Blankety blank, fill in the gaps

TMI Tuesday

This week’s TMI Tuesday is all about filling in the gaps.

I know I talk about this particular subject a lot, but this time I mean with words.

fill in the gaps blanks TMI Tuesday blog meme

Fill in the blanks below with whatever comes to mind first or is sexy or crazy. Have fun!

1. For me, it was all about the money.

2. Roller skating at my local supermarket.

3. Behind the tree fingering beneath her white cotton knickers.

4. A spot of raucous dogging is something I always wanted to do.

5. When it was over, we lay in a puddle of our combined juicy filth.

6. Tonight I’m looking forward to sucking him so thoroughly he sees stars.

Bonus: What is it? Explain how you would use it.

TMI Tuesday Pleasure periscope sex toy vibrator

This is a sex toy known as the Pleasure Periscope! Made by California Exotics and it’s a vibrator that you can see your insides with. Not really my kinda thing – but it does make me wonder if you can use it when pregnant. Could be interesting to combine a medical examination/ medical fetish and a curious look at the cervix. Something to ponder.

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– Cara Sutra



  1. 2. Hahaha…that would be funny.

    3. Mmm…fun! So sexy. I was fingered in the woods on a hiking trail once. It didn’t last long enough, other hikers came through.

    4. 😮

    5. Okay hot! You’re hot. This TMI is hot!!!

    6. Geezus…that made me wish I had a penis and I was HIM.

    Great read.


  2. Sexy TMI answers!
    Also, I’m glad someone identified the bonus picture. I was admittedly too lazy to do a reverse image search.

    Happy Tuesday


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