New erotic book release: Blue Mondays by Emily Dubberley

blue mondays by emily dubberleyBlue Mondays – the new erotic book from Emily Dubberley

The new book from Emily Dubberley (you may know her best from Cliterati) is released this Monday, 17 March and is entitled Blue Mondays. The launch of this e-book is a little different from the norm, though. For 8 weeks, Hodder and Stoughton will release a new chapter of Blue Mondays – making that Monday morning commute a thrill rather than a bore.

If you’d like to buy Blue Mondays, you can pre-order each section or download it all at once – with each part becoming available on your e-reader at midnight on Sundays. Each chapter costs 99p. If you’re more of a traditional reader and like the hard copy versions, never fear. There will be a print edition of the book published in its entirety, in October.

Discover the passion in your commute

The main characters, Lucy and Ben, first meet in a London Tube carriage, and Blue Mondays follows their journeys and adventures.

Emily Dubberley explained what sets this erotica book apart from others in the genre. She said:

“I wanted to step away from aspirational romance to something more realistic – if still fairytale. Love, romance and great sex don’t come with a price tag attached and I wanted to reflect this. Readers could feasibly make the fantasy come true, if they wanted to.”

You can follow the launch of Blue Mondays on Twitter @BlueMondaysBook and join the conversation with hashtag #BlueMondays.

Are you an erotica reviewer? Have you read and reviewed erotic books before? I have the full e-copy of Blue Mondays available for one of my readers to read and provide a review for, which will be published here at Cara Sutra. I have been told about a raunchy scene involving the incredibly illicit and powerful Doxy Massager too, in case you needed any further persuasion.

If you’re able to give your feedback on this exciting new erotic release, which will be delivered to you free of charge, please contact me here or by direct email to

– Cara Sutra

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