Planning a dirty weekend? Don’t forget these 10 items

The 10 things you need to pack for a dirty weekend

Sometimes we all need a break from the monotony of everyday life. The daily commute, soaps in the evening, grocery shopping and kids… all these and more stack up to build a routine which can feel less than sexy.

The traditional ‘dirty weekend’ is still one of the most popular ways for couples to bring a little of the excitement back into their relationship and sex lives. You might have been mulling the idea over in your mind for quite a while, a fantasy which is yet to make it into reality. Or, you might be quite the dirty weekend veteran, eagerly anticipating your next chance for an illicit hotel room liaison with your lover.


What are the top items you need to take with you to guarantee a hot and steamy weekend of passion? I’ve put together my top ten to help you out with your pleasure packing:


Safe sex is a must, and there are so many different styles of condoms you can choose from. Natural feel, ultra thin, ribbed, dotty, flavoured and even glow in the dark.

Sex toys

Sex toys are not just for masturbation, they can make sex with your partner much more exciting and even more fulfilling. Most women don’t orgasm through penetration alone and require some additional stimulation. A sex toy such as a bullet vibrator, butt plug or even treating him to a stroker can lead to intense and thrilling foreplay as well as mutual satisfaction when it comes to the big event.


Lube is an essential for many individuals out there as well as couples. Using lube can avoid discomfort from chafing, and even more long lasting damage from skin tears and friction burns for the more sensitive amongst you. Sexual lubricant is a must when indulging in any kind of anal sex or using anal sex toys, as this area does not provide it’s own lubrication. It can also send a simple handjob from satisfactory to soul-shatteringly ecstatic.

Wet Wipes

Be prepared for things to get messy. It’s a great idea to have a pack of wipes by the bed, or wherever you’re planning on getting down and dirty. You can purchase sex-specific wipes but baby wipes are just as handy for mopping up excess lube, a quick unobtrusive clean up after sex or for any other sex-related puddles and spills.


Be the star of your very own sex show. A novel way of spicing up a long term relationship with a person you love and trust is to take some saucy photographs of each other. If your camera or phone has a video mode you might even want to make some home made porn films. Acting like a sex movie star will have you feeling like a porn starlet or Hollywood hunk in no time.

Bondage gear

You don’t need a sex dungeon or to pass some kind of kinkster exam to enjoy a taste of kink. Pack some bondage gear such as sturdy cuffs, a collar and leash and a flogger or spanking paddle and enjoy an intense new adventure into sensuality and roleplay.

A large sheet

Yeah, ok. You can leave the hotel room in a complete state and it’s ok because you’re not doing the laundry. Remember that you might want to catch some sleep during your break too, and clean sheets might not readily be available when you finally get to close your eyes. Plan ahead and take a large sheet (fabric, vinyl or latex) which can easily be removed to give you a clean space to rest on after your exertions.

Sexy Lingerie

So what if he’s seen you naked a thousand times? The first taste is with the eyes, so make every sex session count. If you have some sexy lingerie that always makes you feel like a seductress, pack it. If not, then why not shop for some especially for the occasion? Your partner will appreciate your efforts and is sure to enjoy unwrapping you from your tantalising attire.


Extra towels

There’s never enough towels in hotel rooms, it’s a fact. Yeah you could ask for more but there’s nothing quite like stepping out of a shared bath into your own extra large, fluffy bath towels. If you’re up for some aquatic adventures in a shared shower or lounging together in the bath, especially if that’s on more than one occasion, you’ll need to make sure you have enough towels to see you through.

An imagination

We’ve all heard it before but it’s true: the brain is the sexiest organ in the human body. This ‘dirty’ weekend is only as much of an adventure as you make it, so speak to your partner before you set off and discuss what kinds of sexual fantasies you’ve always wanted to try – or a particular scene of roleplay you want to act out.


The so-called ‘dirty’ weekend can refresh your relationship and help you to rediscover what attracted you to your partner in the first place, before the routine of real, every day life got in the way. See a break away together as a ‘reboot’ for your sex life, and perhaps even for your relationship as a whole. Turn off the phones, don’t check your emails and remember, relax. This precious time together in a neutral environment will open your mind to all kinds of sensual possibilities that lead to thrilling sexual liaisons which are unforgettable.

– Cara Sutra

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