10 Free & Natural Ways to Boost Your Mood this Winter

boosting your mood this winter

It’s grey outside and the coldness is only dry if you’re lucky. Dark skies and piercing frost can lead to an almost overwhelming negative attitude over the winter period, as well as day-long lethargy.

How can you break free from winter’s tyranny and reclaim that spring in your step?

I have put together my top ten tips for staying positive and in a bright mood this winter, regardless of the weather outside.

1. Get out into the fresh air at least once a day

It’s tempting to stay indoors when the weather gets chilly or the rain is lashing down. However stepping out in the fresh air every day, even if just for a 10 minute walk, will have a noticeable effect on your mood.

2. Start off the day with hot water and lemon

The benefits of drinking a cup of hot water and lemon first thing in the morning are widely acknowledged. This simple habit will kick start your metabolism, aid weight loss, give you a huge mental boost and has a plethora of other health and fitness benefits.

3. Don’t neglect fruit & vegetables

We naturally crave fattening foods over the winter period as our bodies want to store fats to help us survive. In the 21st century this can unfortunately lead to snacking on junk food, when in fact ensuring you get your “5 a day” will play its part in leading to a healthy body and a happy mind.

4. Have an orgasm as often as possible

Orgasms release endorphins, the “happy chemical” in the brain. Whether you choose to get your orgasms through sex or masturbation, this healthy, happy and free way to boost your mood surely has to be one of the most fun!

5. Stay hydrated

Dehydration leads to difficulty with mental processes as well as slower digestion and a low mood. Try to drink 8 glasses of water a day to keep your body hydrated and your mood bright.

6. Indulge in plenty of laughter

Sometimes laughter really is the best medicine, so this winter stick on some of your favourite comedy. Surprisingly, as well as boosting your mood, regular sessions of laughter have been shown to reduce blood pressure and stress, improve alertness and defend against respiratory infections.

7. Avoid isolation, arrange some company

Loneliness is no fun but it can be difficult to drag yourself out into the dark winter’s nights to meet up with friends. Arrange a coffee morning or set evenings where friends come to yours for enjoyable chat and to provide mood lifting company.

8. Plan some me-time

Most of us are, at some point, guilty of day-in, day-out work or arranging other people’s lives for them. Don’t neglect to pamper yourself! Set aside time for that long, luxurious bath, lock yourself in your room for a relaxing beauty session or just take 5 minutes out of your busy day to meditate.

9. Get plenty of sleep

Staying up into the early hours every night leads to bleary eyed mornings, difficulty in reaching maximum alertness in the day and a low mood. Set yourself a bedtime and do your best to stick to it. Avoid the temptation to lay in too long in the mornings too; lethargy will set in if you oversleep.

10. Exercise

Even if it’s just a workout to the DVD that’s been sat in your cupboard since last winter, or a short jog to the corner shop, try to fit in some exercise this winter. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, especially when it’s cold and grey outside, but exercise releases feel-good endorphins to lift your mood.


Do you have any other winter mood boosting tips or recommendations that Cara Sutra readers would benefit from? Feel free to share your experiences and wisdom in the comments below.


– Cara Sutra

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