Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Melissa MacFarlane


This week I am delighted to turn the erotic author spotlight on to Melissa MacFarlane, of Voluptasse fame. Mel is a lady of many talents, and in putting her hand to erotic writing she definitely doesn’t disappoint. You will be able to read a generous free excerpt of Mel’s erotica in this post, as well as where to find her on the web and beyond.

– Cara Sutra



Melissa MacFarlane is not only the owner of the friendly sex shop, Voluptasse, she is also an avid fan of written erotica. Her love of erotic fiction inspired her to create her own sexy stories, and she is now working on several erotic writing projects to help further her in this area.

Alison Gets Ahead is a series of short adventures, each very different, in which Alison discovers her sexual self a little bit more.

Alison is desperate to get ahead but realises that in a male dominated industry she must use her brain and tools of manipulation in order to do so. In the midst of her sexual awakening she realises that she is having the time of her life!

The story has a main thread which follows throughout each chapter and the end balances on whether she finds love and get the job of her dreams at the end. The choices that Alison makes are her own, although it may seem that she is prostituting herself to some. In fact, it could be argued that it’s Alison who is exploiting the men who she fucks into submission. Tempted to read more? You should be.


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Alison Gets Ahead – Chapter 3

Mr Johnson

I cradled the phone in the crook of my neck and rolled my eyes as my mother read the invitation (that I was already holding) to me word for word, I bet she wasn’t even looking at it.

‘Celia Hyacinth Walmsley and Jeremy Bartholomew Mountford request the honour of your company on Friday the twenty ninth of July 2012 at 12.30pm at St Cuthbert’s Church, Ribchester.

A Champagne Reception will immediately follow the Ceremony at the Waterfall Hotel with Dinner and Dancing to follow.

The favour of a reply is requested by the 1st July 2012’

It’s so exciting darling!’ she trilled ‘My baby girl is getting married in just over a month! She is going to be such a beautiful bride and Jeremy is such a handsome boy. Have you asked for the day off? Celia is desperate for you to be a bridesmaid. She showed me a lovely dress…

Mum, for goodness sake, take a breath’ I laughed uneasily as she continued to chatter away at a hundred miles an hour. The whole family were so excited about this wedding that I hadn’t had a moment’s peace for the last week. ‘It’s very short notice and …’ ‘Nonsense darling.’ She cut me off quickly. ‘Your boss will understand. Your sister’s wedding is very important and you can’t possibly miss it. She’ll be heartbroken!

‘Mum, I need to speak to my Manager and book the day off but I’m not sure what he is going to say. We are in the middle of a massive case and I know that this is going to cause a problem. It’s just such short notice….’

The truth was that I had already spoken to my Mr Johnson, my Manager and asked for the day off, only to be met with a very abrupt ‘No. I could not possibly be spared and how could I even think about time off when people were working 17 hour days because we were so busy.’ He then very rudely, slammed the office door in my face.

Exasperated, I held the phone away from my ear as she completely ignored me and droned on about my sisters bloody wedding for another 20 minutes, even managing to throw in a conspiracy theory  about a suspected pregnancy and a shotgun wedding before I could FINALLY make my escape.

I sank down at my old wooden computer desk and put my head in my hands wearily. My sister and I had always been very close and she would be devastated if I couldn’t make it to the wedding. She WAS pregnant and I know that Jeremy’s very traditional (and loaded) family were absolutely furious. She had been sworn to secrecy (telling me doesn’t count!) and their wedding had been raced forward so they could attempt to pass the baby off as a Honeymoon baby. I really wanted to go and support my sister but I really couldn’t afford to lose my job?

As I worried about what to do, my eyes wandered to the note that Emma left me a few weeks ago after we’d spent the night together and despite my mood I found myself smiling fondly.

Take the day off sick, I will cover for you. Take a look at my favourite website and get yourself some sex toys and lingerie, orgasms are addictive, the more you have the more you’ll want.

