Lesbian Sex Myths: 10 Biggest Girl On Girl Sex Myths

Lesbian Sex Myths: 10 Biggest Girl On Girl Sex Myths

By Cara Sutra

The internet has spoken! A few articles I have read recently about lesbian sex have ignited a bit of fire in me; for a start they tend to read like they were written by either men who get their lesbian sex facts from porn, or by bi-curious fantasists who write purely from the point of view of someone who cannot see outside the blinkers of a sex life involving a penis. Today I’m talking lesbian sex myths – the 10 biggest girl on girl sex myths that you’ll probably recognise.

Lesbian Sex Myths: 10 Biggest Girl On Girl Sex Myths

While I have no issues with those who are uneducated or misinformed about sexual (or other) matters, I do get a bit grumbly when they are writing sex advice posts on such topics for other, probably similarly uneducated people to read and take note of. Before we know it, lesbian sex myths have been purported and stereotypes strengthened, and the facts of the matter are buried under the duvet with those rolled up greying knickers and half a packet of crisps hastily scoffed in place of foreplay.

So it came to be that I decided to rant out my feelings in this ‘top ten’ post. So here we go. The 10 biggest lesbian sex myths flying around. In my opinion, of course.


1. That woman on woman sex must essentially be the same as man on woman sex; that is, genitals together at all times. But there’s no penis there, so women must just rub pussies together and pretend. And maybe even enjoy it.

Penetrative Goals

2. That lesbian sex is all about penetration, for that is what sex is, and the sole purpose of sex. To get your vagina penetrated. Despite the fact that the majority of women don’t orgasm through having the inside of their vagina stimulated.

There’s The Rub

3. That it’s not just possible, but quite frequently done, for women to rub their teeny clitorises together without someone getting a heel to the chin in the process.

Pressed Nipples

4. That women actually rub their nipples together sensually just like they do in Nuts and Zoo magazine, and this forms a major part of lesbian sex. And neither women laughs hysterically whilst this happens.

Lingerie Catwalk

5. That all lesbian sex takes place in sexy lingerie, by women with no pubic hair, a bleached ass-hole, and somehow a porn star’s body despite the tub of ice cream just consumed previous to sex. The calories are quite obviously burned off during the foreplay, which is of course a pillow fight. With insanely loosely stitched feather pillows.

There’s Always A Guy

6. That not only do lesbians quite commonly have boyfriends, but they invite them to watch, and even to join in. Because no-one quite knows how to ‘do the sex’ like a man does.

Oral Avoidance

7. That at no point does a woman get her mouth near a vagina, and it will not enter either woman’s consciousness to put her mouth near the other’s ass. Mouths are for sucking nipples and playful kissing with perfect lipstick on, silly!

All About That Cock

8. That when lesbians get wild they get out the strap ons and double dildos. Every time. Because the pinnacle of lesbian sex is having a fake cock shoved up your chuff.

Oh So Pretty

9. That anyone who partakes in lesbian sex is at all times 100% comfortable in her own body, never gets periods or PMT, always lathers up WAY too much in the shower and somehow awakes perfectly made up in the morning anyway.

100% Sex At All Times

Lesbian Sex Myths: 10 Biggest Girl On Girl Sex Myths10. That lesbians never argue, fight, fall out or get jealous, and a lesbian relationship solely consists of getting each other naked at all times and absolutely no other emotion than a lustful insatiable need to fuck each other in a cockless wonder of twisted nature at all times of the day and night.

Truth Of The Matter

I’m not saying lesbian sex will never have some of the above elements. I’m not saying they are wrong. I don’t want to burst any bubbles here (ooh, sexy bathtime). I just want to make it known that lesbian sex is not the same as hetero-sex, with a great big shadow cast over the session spelling out ‘OMG there’s no penis here – what the hell do we do now’. Let’s get rid of the lesbian sex myths once and for all.

Women can have sex with each other, and do have sex with each other – teeth and tongues and fingers and fists and sweat and blood and tears and filth and cellulite and fat and body issues and wrinkles and no makeup and body smells and everything that real people comprise of. It’s real, raw and it’s not always pretty. God knows I don’t want to watch myself having sex with a woman, I probably look the same as I do when devouring a cheeseburger mid-diet. A greedy beast, guilty as charged.


I certainly don’t have a bleached butt-hole, I’m not one for feather pillow fights and I’m not wearing an uncomfy underwired lace bra throughout sex just for the pictures. I don’t see the point in attempting to rub my pussy on hers while at the same time desperately trying to avoid kicking her teeth in. Yes, it’s passionate. It’s real. Don’t believe everything you read in magazines or on the internet (apart from this post of course – haha). Bye bye, lesbian sex myths!


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  1. Oh, you made my day with this..I was searching for a sex blog and I stumble in a humor-sex post! Thank you for made me laugh, a lot, at work 🙂

  2. I must confess never having partaken in lesbian sex, for obvious reasons.

    I can’t help thinking that 1 and 3, are somewhat driven by as much by stereotypes; novels like The Way of a Man With A Maid which were hugely influential in their day have those acts of rubbing for the incestuous lesbian encounters, probably because the (male) author did not know differently and the idea seems to have persisted for over a century.

    Alas, people seek pornography that reinforces not challenges their preconceptions: after all, how many tired, horny people when they are in THAT mood want to think in that way? So (some) porn is made to be popular which is obviously vastly exaggerated and the stereotypes and misconceptions persist.


  3. Apparently these people that write those articles have never been invited into our bedroom. No one has been invited so far, but Jolynn has told (multiple) people they can’t watch. 😉 There isn’t any scissoring going on at our house, pillow fights, and kisses with lipstick. It isn’t all about penetration, since there isn’t any double ended dildos, but there is oral sex and the Hitachi is in the night stand.

    • Completely agree, except it’s the Doxy wand here! A girl who has apparently ‘fucked a lot of women’ don’t you know got a little offended at all this, apparently pretty much all lesbians scissor at every available opportunity. Not any woman I’ve ever slept with! The visuals of the position are arousing, yes – but the realities of the situation and the physical sensations… oral sex is so much better and more effective. x

  4. This is the first time I ever checked out your profile so may I say I’ll be back.

    Love this article because as a male I think we’ve been given a load of crap. I have friends who are lesbians, women who are bi, and women who are swingers and I can tell you this article hits every note right. I don’t know if you get Cosmopolitan magazine, but the load of bollocks that that magazine gives to women about sex and relationships is the same as the load we are fed in porn and other venues about lesbian sex.

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