Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: Sex in Words


This week I am delighted to present the wonderful Jon Pressick from Sex in Words as part of my Sex Blogger Spotlight Series. Jon certainly knows his stuff when it comes to sex blogging and is involved in a great many different sexuality themed projects too, which you will find out more about in his interview below.

– Cara Sutra


Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: Sex in Words

john pressick sex in words

Introductions are really tough for me, whether they be in person or online. People find it hard to believe, but this sex-bloggin’, radio-talkin’, sex-writin’ and erotica-lovin’ gadabout is actually pretty shy. So, I am very grateful to Cara Sutra for this opportunity to introduce my work to you.

Now, on with answering the actual questions!

What’s your blog name/online handle and how did you come up with the idea?

I wish I had a more creative answer to this one, but it really is quite simple: I like sex and I like words…so…Sex in Words. This might seem to indicate that I am not keen on visual depictions of sex but nothing could be further from the truth. I just, personally, produce better sexually-related work in a written format.

Which country do you live in?

I live in Pickering, a suburb of Toronto, Canada.

Approximately how long have you been sex blogging?

Sex in Words has been online since the fall of 2011, but I didn’t start putting a significant effort into the space until fall of 2012.

Why did you start a sex blog or reviewing sex toys?

Honestly? Frustration. I have had a hobby career in sex writing for a long time (nearing 20 years!). I have always been keen to try new projects and take chances on other people’s dreams. I’ve been fortunate enough to make a name for myself and occasionally make some money along the way. Other people have helped me tremendously and at the same time I think I have been helpful to many others.

Unfortunately, I got into the business bed with someone who did not live up to the terms of our contract and wasted more than a year of my efforts. I was bitter, disillusioned and didn’t want to work for anyone else anymore. So I started the blog. But again, I didn’t do much with it. I eventually quit most of my projects, happened to move, took a lot of time to reflect and eventually got back to work. A friend advised me to put a real effort into Sex in Words…and that was the best move I could have made.

What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

Without a doubt, it has been connecting with sex bloggers and writers. I am not the most outwardly social person in person, but I like establishing relationships online. It works for me. Written words are my best form of communication. I am lucky to have found a fantastic community of sex bloggers. They give me great inspiration.

Do you use social media? If so, where can we find you?

It is rare that I am not online, but I stick with just a couple platforms:


Facebook – page and group

I am also the main online presence for the radio show I cohost and produce Sex City:




Do your friends know you’re a sex blogger?

Oh, yes! I always tell my friends about my projects. They don’t have much of a choice! I am lucky that I have a great group of supportive friends. It doesn’t hurt that most are involved in similar types of indie projects, some sex-related, some not.

Have you ever done anything specifically so you can blog about it afterwards?

That is a good question. I don’t think so. In fact, I actually try to not write much about my personal life on the blog. I am in a monogamous, long-term relationship with someone who is not interested in having a public persona and writing about my sex life in detail would necessarily invoke her’s. I do on occasion, and she’s been fine with it, but I don’t want to stretch that boundary to far.

Do you take part in any blog memes? If so, which ones?

I wish I had time for more, but the only one I consistently contribute to is TMI Tuesdays. I love it. It is always great fun. There are others that are in the back of my mind to get in on…someday.

Share with us a funny or interesting experience that’s happened to you in the course of your blogging.

The most interesting thing about blogging, to me, is all of the people I get to meet. People I ad more, people I look up to. Being able to just get in touch with folks and ask to interview them. And the opportunities that have come of it!

The funny thing is, I don’t think I have any funny stories from blogging. Lots of fun times for sure though!

Will you still be blogging in 5 years time?

I think so—but will there be “blogging” in five years???

If not already a professional blog: would you say you’re looking to earn a living from blogging eventually, or will it remain a hobby?

Sex in Words is more a means to an end, along with all of the other projects, including Sex City, zines, writing for numerous papers and magazines, speaking at conferences, organizing small and international literary events, burlesque, Feminist Porn Awards juror, etc. All are part of the work I have done in anticipation of earning something more—and I was lucky enough to achieve that goal recently.

Last summer I was stunned when asked if I would like to be the next editor of the Best Sex Writing series by Cleis Press. Actually, stunned isn’t quite strong enough. My mouth literally fell open in one of those cartoon moments. There I was, sitting at my desk, mouth agape, silently nodding my head “YES!”

Writing and publishing have always been my goal. Curating the works of amazing sex writers is my dream job. Currently, the first draft is with my publisher and I anxiously await her feedback. Fingers crossed!

Tell us about three other bloggers you admire, and why.

A Good Dirty Woman’s MindA Good Dirty Woman’s Mind is, to me, the complete sex blog/site. She puts so much into it, so much amazing content coupled with great writing. This is the site I recommend to anyone looking to start their own.

VivaXODr. Trina Read is someone I admire, and her site is one of the best for people outside of the sex community. While she also includes plenty of content for people who are more tuned into sex and sexuality issues, her site is great for people who have more common questions. Trina knows how to deliver the answers.

We Love Good Sex: I think Lucie Blush is going to be a major influence. Not only for her porn, but also for her blog. I’m looking for big things from her and I think the best is yet to come.

If you review sex toys, what are the top three toys you wish you could get your hands on next?

Oh… my toy reviewing has slowed down of late, but in some fantasy world, I would actually love to try a Real Doll, but I doubt they’ll be sending me a $10000 sample. A more realistic wishlist would include a Lelo Ora and InJoyUs strap-on.

Who is your favourite adult shopping company, and why?

I like to shop local, ethical and sex-positive, whenever possible. Fortunately, Toronto has some great options in this regard, shops with great staff whom I’ve gotten to know and work with over the years. Come As You Are and Good for Her are great places to go for all of your needs…even if that need is just to talk about what you need!

Do you prefer blogging fictional erotica, real life sex anecdotes or factual based content such as reviews and advice guides?

My three main content focuses are sex news, sex bloggers and erotica. My eyes are constantly trained on social media to find interesting, compelling, controversial and enlightening stories about sex in our societies. One of the main sources of sex writing I seek is that of sex bloggers, and I like to recognize these folks why featuring different types of sex bloggers in The Hook-up. Erotica is my flight of fancy, currently my only dabbling into fiction that I have time for. I publish new short erotica stories on most Mondays, using an image found via Twitter. Under this Muse Mondays banner, my work is more an attempt to continue my fictional writing. I get too busy doing other work that I forget how much I enjoy creating narratives. And someday, I’ll do this more often.

You’ll notice that the idea of someday comes up a lot in this profile. I have goals, I have ambition, I have a never-resting mind of sexual adventure. There is a lot more to do and more opportunities to be earned. I am looking forward to every single one of them.

– Jon Pressick, Sex in Words

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