It’s time for your new awakening; you know what you have to do!


Lesson Number One – In order to feel sexy, you have to look sexy. Alison you have an amazing body with beautiful curves. Show it off a bit more! Go shopping!

Great night last night, see you soon!

Em xx

I hadn’t seen Emma since our encounter that night, After her recent promotion she now spent a lot of time at our other offices. I had taken her advice though and bought myself a couple of vibrators and some sexy underwear. Unfortunately, I hadn’t met anyone to impress with my lingerie yet but it made me feel sexy and I was enjoying ‘my awakening’ as she called it.

As the memories of that evening began to flood back to me, I felt a familiar stirring between my legs and I began to feel myself getting wet. I unbuttoned my silk blouse and brushed my fingers lightly over my small pink nipples and instantly felt them harden. Excited, I began to massage my tits and moaned softly as my body began to ache with desire. I remembered the feel of her hot strong tongue lapping and teasing me as my fingers danced their way into my panties and felt my hot throbbing clit.

They continued their light circular dance as they continued their tease. I could feel myself becoming wetter as my excitement began to build and the light dance became more frantic. I opened the top drawer where I found my faithful Doc Johnson G Spot Vibrator and lifted my leg onto the desk, scattering papers all over the floor with my black stiletto heel. Turning it on, I fucked myself whilst I rubbed my clit roughly with my other hand. I felt my orgasm begin to build and cried out loudly as I came. Yes, I was definitely enjoying my awakening!


As I lay there panting and trying to gather my thoughts, I began to feel the small glimmer of an idea begin to form, it was something more outrageous then anything that I had ever done before. Was I ready?

I picked up my phone and typed out a text to Emma

Mr Johnson, I need to know everything about him.’ I hit the send button and waited for the answer…

Alison Gets Ahead – Chapter Four

It’s Monday morning and I am more nervous than I have ever been about anything in my life. With shaking hands I put on my first pair of hold up stockings. I have never worn them before. I clumsily fastened the black suspender belt and put on a pair of lacy black knickers and matching bra. ‘Hmmm, these knickers are going to chafe’ I thought nervously as I started to apply my make-up. I studied my reflection in the mirror and was pleasantly surprised at what I saw.

My hair was soft and fell in dark waves around my face, my eyes were large and blue and my lips pink and full. My size 12 figure was curvy and firm. I had recently started going to the gym and could see the new definition in my body, I’d dropped a dress size but didn’t want to lose my curves. I was proud of them!

I finished my make-up as best I could with my shaking hands and finished dressing hastily. After a quick check that I had everything that I needed I set off to work, the knot in my stomach growing bigger with ever step. I arrived early and checked Mr Johnson schedule for any important meetings, there were none. I penciled in an appointment for myself at 11.00 am and walked nervously back to my desk the clock ticking loudly behind me, breaking the silence…

I saw Mr Johnson enter his office 20 minutes later. He glanced at his appointment calendar and frowned in irritation at my booking. ‘Alison!’ He yelled harshly. ‘Come into my office please.’ He stomped into his office slamming his office door loudly to further illustrate how inconvenienced he felt. This did nothing to calm my nerves.

I see a few curious glances from the others and attempt to shrug nonchalantly at them. My mind is racing in a wild panic. ‘Oh shit oh shit oh shit!’ I’m not ready, it’s too early. I take a deep breath and silently plead with my legs to please stop shaking and walk slowly towards his office. I pull the door instead of push and finally make it inside and turn the key in the lock behind me. He is sitting at his desk and looks up at me in surprise. ‘Is everything okay Alison?

I take another deep breath and look him square in the eyes; ‘If you don’t have confidence, fake it’ I silently command myself for the fiftieth time since the weekend and study the profile of the man in front of me.

