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This week the erotic author spotlight falls on Natasha Braithwaite, who will sweep you away into a magical land of hot bisexual and threesome erotica and who has a penchant for writing gay porn.

Many thanks to Natasha for agreeing to be a part of my Spotlight Series for erotic authors, and for the free excerpt which you can enjoy at the end of this post.

– Cara Sutra


natasha braithwaite erotic author

Natasha Braithwaite is an author of MMF ménage à trois erotica. She enjoys exposing her characters to unexplored sexual territory. Natasha has written a series of short stories:

The Proposition

The Proposition: A Bisexual Threesome Short Story

The Predicament

The Predicament: A Bisexual Threesome Short Story (The Proposition)

The Persuasion

The Persuasion: A Bisexual Threesome Short Story (The Proposition)

The Proposal

The Proposal: A Bisexual Threesome Short Story (The Proposition)

All four stories have also been compiled into a single book:

The Proposition: A Compendium of Carnality


Series Taster

From the moment Nick Marten met Henry Caldwell, he saw his expansive, unpredictable energy. Even Christie, Nick’s girlfriend couldn’t resist his magnetic power. Henry was the epitome of perfection: wealthy, altruistic and gorgeous, but he couldn’t hide the inner pain that lurked within.

Defying societal rules of morality, Nick and Christie submit to the exquisite pleasure of Henry’s possessive attention. Henry ignites feelings within Nick he’d never experienced before—a smouldering need and insatiable hunger—that only Henry could satisfy.

Repeatedly, their delicate threesome is threatened. Nick’s burning desire for Henry reaches a fever pitch as he faces the potential loss of Henry’s potent love. Only then does Nick reach the desperate limits of his longing, the jagged edge of his overwhelming infatuation…

Read the first installment of The Proposition series for free when you sign up for Natasha’s newsletter.

Excerpt from The Proposition: A Compendium of Carnality

We knocked on the door. Henry answered, his hair wet and slightly disheveled—maybe a shower, or from the pool—wearing a white cotton t-shirt, a light jacket and well-worn jeans. His feet were bare.

As soon as he opened the door, he smiled. “Come in.” He led us into his executive suite, a room that was at least three times the size of ours. The décor was different too, a pale marble floor, beige silk bedding, and a canopy of sheer fabric hanging floor to ceiling at the sides of the bed.

“Thank you.” Henry took the bottle when Christie offered it and went to a side table where he proceeded to pour us both a glass. We took the wine.

I shifted from foot to foot and took a sip. I didn’t know what the hell to do with myself. Apprehension and excitement had created a sturdy knot in my stomach.

Christie took a sip and then set her glass down on a side table. “We are too,” she said, slipping her shoes off. She padded across the room toward him in bare feet. With her wet blonde curls, low-cut blouse and mini skirt, she looked sexy as hell, even with clothes on.

Henry set his glass on the side table as she grew closer, his eyes hooded as he watched her approach. My legs suddenly felt like they were made of jelly. He didn’t move, just stood completely still until Christie was directly in front of him. Even then, he didn’t touch her, just waited.

She ran her hands over his chest, up his neck and to his face, where dark stubble had begun to form. Her signature move. She rose up onto her tip toes and kissed him.

I sucked in a deep breath, my inhalation so loud they broke off their kiss to look back at me. Christie’s eyes were wide, her teeth biting at her lower lip.

Henry held a hand out to me. “Come here, Nick.”

His voice was commanding, authoritative. I didn’t feel like there was any other option. I went to them, knowing I was walking toward something completely foreign, something that my mind told me was all-wrong, but that I wanted anyway.

When I reached them, Christie pulled me into her body. She brushed her lips against mine in a soft, wet kiss, her tongue gently sweeping my mouth. Henry placed his hand on my neck, his palm hot against my skin. Christie kissed me deeper, her body pressed to mine. My cock instantly sprang back to life and strained against the denim of my jeans. Her hand lowered and rubbed against the stretched fabric as her tongue swirled around in my mouth.

Henry skimmed my bare arm with his palm, and when his touch reached my fingertips, the nerves in my hand jumped to life. He pulled my hand up, to his mouth, his lips gliding across the skin of my knuckles. He watched me, blue eyes locked on mine, watching my face, as if assessing my every reaction. The action created an unbearably sensual sensation in my fingertips, the sensation so erotic.

Then he slipped my index finger into his hot, wet mouth just as Christie invaded my mouth with her tongue.

He pulled my finger out and gave it a final lick before he lowered my hand back down to my side. Then he grasped Christie by the hips and spun her around so she was facing him. He began to unbutton her blouse. When it came to the final button, he looked up to me. “Take it off,” he said.

I did what he requested, and threw her shirt onto a side chair. Her skin was covered in gooseflesh, and he ran his hands down both of her arms. Then he pulled her bra straps from her shoulders and looked at me, his pupils wide.

“Undo it.”

I tugged at the clasp and let her bra fall to the floor. Henry looked at her, his gaze drinking in her milky breasts, his expression intense, preoccupied. He touched her lightly at first, then lowered himself, taking each nipple into his mouth, one at a time. Christie squirmed and panted, and ground her ass against my hard-on.

Then Henry’s hands were at her waistband, unbuttoning her skirt. He tugged it down over her hips and curvy ass, to the floor where she stepped out of it. He kissed just inside each of her hipbones. Christie’s breaths were coming in shallow gasps now, her head rolling back onto my shoulder. My cock strained against my pants, wanting to be free.

Henry lowered himself to his knees and nuzzled between her legs. Christie moaned and leaned back into me even further. He hooked his fingers through the strings of her panties and pulled them down. I watched as Henry licked the cleft between her thighs, slowly. Christie panted. After several minutes of pleasuring her, he stood back up and looked at me.

His lips glistened with her juices and I couldn’t help but touch the wetness there, my fingers moving as if by their own volition. His lips were slick against my fingertips and his mouth opened to allow one of my fingers in. His eyes burned with a kind of primitive savagery.

My mouth was on his the next beat. Hot lips and Christie’s tangy flavor met my tongue as Henry grabbed me by the back of my hair, his tongue invading my mouth. He pressed his muscular body against mine and my cock grew rock hard against his hip. My head spun with light-headedness. With one hand in my hair, his other hand moved to my ass and grasped, pulling my hips forward, grinding into his. His hardness pressed against my groin.

He pulled away, his lips red and wet, his eyes glossy. Christie was at our side, watching us, a hand between her legs. In one deft move, Henry pulled my shirt off, and ran his hands up my torso. I shivered, my nipples standing at attention. His gaze moved down. I was so hard in my pants the outline of my dick was visible where it pressed against the fabric of my jeans. He unbuckled my belt and threw it aside, then unzipped my pants and pulled them to the floor.

Want to know what happens next? Check out The Proposition: A Compendium of Carnality.


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