Part of your (sex toy reviews) world

picobong_honiLook at this stuff,

Isn’t it neat,

Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete,

Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl, the girl who has, everything


Look at this drawer, treasures untold,

how many sex toys can one cupboard hold,

Looking in my room you’d think,

Sure, she’s got everything


I’ve got bullets and dildos aplenty,

I’ve got chargers and batteries galore,

You want luxury toys? I’ve got 20.

But who cares? No big deal…

I want more


I wanna buzz, how the bloggers buzz,

I wanna write, wanna write my feedback,

Trying out all of those…

What dya call ’em?

Oh, lubes


Demanding freebies you don’t get too far,

A blog is required for testing, writing,

Turning orgasms into…

What’s that word again?



Oh how they buzz, oh how they come,

Oh how they test ’em all day one by one…

Wish it was me,

Wish I could be,

Part of that world


What would I give, if I could live

Without my day job

What would I say, to spend all day

warm in my bed


Betcha in blogs, no duvet hogs

Bet they don’t leave you in the wet spot

Lovely ladies, nothing shady,

then there’s the men…


Ready to write

what the bloggers write

Sending my emails

getting free sex toys

What’s in this lube

And why does it …

what’s the word?



When’s it my turn,

Wouldn’t I love,

To explore that haven of buzz…

Finished my tea,

Ready to be,

Part of that world


 – Cara Sutra




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