Sex News: New Lovense Bluetooth & Internet Sex Toys

The future is now with these technological wonders, the new Lovense sex toys. Max is the penis stimulating sex toy, while Nora is the vagina & clit pleasuring rabbit vibrator.

Sex News: New Lovense Bluetooth & Internet Sex Toys

Geek Love: Lovense Internet & Bluetooth Sex Toys

While Max is a medical grade silicone, vibrating male masturbator with air pump, Nora has a rotating tip (reminiscent of the Nexus Femme Bisous Rabbit Vibrator) on a medical grade silicone dual stim vibe.

Touching each sex toy will cause its partner to react – and hopefully so too your partner in reality.

The sex toys are connected via Bluetooth or Internet (3G, LTE, WiFi) through an app.

Now, no matter how far you are from your partner, you can enjoy some sexy time together.

I will be very interested to see how this campaign goes. You can find out more about these sex toys on the IndiGoGo Campaign page or Lovense website (links below).

Lovense Sex Toys Benefits

Internet enabled sex toys

Connect to each other without distance limitations

There is two way control on both sex toys

Support for iPhone, iPad or Android phones

Can be set to pulsate to music

Fully waterproof

Rechargeable Li-ion battery in both toys

Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE

Media Coverage

Lovense sex toys have featured in such large media publications and news stations as ABC News, NBC News, the Business Journal, Wired, VB, Fox 12 Oregon,, TC and Hawaii News Now.

Plus now of course, here at the Cara Sutra sex blog.

What They Say

Hong Kong-based electronics company Lovense is set to release their third-generation Long Distance sex toys for Lovers. Nicknamed Max and Nora, they are the first love toys of their kind that support 2-way or “bi-directional control” and are sure to revolutionize romance between lovers who are separated by long distances. Compatible with all of the major brands of  smart phones, tablets and computers,  including Apple and Android products, Max and Nora are meant to bring a more personalized, more tactile and more true to life experience to long-distance lovemaking.

Bonnie Young is in charge of User Experience at Lovense and she had this to say about their highly anticipated new product.”This product is truly revolutionary and will give lovers a new way to connect, and pleasure each other, from long distances. With Max and Nora’s help they will be able to take their “cybersex” to a new whole level and keep their relationship strong, fresh and exciting.”  Ms. Young added that “The fact is, long-distance love affairs and relationships can be rather difficult. With our new love toys couples of all kinds will be able to keep their relationship strong even if they are far apart.”

Easy To Use

The Lovense toys certainly are made to stand up to the challenge. Easy to use and easy to clean, they are made with medical grade silicone and come with Li-Ion rechargeable batteries. With state of the art technology inside, both toys work in tandem through either a smart phone, tablet or laptop computer. What will be even more interesting to long-distance lovers is that when one of the two toys moves the other toy moves along with it, adding to the couple’s sensation, pleasure and realism.  Indeed, these two new and amazing sex toys may just take cybersex and long-distance love affairs to an entirely new and exciting level.

The Max and Nora toys are part of a wide range of innovative products that Lovense has brought to the market. As of this writing they are preparing to launch an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds they need for production, promotion and marketing of their latest and most innovative product. Their goal is to raise $50,000 and company sources confirmed that in order to do that Lovense will be offering discount and several different incentives to people who donate, including free international shipping for both toys to any country in the world.

About Lovense

Lovense, a sub-brand of Hytto and based in Hong Kong, has been making innovative products since 2009. Their Lovense  sex toys are actually third generation and  show that the brand is continuing to innovate with creative and unique products that help their customers to enjoy themselves, enjoy their relationships and take them to new levels.

Lovense Links

Indiegogo Campaign Page

Lovense Official Website

Sex News: New Lovense Bluetooth & Internet Sex Toys

Sex News: New Lovense Bluetooth & Internet Sex Toys

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