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Scarlet Amor

I started writing “The Dakini Chronicles: Enlightening Adventures of a Sensual Masseuse” in an airport terminal, waiting for a flight to Los Angeles where I was to begin a residency at a high-end Tantric massage brothel in downtown Hollywood, USA.

I was hesitant to write my sex diary at first, for I was at the end of a six year career as a “Sacred Sexuality” coach and was wanting to put it behind me and live a “normal” life above the fold as a single mom, entertainer and entrepreneur. My career in the erotic healing arts does not sit well with the parent/teacher council or my corporate business clients. I spent a majority of those years living a double life.

“The Dakini Chronicles” started as an anonymous blog where I posted detailed stories about my sensual massage sessions, my sexual adventures out of the office, and my secret life as a “Dakini” looking for true love in all the wrong places. My secret online identity allowed me to hide behind my nom de plume and go balls out. I spilled the beans on every detail about my sexy experiences with my clients, lovers and the occasional sex party… some of which were humorously disastrous!

My most popular sex blog post was about my experience dating a BDSM top who rocked my world and left a welt on my ass that didnʼt allow me to sit properly for a month. I found him on a “vanilla” online dating site, but by our second date he had me tied up, naked, hanging from the rafters in his livingroom.

I eventually pulled most of the racy entries off my blog page to compile them into an erotica book series due to be published later this year. I am following in the footsteps of my favorite secret sex diary bloggers turned New York Times best selling authors such as Belle De Jour and Diablo Cody.

Now that I am completely retired from the Adult industry, I feel more comfortable releasing my sex diaries to the public. “Sugar Daddy Dating Fail: My Disastrous Attempt At Seeking An Arrangement” just hit the bookshelves, along with my other title, “A Gentlemanʼs Etiquette Guide To Sensual Massage”, apparently quite popular with the Brits.

So while I am now focusing my “sex blogging” career towards being a best selling author, my current blog still covers edgy aspects of modern dating, sexual healing, and the shadow side of the so called “spiritual sex guru” community. I like to make fun of myself, create viral memes and teach through my vulnerability, satire and personal stories.


Iʼm still working on my “happy ending”… follow me online to discover more:

xox ~ Scarlet Amor

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