Slave Nano: Erotic Author Spotlight Series

Slave Nano: Erotic Author Spotlight Series

If you’re looking for an erotic author with a spicy, colourful, kinky flavour, then you’re in the right place. This week we welcome Slave Nano into the Erotic Author Spotlight, who shares with us his extensive kinky writing background, some fab photographs as well as a very arousing free excerpt. Thanks for being a part of the Erotic Author Spotlight Series, Slave Nano!

Slave Nano Biography

Slave Nano Erotic Author Spotlight Series 2017I am Slave Nano. I am an author of erotic stories with dark and exotic content often drawing on the themes of female supremacy, goddess worship and bdsm, frequently in fantasy, paranormal or historical settings.

My work invariably features dominant, powerful and charismatic female characters and submissive males – sometimes there are submissive females as well. I like to look at the tensions between the dominant and the submissive and explore the boundaries between pain and pleasure, physical and mental bondage and retribution and reward.

I do stray out of my main bdsm theme though and write erotica in other styles. My writing does have a streak of humour running through it as well.

I am influenced by paganism and, in particular, the idea of the divine feminine and the ‘goddess’. Some of my writing alludes to these ideas and openly draws on the pantheon of pagan goddesses from different cultures.

I have a strong historical background, having a history degree, and this has given me the confidence to write in historical settings, which I use for some of my stories.

How did I get to become a writer of erotic stories? Well, it was by a very bizarre route. Basically, for a number of years, I served a dungeon mistress who was very skilled at creating scenes, assuming different characters, improvising and story-telling. I wanted to contribute to the scenes she had imagined and add some of my own creativity to them. I discovered that story telling was a great way of doing that and that actually I was quite good at it. The stories would often get woven into the sessions this supremely skilled and imaginative dominatrix conducted.  This could lead to elaborate story cycles that spread over several ‘sessions’.  It was a fantastic experience and it inspired me both to start writing and also to take it seriously and develop it.

After a few years of doing this and, having read some of my stories back, I thought they merited a wider audience. I discovered the Literotica erotic story writing site and started contributing some of my work to that. Then I took the next step and began to submit stories to publishers. My first published work was the short story, ‘Lord Nano’s Nemesis’ in Xcite Book’s anthology ‘Dark Desires’ in 2011.

Since then I’ve had numerous short stories published by Xcite Books, House of Erotica, Forbidden Fiction, Coming Together and Greenwoman publishing. My full length erotic novel, Adventures in Fetishland, a bdsm/fetish reinvention of the Alice stories, was published by Xcite Books in 2012. My second novel, Mistress Of The Air, a comic, Steampunk, erotic adventure was published by eXcessica in April 2017.

I regularly attend Smut by the Sea and Smut Manchester events where I often give readings from my work. In May 2015 I delivered a workshop, ‘Kinking up the Past’, on getting inspiration for erotic stories in historical settings. I have been known to dress up as a fetish Hatter to promote my work.

I live in Yorkshire in the United Kingdom and my writing can be influenced by the landscape and local history and customs there.

You can find out more about me and my writing and buy links for all my published work on my website at

Writing by Slave Nano

Mistress Of The Air

My latest release is Mistress Of The Air, a comic, Steampunk, erotic adventure.

Slave Nano Erotic Author Spotlight Series 2017Lady Sally Rudston-Chichester owns a brass mine in Zanzibar, a Lapsang Souchong tea plantation in China, a rubber tree farm in Malaysia, trunk loads of corsetry, and the country’s largest collection of antique whips and floggers.

Larger than life, and itching to find new and inventive ways to punish her submissive gentlemen, the Edwardian dominatrix has a vision. Embracing the spirit of the new age of aviation, she embarks on a series of adventures on her own airship, The Corseted Domme, with her transvestite maid, Victoria, her airship pilot, Captain Wyndham, and her automaton sex toy, Borghild.

A select group of submissive gentlemen, consisting of a duke, bishop, lawyer and banker, is invited to join Lady Sally so she can try out her new dastardly devices and sex toys on them. She whips, spanks and punishes her way across the Empires of Europe, dropping off to visit her aristocratic relatives and friends for afternoon tea.

But Lady Sally’s journey is not uneventful. War is threatening to break out and the Ministry of Aviation want to commandeer her airship for the war effort. And when The Corseted Domme has a crash landing, Lady Sally realises there is a stowaway on board intent on sabotaging her airship.

There will be wild escapades, kinky BDSM, dastardly devices, explosions and nice cups of tea.

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Amazon UK & US, print format & for Kindle

Barnes and Noble


Create space/eXcessica (print)

Adventures in Fetishland

Adventures in Fetishland  (Xcite Books) was my first full length erotic novel. The book is a bdsm re-invention of the classic Alice stories.

