Forced Orgasms: Orgasmic Consensual Non-Consent

Forced Orgasms: Orgasmic Consensual Non-Consent

By Cara Sutra

Forced orgasms have been a source of curiosity to me for quite some time. It’s unusual for me to find intrigue through BDSM-based orgasms, as I have a penchant for male chastity as you may have noticed from my regular kinky writings on the subject.

What Are Forced Orgasms?

Forced Orgasms Orgasmic Consensual Non-Consent

What do I mean by forced orgasms? There’s a kink in the BDSM scene with regards to a willing subject (submissive or bottom of the scene) being ‘forced’ to have an orgasm time and time again. This can be either through manual stimulation from the Dominant or Top, or through predicament bondage with a stimulating sex toy left against an erogenous zone or inside a person. As with everything BDSM, it’s consensual and the ultimate aim is mental and/or physical enjoyment for everyone involved.

Personal Fantasy

It’s more the girly side of the scene I am interested in for forced orgasms. I am still somewhat unclear as to whether I personally want to be strapped down astride a cushioned pole with a Doxy Massager adeptly fixed with a rope harness to be directly against my clit, as I struggle in bonds that keep me balanced astride the pole resting on my pussy through suspended rope and perhaps a spreader bar between ankles beneath. Or if I just get off on thinking about or seeing that happen to a female submissive, ball gag in mouth, drool collecting around the central rubber ball and dripping down on to her generously proportioned, naked and rope bound breasts. Add some cruel metal nipple clamps and I’m there.

Forced Orgasm Videos

I have seen an erotic clip, sent from one of my male submissives some time ago now, which featured a Dominant woman forcing her male sub to endure ongoing orgasms. Once I get him to locate it again, I may link to it on my Mistress site and give an optional link-through here.

Forcing a man to have orgasm after orgasm isn’t my way of Domination. I much prefer the tease and denial. To make them want, but tell them they can’t have. If that’s enforced by a chastity device, all the better.

Forced Orgasms Orgasmic Consensual Non-ConsentThe woman stood in a room with a typically black backdrop. From what I remember she wore very little, a leather G-string perhaps. I don’t give my Domination with a side of nudity or bare breasts either, but YKINMK. She had red nail polish on her rounded talons. A man was strapped to a St Andrew’s Cross, or it may have been a pillory, something along those lines.

Tease & Demand

He was naked. And very erect. You could tell from his face that he needed to orgasm very soon, perhaps he hadn’t been allowed to orgasm in a long time. She took him in her hand and pumped him, faster and faster, almost bringing him to orgasm then stopping. This repeated several times, and she used the tip of her rounded nail at times to torment his exposed shiny tip which was becoming more glossy with pre-cum the longer she went on. She would lift her finger to his mouth and shove it inside making him suck it off her finger.

She proceeded to pump him very fast, sensing that his orgasm was becoming more of a desperate need than a want. The moans from him were so carnal and erotic, primal and raw. She pumped him mercilessly – that’s a good word for the rest of the scene, actually. Merciless.

He sprayed his ribbons in a triumphant cascade. She eased for merely a moment before pumping hard again. He came again. And again. In fact he must have had at least 6 orgasms in that clip. He was cumming dry by the time she finally let him go.

The pleading from him for her to stop making him come was enough to fuel my orgasms for a long time afterwards.

Are Multiple Orgasms Even Possible?

Forced Orgasms Orgasmic Consensual Non-ConsentWith forced orgasms, there also comes the issue of whether it’s actually possible for the person involved to have orgasms one after the other, as many times as forced. Both men and women have tried to force me to have orgasms after my first in any session, but I need some ‘come down’ time. I most frequently orgasm through clitoral stimulation and it needs to recover before it can go again. It doesn’t matter what people have tried, I orgasm when i am good and ready. Forcing stimulation before then isn’t erotic for my body, it’s just painful and annoying.

Why I Love The Forced Orgasms Fantasy

Forced orgasms are a lovely fantasy for me. I enjoy thinking on scenes I mentioned like the one at the start of this article. It doesn’t matter whether I’m in a professional BDSM setting, a hired room or dungeon. Or even during sensual bedroom bondage with him holding me down and fucking, licking or vibrating me to orgasm. Orgasming over and over again until I am crying and begging him to stop making me come. In reality though, it just doesn’t work for me. Therefore I have nothing but complete admiration for those whose bodies are able to submit in this way.

Questions To Consider

  • Forced orgasms: is it a kink you’d ever consider including in your sex or bdsm life?
  • Have you tried it?
  • Does it work for you?
  • Do you prefer the thought of a man or a woman being forced to have these orgasms?

Please leave me your comments below, I’d be very interested in hearing your take on the subject.

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Forced Orgasms Orgasmic Consensual Non-Consent

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  1. Is forcing orgasms a kink you’d ever consider including in your sex or bdsm life?

    Not really. I mean, I’m not opposed to it. I fantasize about being able to have multiple orgasms, but I’m typically a one-and-done girl. I honestly think my fiance would get bored trying to get me to have more than one orgasm. Getting to the first one takes long enough, and I think we’d end up calling it quits before we got very far.

    Have you tried it?


    Does it work for you?

    Don’t know. I wouldn’t say that I’m not curious, but I think I’d end up being frustrated, which doesn’t really seem to be the point.

    Do you prefer the thought of a man or a woman being forced to have these orgasms?

    I’d say that the sexier thought to me is a woman being forced to have orgasms.

  2. The idea of forced (female) orgasms are fast becoming a major turnon for me.

    First, it’s a nice twist on the domination scenario: Instead of being forcibly subjected to pain, the recipient is forcibly subjected to pleasure. (Of course, as any BDSM enthusiast knows, the line between the two is blurred at best)

    Second, it plays with the fascination of how much pleasure a person can endure – and what happens when you’re driven beyond your comfort zone. Thus, it explores the limits of our bodies and our pleasure zones.

    It remains one of my favourite fantasies, but I’ve yet to try it myself (though I enjoy giving a female partner a “surprise orgasm”, when she doesn’t think she can come anymore).

  3. Something Ive been considering but not sure as I find after having a orgasm I then experience quite a bit of pain if anymore stimulation is applied!

  4. Just last weekend my Dom made me orgasm over and over for three hours. One right after another. There was a lot of squirting involved too. We were both surprised I didn’t pass out. Each time we get together his goal is to increase beyond the last time we were together. I get a little foggy headed after the first three or four orgasms so trust is important. So far we have not used any props of any kind. Just his body and my body.
    My Dom, mmm, he so good to me.


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