Why Do Straight Women Love Gay Erotica?

Why Do Straight Women Love Gay Erotica?

Do straight women love gay erotica? Natasha Braithwaite answers that question…

I write it, I read it, I watch it. Yeah, that’s right, man-on-man action is one of my all-time favorite leisure activities. In my personal life, people think it’s rather strange, which is why I have decided to keep that interest of mine private. Fortunately, as a result of the myriad of ways to connect with like-minded people via social networking, I have learned there are other gay-sex groupies just like me.

Why Do Straight Women Love Gay Erotica?Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t like reading straight erotica and watching straight porn, I do. Lots. But there is just something about the idea of gay sex that is a huge turn-on for me, but it’s for completely different reasons than the turn-on from hetero sex.

I’ve begun to consider why it is that I have always been a man-love fanatic. How could such a “fetish” develop? Is it something in the wiring of my brain? Did something go astray in the development of my sexuality? Gee, can you tell I work in the field of psychology?

The reasons for my fascination with MM are numerous, many of them obvious, some of them less so, and I’m certain a portion of the causes are completely subconscious. But I do want to cover the reasons that I’m consciously aware of.

To begin with, let’s talk about the male physique. There is something beautiful about the masculine form—the virility and raw power in the taut muscles, hard planes and sharp edges. I’m a sucker for sexy bodies, and have been obsessed with male nudity since I can remember. In fact, my high school art teacher told me I had to “tone down,” my drawing of naked men.

Is this an Electra complex? Does it say something about my deep hidden desire for an incestuous relationship with my father? Um, no. Seriously, no.

With such a reverence for the masculine form, it makes sense to enjoy seeing two naked men at once, right? There is just something so amazing about seeing (or reading about) rippling, glistening muscles of two men groping and clawing at each other in orgasmic ecstasy, no?

And I have evidence that I’m not the only freak who loves this. According my twitter friend, FLGirl, man-love is different because there is “something so sensual about it.” Why Do Straight Women Love Gay Erotica?Another twitter friend, Dee, said this about the topic: “I find it more erotic. Seeing two strong men being tender, caring & loving. The way they touch, kiss, look. Penetration does it for me tho.”

Turns out straight women love gay erotica. Yes, there is something sensual about it, and I suspect our perception of that sensuality has a lot to do with sex roles in society. As women, we are often seen as weaker, submissive and we may feel powerless. Men are seen as the more dominant gender, the sex partner who “gives” the sex, rather than receives it. There is also a societal stigma to gay sex, as if the bottom, or the partner who “receives” is more submissive. More feminine.

You may be wondering how the topic of gay sex turned into a sociology lesson. Okay, hang in with me for just another minute here. I have a point, honest…

Perhaps as women, if we feel we’ve been painted the “subordinate” gender, it may lead us to fantasize about men being in a position of submission. Just as those of us who enjoy the odd BDSM play in the bedroom, acting out our need for domination, maybe that’s why we also love to watch men submit to the power of the “dominant” top?

Oh, boy. Now this is getting psychological, isn’t it?

Now, does this perhaps mean we, as women, wish to fantasize about ourselves as men? Do we enjoy imagining ourselves in a role of sexual power, dominating other men, making the other man a receiver, a role traditionally defined as female?

According to a blog post on the topic by Brian Moylan on Gawker.com, this is precisely the reason: “In Western sexual dynamics, women are often assumed to be passive, the ones who are ravaged by men. But, by aligning herself with a gay male identity, the straight female reader can envision herself as powerful, sexually potent, voracious, and the active participant (or top)—all things that are associated with macho sexuality. And all of this while still in the company of another man.”

Why Do Straight Women Love Gay Erotica?I want to go back to the hotness of man on man action. Two sweaty, hard bodies, pulsing hard-ons, writhing in sexual ecstasy, giving and receiving pleasure with another hot man. This is just… So. Fucking. Sexy.

Oh, boy! Isn’t human sexuality the most interesting, confusing, complex interplay of mind, body and sensory stimulation? What do you think? Are you turned on by boy-on-boy lovin’? Is there a reason for our love of M/M that I haven’t thought of? Do straight women love gay erotica?

– Natasha Braithwaite

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Natasha Braithwaite is the author of The Proposition: A Compendium of Carnality, an MMF ménage à trois erotica novel. She enjoys exposing her characters to unexplored sexual territory.

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  1. I hate the fact that most hetero porn is fugly men with small to average penis size giving half hearted performance while the woman is breaking her back to bring HIM to orgasm. Yawn.

      • Thanks for your comment. Have you read any Tiffany Reisz? I do go on about the Original Sinner series but I love it SO much. A great mix of… well, pretty much everything lol x

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