Slave Nano Erotic Author Spotlight Series 2017Kim’s life takes an unexpected twist when she is taken from the massage parlour she works in to a fetish fantasy world ruled over by the Red Queen, a powerful dominatrix.  There, an intense psychological drama is played out between the two women as Kim enters a journey into submission.

The book was published in 2012. I had fun launching the paperback edition in June 2013 with a public reading in costume complete with fetish Red Queen, Hatter, Duchess and dormouse at the Smut by the Sea event in Scarborough.

What reviewers have said about Adventures in Fetishland:

“Wow, this book starts off hot and it doesn’t let up for a moment…A darkly disturbing read.” – Raunchy Reader

“This is a powerful read, and one that demands you submit yourself to the power of the tale….It is exceedingly rare to find a story that so expertly manages to arouse, entertain, and engage the reader, but Slave Nano has crafted that perfect reading experience.” – Bending the Bookshelf

“This book grabbed my attention from the first page and had me staying up late in the night to read more…Uber hot book. Whew!!” – Erzabet Enchantments

“O.M.G.!! This book is kinky and hot. Do NOT read in public…” – Books, Books and More Books.

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Amazon UK & US, print format & for Kindle

Other Publications by Slave Nano

Slave Nano Erotic Author Spotlight Series 2017I’ve had several novellas published by House of Erotica: The Awakening of Kim features some sci-fi bdsm complete with tentacled alien as Dr Sally Nemesis attempts to bring back to life a girl frozen in molten rock for 1,000 years using some unconventional methods! Other titles with this publisher are: Dungeon Mistress Adventures, The Pagan Sorceress and Pandora.

My stories for Forbidden Fiction include Maman Brigitte, a story about an 18th century French captain of a slave ship who gets sucked into the world of a guide, a powerful spirit wo controls the way into the spirit world and other stories: The Nemesis Bird, Lady Sally and the Automaton Horse and The Most Perfect Sin.

Story extract

The following is an extract from Mistress Of The Air.

Another flash of lightning filled the viewing window with a blinding white light.

“Oh, how exciting. This storm is quite turning me on!” Lady Sally exclaimed, ripping off the glass tube attachment and replacing it with a bullet-like brass fitting.

She turned the current down and the vibration up… right up high. She wriggled out of her satin knickers, plonking herself on her upholstered throne, desperate for release. The thunder rumbled… the lightning flashed… the brass object buzzed, as Lady Sally pressed it against her sex.

She rolled it over her cunt lips, then onto her clit, sending shock waves of erotic pleasure shooting through her.

The giant airship rolled and rollicked against the gale, tilting dangerously as it forced its way onwards, its tip penetrating the dark folds of cloud.

“Oh my god, madam. We’re going to crash!” wailed Victoria from under the rack.

Oblivious to the storm, indeed, in tandem with the storm, Lady Sally pushed the whirring, vibrating object up her crack. The pleasure of using her new device along with the wild excitement of the storm meant she was sopping. She moaned in pleasure in time to the rumbling thunder, and thrust the throbbing object deeper inside her with each lightning strike until she could hold back no longer, breaking into a long, satisfying orgasm.

“God, that was good!” she exclaimed after she’d recovered.

She stood up, unsteady on her feet both from the exertions of her climax and the airship which was listing from side to side.

It was at this point cook appeared. She was confronted with Lady Sally, crotch sopping with juices, breasts hanging out, dishevelled black hair, wild-eyed, and precariously balanced on stiletto ankle-boots, holding a vibrating brass bullet.

“I can’t go on like this your ladyship,” she grumbled. “I can’t do any baking with this ‘ere airship thing rolling from side to side. And me jelly moulds have fallen on the floor; I’m telling you milady, they’ll all be dinted now.”

Cook, being considerably shorter than her employer, was eye-level with Lady Sally’s bare tits.

“But it’s supper time, cook. I could murder a smoked salmon and cucumber sandwich.”

Cook crossed her arms and pulled a face, “A sandwich. You expect me to make sandwiches in these conditions.”

“Well yes, and a pot of tea as well, of course.”

There was another crack of thunder, followed at once by a flash of lightning. The airship listed sharply. Lady Sally tottered one way on her high heels but managed to keep her balance. The airship rolled to the other side. She teetered for a moment, then collapsed on top of cook, whose face became smothered in Lady Sally’s breasts.

She lay there for several minutes, cook crushed under her corset-clad body. The airship was still rolling from side to side with turbulence. Lady Sally had great difficulty pulling herself up, not being able to receive any assistance from her maid who was still a gibbering wreck underneath the rack. Eventually she heaved herself off the floor.

Cook gulped in a deep breath, “Oh my lord,” she exclaimed, “I’ve been suffocated by a pair of boobies!”

– Slave Nano

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Slave Nano Erotic Author Spotlight Series 2017

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