Eroticon 2014: Facing the challenge of public speaking

“Feel the fear and do it anyway”

feel the fear and do it anyway books

Kay Jaybee wrote a very revealing and honest post the other day, about being braver. I can’t speak for all writers, of course, but a few I have spoken to are loath to perform any kind of public speaking. I don’t really feel it’s my forte either.

In spite of that, we’re all toddling off to Bristol this weekend, for the big Erotic Writer’s Conference – better known as Eroticon 2014.

I’ll be honest with you, I am pretty petrified too. Two talks this weekend (about Professional Copywriting in the Adult Industry, and How to Manage and Make Money from Adult Product Reviews) and just like Kay, I have hearing problems. I have difficulty knowing if the volume I am speaking at is correct, and I’m worried about hearing the right words when people ask questions. That’s quite before the fact that I just don’t like my voice. Writing seems to comfortable, compared; when you’re reading words you can imagine the perfect pitch and tone of voice. Never any hesitation or stuttering, no breaking voice, no awkward pauses. No scrabbling around in the corners of your mind for the right way to say this out loud.

I’m sure once we’re both there we will conquer our fears and the weekend will be fantastic. The anticipation of these things is always worse than the event itself.

Just like Kay, I am trying to do more things to challenge myself, to take me out of my comfort zone. One life, after all.

How do you feel about public speaking?

Have you done anything this year to challenge yourself yet?


If you’d like to buy tickets for the Eroticon 2014 erotic writer’s conference, you’ve only got until this Friday (7th March 2014) to do so.

Hope to see you there soon.

Cara Sutra


  1. Bless u hun. As the genius that is Colin Dexter so rightly said, “It is the fear of mishearing rather than not hearing” that is the issue for so many with hearing problems. Although, over the years, I’ve learnt to turn these misheard words and phrases into a sort of comedy all of its own, it can be very embarrassing sometimes!
    On the other hand- it does us good to push out of our comfort zone – and what amazing company to be brave in!!
    Hugs Kay xx

  2. I can’t speak for general presentations, but for short readings I found that copious rehearsal beforehand really helped. There are literally stories that I never wrote down because I just spoke them out loud to myself when driving etc. It takes effort, but people really seem impressed when you’re able to stand in front of them with no paper in hand and really ‘perform’ because you know your stuff.

    I hear imagining people in their underwear helps… either with public speaking or just, you know, in life.

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