February giveaway: Free Skins condoms in exchange for reviews

Free Skins Condoms for Reviewers

Free Skins Condoms giveaway for reviews

Fancy getting your hands (and other bits) on some of the above Skins Condoms for free? I will cover all (uber discreet) postage and packaging, just comment below or email me here and let me know which box(es) you’d like to receive and provide a review for.

Choose from:

  • 2 x Box of 12 Assorted
  • Box of 12 Natural
  • Box of 12 Ultra Thin
  • 2 x A Box of 12 Dots & Ribs
  • Box of 12 Extra Large
  • Box of 12 Flavoured
  • 2 x A Box of 4 x Bubblegum flavour


Check out more information and advice on Skins Condoms at their website here. Thanks in advance, everyone!

Cara Sutra


  1. I’d love some of the extra large. I always rib (excuse my pun) my BF for complaining he can’t get condoms that comfortably fit… but it is an issue for us.

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