Orgasms 18, 19, 20

It’s back. It’s better. It’s… actually going to happen.

blogasm 500 orgasm sex blog project

So, my Blogasm 500 series halted a little for the holidays and a pretty unscheduled house move. I am sorry. We’re back on course. Don’t worry, I didn’t stop having orgasms. I just stopped telling you about them. How mean.

The majority of my orgasms are through my mostly daily use of sex toys. Of course I review a lot of sex toys. I can’t do this properly without using them – and this in turn leads to a climactic result, if the company I am reviewing for and I are lucky.

Two of my last three orgasms were with sex toys. The furthest one back that I am chronicling here, with my iGino One, in the en-suite to our bedroom, in the evening after yet another busy day. The second to most recent, with my new Gigi 2 from LELO/Town of Toys, which I had used quite a few times before that orgasm, and before the review today. I used it last in the bathroom next to our home office, which has become a sort of ‘Toy Testing’ area for the time being. There’s a shower in there too. Perfect.

There is space in the third room to the office annexe for a bed, that’s coming in the near future. But that’s irrelevant for now.

My most recent orgasm was last night, purely with some water lube and my fingers. I’m not back up to the over-used clit that comes from abusing my Doxy Wand quite yet, after the house move and busy times after. My clitoris has seen a new sensitivity and I am enjoying it while it lasts. Of course, it would be easier to just not my Doxy Wand as much.

That’s not going to happen though, is it.

My fingers slid across my folds and between. I had come up to bed before him, as is often the case. I like to have some time to myself, alone with my thoughts, without any distractions from family, work or other.

Motivations for my masturbation have been plentiful recently. From the usual thoughts of him – as my man, partner, Dom or Daddy – to the little stable of loyal slaves I seem to have reignited as a Mistress, in chastity, suffering and teased, there’s a lot to allow my mind to race through until that sparkling finale.

– Cara Sutra

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