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Thanks to my industry friend and fellow sex blogger, Mel, for inviting me to take part in The Infamous Blog Tour!

This tour consists of a bunch of questions asked between bloggers, the answers to which are posted on the blogger’s own website with details of who nominated them.

As for my ‘nominator’?

Melissa MacFarlane is the owner and founder of the magazine and website. A newcomer to the writing world, she writes short stories, erotica and sex toy reviews.

You can also follow Mel and her lovely sex shop Voluptasse, on Twitter and on the Voluptasse Facebook Page.

Q&A for Cara Sutra

What are you working on?

Right now I am working on trying to keep up with my time management schedule, but as I have one or two events coming up to also plan for, it’s beating me round the head somewhat. Short term works include filling in my sex diary, Blogasm 500 challenge, weekly blog memes, life journal, completing sex toy reviews, bringing original erotica and sex advice guides to my readers, as well as completing freelance copywriting work for several adult industry companies.

I also work privately as an adult industry consultant so a portion of my writing is done ‘behind the scenes’, as it were, in an advisory fashion. There is also the separate, more extreme BDSM/FemDom/Fetish website to write content for, which you can find at This is a secondary site and I view it as more of a hobby than a professional income, although I am now accepting selective and relevant advertisements on the home page.

There’s the Fantasy by Cara Sutra launch party coming up on the 21st February to plan and write various press releases and content for, as well as my two talks at Eroticon 2014.

Long term plans include completing a book that I haven’t quite got around to writing just yet! I have publishers, just a little short on time. Aren’t we all, though.

How does your work differ from others of its genre?

My writing work is mostly found on one website, CaraSutra. The topics covered are personal sex blogging,  original erotica or sex & relationships advice. Other sex blogs are usually purely sex blogging, sex toy reviews or erotic writers’ websites; it’s rare to find a combination of all that plus an industry reporter and BDSM Mistress to boot.

Why do you write what you do?

I started sex blogging to share what I enjoyed in life with my readers; similar to the reasons anyone starts a diary style blog, I imagine. It just so happened that I felt I had an exciting sex life to write about and of course sex is of interest to many people, so I quickly acquired a number of blog readers.

My sex toy reviews started after joining a sex toy company forum at the request of a friend; she was an Ann Summers rep but was also a part of the Lovehoney Orgasm Army (their community forum of the time). Seeing many other members of the community both writing and blogging sex toy reviews inspired me to start reviewing my own toys and purchases, and it just grew from there.

My passion for creative writing started with a love of reading. I was one of those ‘bookworm’ kids; not part of the popular crowd and would rather have my nose in a book than play in the park. I would regularly read through my favourite authors’ sections at the library, and this in time turned to a desire to write my own stories. Combined with sex blogging, it wasn’t such a huge leap to write my own erotic fiction.

After working in the adult industry for and with a number of sex toy shops, I’ve had a pretty good education on all things sex, relationships, fetish and sex toys. I enjoy conducting my own research in this area, keeping up with current trends, the sex news in the media and latest advice, and adding my own flavour to the mix before writing advice guides and buyers guides of my own.

How does your writing process work?

Slowly, unless I’ve had coffee! Seriously, aren’t most writers caffeine fuelled? I need to have a hot coffee to hand, a clunky style keyboard (cannot be doing with chiclet keys), an A4 lined notepad and some fineline Bic biro pens. Most of my writing starts off as scribbles over a page, complete with arrows, crossings through, notes written vertically in the margin and segment lines to separate ideas.

Once I can ‘see’ the idea taking shape through pen and paper form, I transpose it to a Word document, adding in more ideas as I go and then putting it through a heavy process of proofing and editing. Especially if the writing brief gives a maximum word count.

As I was schooled in the days where computers were a ‘new’ thing that only the posh kids had, I did all my coursework and exams with pen and paper – actually giving myself a ganglion on my right wrist which I still have to this day. Trust me to study all the heavy writing subjects: English Literature, Philosophy and Theology. I believe this is why I need to form my writing pieces with pen and paper first; writers’ quirk borne of familiarity.


Thanks again to Mel from the Voluptasse sex shop for nominating me; I will update with links of who is next on The Infamous Blog Tour once my nominated bloggers have posted their answers up.


– Cara Sutra

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