Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: Marvelous Darling


I love the clean feel of Marvelous Darling’s sex blog, and I am delighted to feature her and her wonderful site here in the Sex Blogger Spotlight Series at Cara Sutra.

Covering a wide range of topics from sex toys use, sex toy reviews, sex and relationships advice as well as a fun and generous dose of her every day life and travelling adventures, ‘Marvy Darling’ soon has you engrossed in her tales and intrigued by her experiences.

Read on to find out more about Marvy and click through to read her wonderful sex blog.

By the way I learned something else through this post too: ‘marvellous’ only has one ‘L’ in US English!

– Cara Sutra

Marvy Darling sex blogger spotlight series at Cara Sutra

Hey Cara Sutra!

I’m Sarah, and I blog atΒ

My love affair with sex blogging only began two years ago, but the roots go deep. For a long time, I fought my interest in sex and sex education with organized religion. Of course, this only lead to self loathing and some pretty unhealthy relationships.

While I was in college, I met a guy who really helped me to get comfortable with myself and see what a healthy relationship – including a healthy sex life – could be like. We didn’t last, but it was a turning to point for me. From then on, I became more and more open about sexuality, and I discovered how much I liked learning about it. A while later, I found myself working as a home sex toy party consultant. I loved the “empowerment” aspect of the job, but after discovering quality sex bloggers like Dangerous Lilly and Epiphora, I was disheartened by the misinformation, lack of solid resources, and overpriced, low-quality goods.

Things really changed when I began blogging in February 2012. I started reviewing for a site that I will not name, quit my gig as a party consultant, and ordered my first luxury vibrator. That was the turning point, when I finally understood how thrilling a well-made sex toy could really be. And I wanted more of them.

Since then, my blog has grown to focus mainly on sex toy reviews, though I do sometimes write about relationships. In the past, I’ve written posts about online dating, though I now save those for the other two publications I write for: and

My dating experience comes from having spent about a year and a half (2011 – 2012) using OkCupid with the goal of going on dates with as many men as possible. I wanted to learn exactly what I wanted in a partner before committing to another one. And, wouldn’t you know it, that’s how I met my husband.

Now, in 2014, I’m aiming to take my blog to a more professional level. I’m lucky enough to have time to focus on my writing and to build my career as an educator.

And now for some of Cara’s suggested questions!

Which country do you live in?

Germany! I’m originally from the United States.

What’s your favorite thing about blogging?

Relationships, for sure. I’ve met some truly amazing people while I’ve been blogging, both in the NSFW category and vanilla bloggers, too. Sometimes it actually makes me cry thinking about how many awesome people I know and how they’re all improving the world. (This usually happens when I’m PMSing, and I usually tweet about it.)

Do you use social media?

Like it’s my j-o-b. You can find me on Twitter (@marvydarling), Tumblr (marvydarling, or my SFW account fromkielwithlove), and Instagram (marvydarling).

Do your friends and family know you’re a sex blogger?

YES. Oh, yes. I’m out. I use my real name on my blog, I have my blog linked to on my personal Facebook, and my friends and family all know that I’m a sex blogger. I get a lot of questions about it, but never, ever any shade. My family is extremely supportive, and even my husband’s family knows and supports what I do. I’m very, very lucky. Also, I frequently get questions from acquaintances via Facebook chat. That’s why my hair is so big – it’s full of sex secrets.

What are the top 3 toys you wish you could get your hands on next?

Easy. The newly revamped We-Vibe Touch, the Vixen Vixskin Maverick, and a Liberator Wedge (does that count?).


Thanks, Cara Sutra!

Marvelous Darling

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