Freedoms Shop Celebrates The Liberating Feeling Of Safe Sex

Freedoms Shop Celebrates The Liberating Feeling Of Safe Sex

By Cara Sutra

A sponsored article commissioned by Freedoms Shop

Steamy. Sensual. Passionate. Hot. Hard. Fast. Many words may come to mind when you think of sex, but is ‘safe’ one of them?

Freedoms Shop Celebrates The Liberating Feeling Of Safe SexIt should be. Safe sex has always been of great importance, but never more so in this time of sexual freedom, where we are able to connect with another person sexually without as much fear of society backlash or oppression. Without ensuring that any sexual enjoyment is safe, you are leaving yourself vulnerable and in danger of becoming the latest victim of any number of sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia, genital warts, gonorrhoea, herpes, syphilis and HIV. For many sexually transmitted infections there are no immediate symptoms; there may also be no cure, leaving the remainder of your life radically altered.

Why Is Safe Sex An Issue?

What stops people from ensuring that their sex is safe, every time? There are a number of issues that stop a person from choosing to wise up and get safe in their sexual activities. Even though the best proven way to avoid the risk of becoming infected with an STD is by using a barrier method of protection (condoms for penetrative sex and dental dams for oral sex) many people still risk it by going in without.

It could be that you’re unaware of the dangers you’re are facing every time you have sexual intercourse (and other sexual contact such as oral sex). For instance, did you know that if you’re sharing sex toys with a new partner you should use condoms on those too, to prevent transmission of any infections? If you have not been educated about sexual health matters you could be going about your business in a dangerously misinformed manner.

Do You Buy Condoms?

Perhaps you are aware you should use condoms and protection, but you’re embarrassed about going into a high street shop or chemist and actually buying some. High street prices could be beyond your budget, or perhaps it’s difficult to find the right condoms which are a comfortable fit.

Freedoms Shop Celebrates The Liberating Feeling Of Safe SexThere’s quite obviously a gap in the market here, to combine sexual health education as well as a friendly, unintimidating and discreet environment to buy those safe sex essentials.

Freedoms Shop have quite literally got it covered.

Who Are Freedoms Shop?

Freedoms Shop is an NHS run organisation. They also operate a free condom scheme on behalf of London Councils. This is part of the Pan London HIV Prevention Programme (PLHPP).  Along with their excellent work in the community distributing free condoms, Freedoms Shop also has an easy to navigate website. Here, you are able to find the best value condoms. Freedoms Shop buy in such huge numbers, meaning they are able to negotiate the best discounts from suppliers. They then pass those discounts on to the general public.

It’s easy to buy from Freedoms Shop. Just visit the website and navigate the shop using the search box. Alternatively, you might prefer to use the categories through the menu. In addition, you could click on the colourful promotions on the homepage to find the best offers. Shop in complete confidence knowing that you’re getting the lowest prices on your safe sex essentials. Your order will be delivered to your doorstep quickly, securely and discreetly.

Education, Not Just Sales

Freedoms Shop is unlike other adult shopping websites online. This is because they have the added bonus of staff with a background in health, rather than adult product sales and promotion. If you have any questions or specific needs, Freedoms Shop is there to help. They are experts in condoms sizes too. That’s right, there are many different sizes of condom available. It’s important to get the right size for you, which will ensure comfort and maximum protection. Still unsure? Freedoms Shop offer samples of condoms so that you can try a size or brand before you invest in a full pack.

When you speak to the staff you are assured of complete professionalism and confidentiality, so don’t be afraid to come forwards with your  questions and needs.

Smooth Moves With Lube

Safe sex doesn’t have to be dull and dry. Did you know that Freedoms Shop also stock a wide variety of sexual lubricants, including Give Lube? Whether you’re after water based, silicone, tingling or flavoured, there’s a lube for you and your chosen partner to enjoy. Silicone lubricants are compatible with latex condoms. In addition, water based lube is a great all round, versatile sex & sex toy lube.

Enjoy A Liberated Sex Life

Make sure you are enjoying a sex life which is as free and uninhibited as your own, sensual spirit. Safe sex leaves you free to enjoy the passion. Visit Freedoms Shop today by clicking here and get clued up and stocked up. Delivery is free to the UK and discretion is assured.

Freedoms Shop Celebrates The Liberating Feeling Of Safe Sex

Freedoms Shop Celebrates The Liberating Feeling Of Safe Sex

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