Trying a new toy for Daddy


He’d been teasing me all day, his petting words of affection and phrases which he knows pushes my buttons and gets me hot, writhing, tingling and ready to cum at a moment’s notice. It’s not easy being a sex toy reviewer, you know. All these lovely vibrating, girthy, sculpted, powerful pleasure objects that are clamouring to be used inside my sex places. Willing me to orgasm on them, clenching my vaginal muscles around the sleek silicone or cool glass or cold stone… noduled and angled and contoured and ribbed and MINE.

Daddy doesn’t usually get involved in my sex toy reviews but lately he’s been taking a greater interest. This might have to do with the fact that I talk about my sex toys all the time, and I am forever disappearing to shove the latest one up my pussy or ass or hold it tightly against my clit or let it flutter over it teasing me to climax. This time was different. He gave me explicit (oh so very explicit) instructions about what I should do for my next review. He wanted to watch. To inspect. To make sure I was doing it right.

No, not in person. Over cam – webcam, on Skype. To see me in the box on the screen, frigging myself with the silicone vibrating wonder of the moment, shoving it deep inside me and allowing him to enjoy the peep show like I am merely a cam girl that’s being paid per hour to diddle herself to the world. Not even knowing if he’s still there or not. If he’s pleased or not. Whether he’s getting bored, if I am being entertaining enough, if I am being a good girl for Daddy.

I selected my new LELO for the show that I was to perform that evening. Sleek, black silicone with a golden central area. An easy grip handle and a clitoral stimulator that protruded from the main shaft. Not a rabbit vibrator, definitely not a rabbit. A dual stimulator. For greedy girls that want it all, then more.

The outfit I chose was definitely inspired by my inner cock tease. Schoolgirl white knee high socks, black mini skirt, white crisp shirt unbuttoned to an indecent level revealing a slutty black lace bra. White cotton panties, of course. My make up was tired from the day’s exertions; I didn’t even bother brushing my hair.

I was there, ready and waiting, pulse racing and wet palms, some time before the little notification box pinged up in the corner of my large screen letting me know Daddy was online. The excitement of it all had already caused a damp patch to form in my panties and my nipples felt hard and tingling against the unforgiving, sexy lace. It was immensely difficult not to plunge my fingers into my underwear then and there and dip my fingers into my wetness, using the natural lubricant to aid my self-fucking and flicking of my clit.

He called. Video call. I accepted. The screen flickered into life and then I saw him. I saw myself too, the smaller box but still there. Seeing myself on screen dressed like a tart for Daddy was another layer of insanely hot sensation. I could see his lips quirk, amused, as he took in the scene. My obedience, my predicament, my nerves and the performance that he never for one moment doubted would happen.

The mic picked up and I stammered a nervous hello. Trying my voice out. I’d almost forgotten I had one. He laughed, but gently, trying not to scare me off too much. He knew I was fragile like that, that this was special.

“Hello kitten,” he said. “Are you ready for me? It looks like you are.”

“Yes, Daddy. I chose this one. I hope it’s ok.”

I held the Soraya up to the camera and then back slightly to allow focus and perspective. Daddy nodded his approval.

“Good girl. I knew you wouldn’t let me down. Hurry now, then – show me how you fuck yourself when you are doing your little toy thing.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

It was out of pure habit that I dispensed the lubricant on to the silicone shaft – fuck knows my vagina didn’t need any lubricant at this point – but suddenly I was left with a lubed up vibrator and a Daddy who needed pleasing. Right away.

Pushing the chair back from the desk slightly, I rested my ankles on the desk edge, making sure to tilt the camera down first so it still showed my face but also showed between my legs. The full spectacle was on display and it was about to get a whole lot more revealing.

Legs apart and vibrator in one hand, I used the other to peel back the cotton of the knickers and just tug them firmly to one side. My labia were slippery and wet, the puddle that had amassed there ensuring that pretty much anything would slip between them right now, into the recess that lay between. I brought the rounded tip of my vibrator to my entrance, and flickered my eyes up to see what Daddy was doing.

He was intently gazing at the screen on his end. His hands weren’t even disappearing below the table. He was watching as if this were a conference call about the state of index linked financial investments. Somehow, his apparent nonchalance made this all the more humiliating and I suffered an immediate crimson blush, spreading to a stinging burn of arousal centring in my clitoris and radiating to my every extremity.

In spite of this I somehow couldn’t stop myself from checking what Daddy was doing. I was looking for signs that he was pleased. I was doing this for his approval, as well as to appease my inner whore. Flicking my eyes down to make sure I was positioning everything ok, I slid the vibrator all the way into my pussy, which is did with an embarrassing, squelching, ease.

Then it came to turning the thing on. My mind had melted slightly but they were easy enough to find, on the handle. + to turn on, central button for different functions. Pressing the + button on, and up again, through the power. I always want the most anything has to give. High. Constant. Vibration. There we go, perfect. The clit stim came to rest against my clitoris and the motor in that bullet shaped area was like an electric shock to my sexual nerve endings.

original erotica by Cara SutraOnce the motors were at full power I knew it wouldn’t take me long. The shame of performing like an animal for Daddy, even though I assumed he was approving, was just too much for my mind and therefore body to bear. He had made me connect with my mostly hidden exhibitionist, with him acting as perverted, corrupting voyeur to this not-so-innocent girl.

The heel of my hand served to press the clit stim against my clitoris perfectly and the long shaft was buried deep inside, all the way up to banging against my cervix. These people knew how to make sex toys and at that moment I couldn’t have been more happy about that fact.

What eventually pushed me over the edge though was one simple phrase from Daddy. I don’t know how he picked just the right moment to tell me. But he did.

“Of course you know I am recording your slutty show for me, little girl, so I get to watch it – or show it – as many times as I wish…”

It was then that the surge became a full torrent, sensation like bolts of lightning coursing through every vein and tipping me over that glimmering edge finally, as I hurtled through the most powerful orgasm I had had in years.


– Cara Sutra


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