Sex News: Woman injured in Ann Summers sex toys party prize grab

ann summers party

A woman who enjoyed an evening of Ann Summers partying and sex toys frivolities had her fun cut short when she was injured while trying to grab her prize. Dublin resident Sylvia Deehan, 46, alleged that she was shoved into a speaker when ‘a ring that goes around a certain part of a man’ was thrown into the air.

The Ann Summers party took place at the Lough Inn, owned by Loughlinstown Inn Ltd. The evening’s climax was a performance of the male stripper group, Hunks of Desire.

Ms Deehan’s sworn testimony states that she was bursting balloons on the floor, with 62 other women (at least) in sight, when she went to catch the spot prize. She claims she was pushed from behind and hit a speaker next to the DJ box, injuring her ribs.

The court judge ruled there was no way for the pub to make the location completely accident-proof, and that the Lough Inn had in fact placed the loudspeaker in a safe place.

he added: “…the truth is that Ms Deehan could have fallen anywhere in the pub and the only means of effectively guarding against the risk of such a fall would have been to swaddle every available surface in the pub in protective material.”

Ms Deehan therefore lost her legal fight for compensation.

Moral of the story? Not exactly sure, other than to safeguard against random thrusts when attempting to grab a sexy prize or two.

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(main story as reported in The Mirror)

– Cara Sutra



  1. When I worked for AS we were prevented from allowing women to knock on a neighbours door for batteries (one of the dares) because someone had been run over whilst doing it and i presume was suing.

    On another note, i’m pleased the Judge had the common sense to realise how wild these women get! It may have been a simple cock ring but after a few cheeky drinks it may as well be the crown jewels to them ha x

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