you should be pinching the dome tip of the condom and be able to feel the penis head through the condom on the other side of your pinched fingers.

How Do You Put A Condom On?

Unroll The Condom

Now, you’re ready to unroll the condom. With your one hand still pinching the condom tip directly on the penis head (I had to remove mine in the photos, to take the pics!), use your other hand to unfurl the sides of the condom, stretching it out smoothly downwards over the shaft of the penis down to where it meets the body, until it’s entirely covered with the condom length.

How Do You Put A Condom On?

When you put a condom on, make sure it’s properly in position first. Then, let go of the dome end which is still in your other hand/fingers at the penis tip. Because you’ve had your fingers pinched over the tip of the condom while fitting it, there shouldn’t be an air bubble there, or anywhere else down the condom length for that matter. The condom should be flush against the skin the whole way down, possibly with a small gap at the top of the condom which helps with comfort during penetrative sex and to contain the ejaculate upon climax.

How Do You Put A Condom On?


Now you know how to put a condom on, you’re ready to enjoy happy, worry-free, safe sex with your consenting partner. Enjoy!


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