3 wishes for the taking

wish upon a shooting star

“Star light, star bright,

First star I see tonight,

I wish I may. I wish I might,

Have the wish I make tonight.”

If you had only three wishes, what would you wish for? Three things, and three things only. No wishing for more wishes.

I like to think that most decent people would wish for pretty much the same things. I use the phrase ‘decent’ there totally unfairly, of course. Judging everyone by my own standards, tut, tut. But see whether or not you agree.

Three wishes for the world

  1. For lost loved ones to return to us
  2. For those around us and those we care about to be happy and healthy
  3. For ourselves to be happy and healthy

This is all very deep for a Wicked Wednesday post. I should start making some fun wishes, so you can see that I’m not mired in Sartre’s abyss of doom. The one serious wish I would make for myself, is that I would be a confident person. Not to be self conscious or have any insecurities. Not to an arrogant point, of course. But definitely confident. I can be assertive, I can face challenges head on, I can stride into a room and bluff it out that I am confident. But as for what’s going on inside… I don’t let many people see that. The weak, self-doubting, insecure side. Oh dear, that’s not very fun either.

Three fun wishes

  1. I want to take my family on an extended holiday to Disneyworld, Florida
  2. I want a f*ck-off huge yacht and the staff required to keep it moored, clean and well run
  3. I want to be able to work at a sensible, calmer pace (because I love my job but have to work such long hours right now) and therefore live comfortably without worrying about income

There, that’s a little more fun, right? Ok, nauseating moment coming up. I don’t need to wish for love – I am lucky like that. I’m completely content with my sex life, we’re able to talk to each other openly. I have two beautiful children and for now at least, they, my partner and I and those close to us are in good health and getting on well. Really hope that doesn’t jinx it!

It’s been a very tough couple of years and only a few friends know the full extent of the pain behind these smiles now. It’s quite telling that He has taken to doing kooky little jigs around the house, giving spontaneous cuddles, demanding he does some shopping or putting his foot down about matters. It’s amazing, wonderful, mind-blowing and revealing to see just how much He has come out of his shell now a huge weight has been lifted.

“If your heart is in your dream,

no request is too extreme…”

I wish all my readers health, wealth, happiness – and a damn good sex life! What would you wish for, if you had just 3 wishes?

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– Cara Sutra



  1. I like that .. A “fuck-off” huge yacht. So, interesting reading people’s wishes. I’m with you on the last one. I just want a job that I can work from home, set hours and get paid. Hope you make it to Disneyland someday soon.

  2. Fun wishes or serious ones, those are all some nice wishes. Some of it – like a good sex life and love – I have already and I know I am privileged because of that 🙂

    Rebel xox

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