Happy Endings

This week’s TMI Tuesday is all about Happy Endings… yes, those kind.

1. What is the best way you like to be brought to orgasm?

Depends on my mood, really. During masturbation alone it may be a slow developing orgasm, with extended, relaxing play using a dildo and bullet vibe. Or perhaps including a vibrating anal sex toy. For a fast orgasm, the Doxy Wand and iGino one vibrator hit my spot every time. With my partner I love using clit bullet vibes and the iGino during sex, but can also orgasm through anal sex which makes me feel uber kinky and like a wanton whore ripe for the fucking.

2. What is the best way to make you orgasm quickly?

The Doxy Wand vibrator/massager. It’s the UK’s answer to the Hitachi wand, and beats it hands down in several ways.

3. What is the typical or usual way that a lover chooses to bring you to orgasm?

Vaginal or anal sex while I’m playing with my clit… there’s usually some control exchange and roleplay going on too. Daddy/little play, breathplay, bondage, impact/corporal punishment or nipple torture.

4. After a night of sexy play, how do you like to end the evening?

Falling asleep in a messy cuddle pile of hot, wet nakedness.

5. Have you ever been given a “happy ending” from a professional (e.g., Tantric massage) or at an erotic massage parlour?

No, I’ve never had the need to have a happy ending delivered by a ‘professional’.

6. Tell us about something you tried to end? Did you go cold turkey? Did you succeed? Was it a happy ending?

I ended a relationship towards the end of last year and I’m now living out my happy ending.

Bonus: Do you like to give erotic “happy endings”? Tell us about your technique.

Oh yes. Usually by placing my lips firmly around his tip, one hand around his balls gently tugging, the other around his shaft, then lower my mouth to envelop him into the warm wetness entirely, the suction causing him to grow big and hard. Upping the speed and combining with firmer tugs on his balls and manipulating his shaft, my mouth brings him to a very happy ending every time.


TMI Tuesday is a weekly blog meme and everyone is welcome to take part



  1. Ah yes, I’ve had that unfortunate side effect with some meds too. Hope you battle through it ok. Orgasming through anal is a totally different experience than with a clit stim; I was pretty much forced to by himself. ~swoon~ 🙂
    We need to hook up for kink chat n stuff! We would have many notes to compare 🙂 xxx

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