Thinking of writing a sex toy review? 10 things to remember

How do I write a great sex toy review?

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I am not going to tell you that there is a 100% ‘correct’ way to review a sex toy or adult product. However if you’re like me, you have read some product reviews that leave you just as, or in some cases more mystified about a product than before you read the review.

What exactly should you be thinking about when you review a sex toy? What do people want to read about? Are there any traps or pitfalls to watch out for?

I have put together ten ‘tips’, or more appropriately, ideas which I feel are valuable when it comes to sex toy reviewing. If you have anything to add, feel free to put it in a comment.


Think about what people will want to know. When they buy the product themselves, how will it arrive? As you’re reviewing products which are of a, shall we say, sensitive nature, deliveries need to be discreet and confidential. Does the outer packaging give any indication of what is contained within?

Once you open the package, what were your first impressions of the product packaging itself? Did it seem classy to you or old fashioned?

Was the item secured safely inside the box – and were there tamper-proof evident seals to prove that the product is completely hygienic for use?

Use it more than once

To form a rounded opinion on the product and find out how you feel about it properly, it’s fair to say that you need to use an item more than once. Your mood may be different, it could feel different in a new position, location or even used with a partner.

Your thoughts can completely change when you use an item in a different way, with lubricant or while you’re in a different position so it’s important to give a product a thorough testing on several occasions so you can get to grips with your opinions before reviewing.

Jot down thoughts

Don’t try to keep every thought about the product in your head, we’re only human and bound to forget some facet which seemed important at the time. Instead, why not set aside a dedicated reviewing notepad and pen, so you can quickly jot down your thoughts after using a product, and scribble additions in the margin, before it comes to actually typing the finished review up on screen?

Note any extras

As well as the main item in the box, will a potential buyer of this product get anything else? Is there anything which ‘adds value’ to the purchase?

Think about things that not every product in the same category has. For instance, it could be that this vibrator is waterproof, is rechargeable instead of battery powered, or comes with its own storage pouch.

How is it powered?

If the product you’re reviewing is vibrating or has other mechanisms, how are these powered? Is it a rechargeable sex toy or does it take batteries? Which batteries are required and are these included?

If the sex toy is rechargeable how long does it need charging for? Is it mains rechargeable or USB?

During use

For this area, concentrate on how the thing actually felt, to you. This is a personal part of your review and will reflect your own experience. Was it easy to use? Could you find the buttons ok, even when standing up/in the dark?

If it’s a couples product, what did your partner think about the sex toy? Are there any changes you can think of which would make the product even better for you?

Stay factual

lelo sex toys and vibrators at eroticon 2014

Remember that this is a product review, not a chance to write an essay about your personal sex life or float off into fanciful erotica. Although both of these things may have a valid and traffic-worthy spot elsewhere on your site, a product review should be that – a review of the product.

Not everyone who comes to read your opinion of and experiences with the latest vibrator in your collection also wants to hear all about the squelching hot details of your internal areas, or just how you would use it on that hot chick or hunk down the road. It’s irrelevant and you could be putting off certain people from visiting your site and reading your future reviews.

Protect yourself

If you put content on the internet – or anywhere – you are opening yourself up for legal action unless you protect yourself adequately. Choose your words carefully. It doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger, professional website owner or company. Everyone is the same in this regard.

Always disclose that you received the product free of charge from the company in exchange for a fair, honest and unbiased review. Make sure that your thoughts and feelings are expressed in terms of your own opinion and based on your own experience. For instance instead of stating that product x is ‘unsuitable for all women as it’s entirely rubbish’, you may instead choose to write that product x ‘didn’t work for me and I can think of many ways in which it could be improved to suit me personally’.

Fiery, tempestuous reviews are share-worthy, for sure. They are hilarious. Legal letters are not.

Don’t link spam

As well as being offputting to readers, a review which is overly full of links is also bad web practice. The search engines will see that you are ‘spamming’ your content with many links and they will not have as much value as if you only entered in 3-4 in the review.

I don’t tend to count internal links (ie. links to my own content) in this amount, only external to the originating company’s website or elsewhere.

Take your own photographs

People can see the polished up, photoshopped, cropped professional images of the product on the shop website. Even Amazon now give the option of adding your own customer photo of the product. They know that people love to see how the item looks in ‘real life’ – away from a professional studio setting, away from the tweaking, filtering hands of a photographer or designer.

Take advantage of the opportunity to show the product in all its glory (or otherwise), in real lighting conditions and size comparisons to your own hand or to a standard measurement such as a coke can or a bullet vibrator. RO-80 bullets are a standard unit of measurement, right?!

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With all of this in mind, your finished review should adequately reflect your thoughts, feelings and experiences with a product. Anyone who comes to visit your site and reads your review will leave with a clearer thought of how you felt about that product, whether you’d personally recommend it or not and some real-person notes about it. They can then make their decision to purchase based on their own thoughts and your experience.

I will be writing much more about sex toy reviewing and the ways in which you can improve this area of blogging, in the upcoming months. You can find all my sex toy reviews (as well as other product reviews) here at

– Cara Sutra


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