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This past week has seen a whole variety of orgasms – both in ways achieved and types of orgasm themselves. Having time to focus on my submissives again has reignited the fiery flames of Domme-arousal; that intoxicating power trip that comes with owning submissive boys willing to do most anything to please me.

Of course many orgasms are achieved through my sex toy testing, and others through sex with my partner – sometimes with sex toys sometimes without.

Here’s my orgasm diary since the last Blogasm 500 post…

Orgasm #21: igino – bathroom

I quite typically grab the iGino to have a quick orgasm whenever I fancy. I’d just finished a long conversation with two submissives, which had been running concurrently, about the same topic: their chastity, locked in chastity devices.

It was so hot that I couldn’t help myself; I had to excuse myself from the lounge and slip upstairs, head to my en-suite and bring myself to orgasm using one of my favourite toys, the buzz-tastic iGino.

Orgasm #22: igino – multiple orgasm

The iGino featured again in my next orgasm – or should I say orgasms? I’ll count it as one. Hey, the toy was charged and lying around. He’d been teasing me with various thoughts and scenes over IM while we continued acting as normal in the lounge one evening… telling me what he’d like to do to me, describing his strong fingers closing around my neck, his other hand ripping off my knickers and molesting what lies beneath…

By the time we went to bed that night I was soaking wet and desperate to feel him push inside me as roughly as possible.

The sex deserves a write up of its own, it was unbelievable, but I assure you it really happened. Even if it seemed like a dream even whilst it was happening. That may sound sickening, but it’s true. He pushed inside me at the end, for the second time (or was it the third?) just as I was reaching the crest of my wave… causing me to not only cascade over the edge into my climax but making it last and last. I kept on orgasming and it seemed to go on for about 10 minutes, although in reality it may only have been a minute or two at most. I knew i was having a multiple orgasm and made the most of it.

I hadn’t had a multiple orgasm in years. I slept very well that night, with his arms surrounding me tightly. I did wake in a messy puddle, however.

Orgasm #23: new Evolved toy – office bathroom

As I’ve mentioned, a lot of my orgasms in the week are due to my sex toy reviewing, which, if it is going well, leads to many orgasms. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it. Right?

I received a new toy from Goodie Drawer, which I will review separately, as here isn’t the place for that. Anyway, it’s by Evolved. I haven’t used any Evolved toys in years. They’re not really top of my wishlist. Mid range prices and usually lower down in the quality stakes than I’d like. The last toy from Evolved which I tried was the Evolved Rose, I think. I wasn’t impressed at all (3/10 makes that point clear, I think!) so I didn’t have high hopes for this new toy.

As my office has a bathroom right next door, it’s become a kind of ‘testing room’ for now, where I can masturbate in the afternoon if I want before taking toys over to the main house and enjoying them in my bedroom or en-suite by myself or with my man. I took my new toy to the office bathroom and tried to get myself in the mood for some fun.

The jelly feel didn’t help but anyway I powered it up, grabbed the lube and slipped it inside. It didn’t work very well vaginally but definitely did – much to my secret dismay – anally. The buzzing tip felt fantastic deep inside me. Sometimes I wonder if I have a prostate of my own! Jokes.

Wondering whether the man had heard my climactic moans from the main office area (we work together) I sauntered back to my desk after clean up operations with a red face and a satisfied body.

Orgasm #24: evolved toy – during sex

Of course I try out my toys as much as possible before review, so the Evolved toy had to come back to the main house with me for testing times. Apparently you can use it during sex with a partner – so I was curious about how that was going to work.

You’ll read more about this in the review (which is coming, I promise!) but it wasn’t so great. I mean yeah, it buzzed away inside me and he was in there too – but yet again I removed it from my vagina and stuck it in my ass – what can I say? I must be an anal whore. Rawr.

Once it was buzzing away nicely in my tight ass, and he was pounding my pussy, I came. Hard. One of those anal orgasms where I don’t need any clitoral stimulation. I felt like a porn star. It was good.

Orgasms #25, #26 & #27: hula beads – bathroom, bed & sex

Another toy I have been testing is the Hula Beads from LELO. You can read what I thought of the toy in the review here.

I tried them for masturbation first, in my home bathroom. It’s a popular place to try out toys 😉

I wasn’t too impressed as when I stuck just the tip into my pussy, it didn’t do much for me. I stuck all of it into my pussy and yeah, it felt good. It was only when I had it all inside and I used my RO-80 bullet vibe on my clit at the same time, that I actually came to orgasm. So not too great for a toy which costs just under £120, as I could orgasm with the £10 RO-80 bullet vibe alone anyway!

I also orgasmed from using the Hula Beads alone in bed, with my igino on my clit, pretty much the same as the orgasm I’ve just described.

I tried the Hula Beads in bed, with him – and the only way I could orgasm using them this way during sex was with them rotating and vibrating in my ass and with him pounding my pussy. Yeah, that was enjoyable.

Orgasms #28 & #29: sex and igino

So we come to last night. Literally. Early on in the evening (straight after work and after my shower) I hotfooted it to the bedroom to chill out with my igino once again. I’d use my Doxy more, but it’s more noisy and the thought of mother in law hearing it is slightly off putting.

So that was the first orgasm last night.

As we cuddled up late at night, it was clear he was in the mood. I wasn’t about to say no, it had been another long day and feeling him surge inside me was just what I wanted and needed. I stretched across to reach for the igino where it lay next to my bedside so I could use it on my clit at the same time… a moment of stillness as he waited for me to get settled, then he pinned the free wrist I had left against the bed near my head, and rammed himself inside me with force.

It didn’t take long for me to reach orgasm – or him  – there’s that step by step thing that happens. It’s difficult to describe. My pussy tightens around him, in reply to his thrusting and the clitoral stimulation. He feels me tighten around him and it makes him thrust into me even harder and with greater urgency. This turns me on more and the stimulation on my clit combined with him fucking me makes my pussy tighten again. We tumble like this, over and over, until he crashes his orgasm into me, and in turn it only took me a few seconds after that, while he was still inside me, to tumble into the climactic ocean myself, both of us carried away on the waves, collapsed together in a heap, into a dreamless, satisfied sleep.

black and white erotic photograph

– Cara Sutra

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