Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: Polkadotsi


Time for another Sex Blogger in the Spotlight!

A huge welcome to Kiera from Polkadotsi. Kiera owns and runs a sex blog which is not only entertaining, honest and informative, it’s also beautifully designed, has gorgeous photography and is easy to navigate. I love it!

Let’s find out more about the blogger behind the blog…

– Cara Sutra


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Thanks for the opportunity!! I’m Kiera, I own Polkadotsi. I have a team of writers who help me make the site as awesome as it is.

What’s your blog name/online handle and how did you come up with the idea?


Which country do you live in?

Sunny, Perth, Western Australia!

Approximately how long have you been sex blogging?

Nearly a year now. Polkadotsi will be one in August!

Why did you start a sex blog or reviewing sex toys?

I blog because there are SO many women here in Australia who don’t know about sex positive, feminist friendly sex information. I love sex, I love sex positivity, and I want to change the world one woman at a time!

What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

The responses from readers “OMG I didn’t know that that was normal” “Thanks so much, I was always scared there was something wrong with me” It is SO awesome having people write you and tell you that you have helped them view their sexuality in a healthier, more positive way.

Do you use social media? If so, where can we find you?

Twitter: @Polkadotsi

Do your friends know you’re a sex blogger?

Absolutely!! They love it! My grandmother still gets a little squeamish bless her heart!

Have you ever done anything specifically so you can blog about it afterwards?

All of our sex positions are tried and tested :P. One of our writers ate asparagus to find out if female ejaculate was urine or not (its not!)

Do you take part in any blog memes? If so, which ones?

Nope 🙂

Share with us a funny or interesting experience that’s happened to you in the course of your blogging.

I told my grandmother about my blog. We were out to lunch with my great aunty, and as my grandmother began a tirade to chastise me for blogging about “unspeakables” my aunty piped up that she used to lecture in the older people’s home, teaching them about sex after hip replacements, and sex as an older person. I never knew that sex educators ran so commonly in my family!

Will you still be blogging in 5 years time?

Blogging – or whatever awesome technology is available to us.

If not already a professional blog: would you say you’re looking to earn a living from blogging eventually, or will it remain a hobby?

I would love to get paid for my work. Paying my team is an expensive venture, that I have to fund through other activities.

Tell us about three other bloggers you admire, and why.

I adore A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind – she’s awesome. Emma from Yoniverse Sex Therapy is the bomb. And who couldn’t love Epiphora’s sex toy reviews!

If you review sex toys, what are the top three toys you wish you could get your hands on next?

Too easy – Lelo Mona, Lelo Mona, oh and a Lelo Mona 😛

Who is your favourite adult shopping company, and why?

We are big fans of and here in Aus. Honorable mention to too 🙂

Do you prefer blogging fictional erotica, real life sex anecdotes or factual based content such as reviews and advice guides?

I’m a sex geek, so all of the above. I believe that knowledge is power though – how about factual erotica? 😉




    • hehehe the things that are done in the name of research!! That was the brain child of Emma Stewart from Yoniverse Sex Therapy – and we at polkadotsi got the benefits of her … ahem research (Well not ALL of the benefits)

  1. Cara … once again, I love how you’re putting the spotlight on so many great bloggers. Many of them are already my favorites, but I’m learning about so many more. *big hugs*

  2. Thanks so much for highlighting us!
    I should give massive props to my gorgeous writing team of Emma from Yoniverse Sex Therapy, Nikki from the Word Nerdery and Neenie who is in the beginnings of creating her own sex positive business!

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