He is slightly greying with dark brown eyes and a strong square jaw. He is medium build and an obvious gym user with his taut defined arms and firm bottom. He starts to speak and I lift my finger to my mouth to silence him as I start to unbutton my blouse and walk seductively towards him. His eyes widen but never leave mine as I stand in front of his desk and let my blouse drop to the floor. His eyes move down to my tits and I see the blinds start to close as he presses a remote on his desk to close them. ‘I need a day off for my sister’s wedding in July’ I say in a confident strong voice ‘ and being a big fan of the saying ‘one good turn deserves another’, I was wondering if perhaps we can come to some arrangement?

He nods dumbly and I let my skirt drop to the floor. I am wearing nothing but my black lacy bra, stockings, suspenders and the black heels that I put on earlier and I know that I look amazing, in fact I feel pretty amazing right now and despite my nerves I am really turned on.

I walk around to the front of the desk and stand in front of him, we are almost touching. Still he hasn’t spoken but I can see the outline of his cock bulging against his trousers. My eyes never leaving his I unfasten his belt and open his trousers, freeing his impressive cock and holding it firmly in my hands. I feel so powerful as he lets out a small moan. Looking directly into his eyes, I run my tongue down the length of the shaft, it tastes sweet and I can feel my cunt start to throb. I try to remember the books I had spent most of the weekend reading about giving a blowjob and my mind is empty. I just know that want to fuck this hard throbbing cock today.

I take one of his balls in my mouth and give it a gentle suck whilst I run my hand up and down the length of his dick, he start to cry out as I take the next one and suck again. I shift slightly to the side and tease him by running my tongue up and down the shaft and in little circles around the tip whilst wanking him with my hand and tugging gently on his balls with the other. He squirms in delight, I am so turned on that I rub my clit against my heel, hoping for some release. Unable to take anymore, he roughly grabs my head and pushes my mouth onto his cock, I take the length in my mouth and start to suck, licking and teasing and playing with his balls whilst he guides my head roughly up and down.

I taste a small salty discharge and I realize that he is about to come, I am enjoying myself too much for this to end so I stand abruptly and sit back on the desk. Our hair and eyes are wild and he is groans in despair. ‘I’m not finished’, I state confidently. ‘I am going to bend over the desk and I want to you fuck me, Hard.’ He throws me roughly against the desk and drags at my panties desperately till they fall to the floor. I kick them aside as he noisily clears room on his crowded desk and pushes my face onto the hard wood. I cry out in delight as he thrusts his hard throbbing cock swiftly into me, easing my hot craving. His strong fingers feel for my clit and massage aggressively whilst I squirm in delight, biting my lip to stop myself from crying out again. His other hand teases my nipple, sending small shots of blissful electricity throughout my body. It’s all too much I feel myself building up to a large orgasm that takes over my whole body. His hand moves to cover my mouth and stifle my scream whilst my legs buckle with the sweet release. He comes seconds after I do, burying his face in my hair and gripping me tightly. We don’t move for a few minutes whilst we gather our thoughts and catch our breath. I am completed elated!

To my surprise he turns me round and kisses me hard on the lips, his hand reaching up to softly stroke my hair. ‘Your holiday on the 29th July has been confirmed Miss Walmsley. I hope you have a lovely day.’ He grins wickedly, ‘and next time you want to book a holiday, I’d like to come and speak to me directly.’

I dress quickly, smartening myself up and leave Mr Johnson’s office with buzzing with this amazing feeling, I can’t believe how easy it was and I really enjoyed myself. Ignoring the puzzled looks from my colleagues I sit at my desk and attempt to carry on with my work. Reaching for my phone I see that I have a text message from my Sister.

‘Thought I’d better let you know that Ben Davies has confirmed that he will come to the wedding, I know he broke your heart but he is a good friend of Jeremy’s and he really wants him there. I hope you don’t mind? Oh and Gemma will be coming too, Mum insists. Sorry Hun, Love You xx’

To Be Continued…


– Melissa MacFarlane







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