Do you dare to get lucky on Friday the 13th?


A Twitter discussion with my friend Alis Addiction this morning got me to thinking about sexual superstitions. It is Friday 13th today, and there won’t be another Friday the 13th until June 2014.

Do you take any extra precautions during Friday 13th? Or do you love the alternative feel of rebelling against traditional, somewhat affectionately held superstitions, by taking as many risks as you can?

I am left wondering how many of you take the opportunity to ‘get lucky’ on Friday 13th. Also, if you do have some kinky fun with or without your partner, would you dare use sex toys? I am now imagining a porn horror flick where a masturbating girl gets zapped by her mains powered magic wand, or the batteries in her vibrator explode. Not that I want to put you off or anything.

Perhaps something a little tamer, like every condom splitting at an orgy. ~screams~

There’s definitely a feeling of luck in the air on Friday 13th. Conquering any chances of bad karma sets one in a naughty frame of mind, as if anything were possible.

Just be sure to check the fuses in the plugs, put fresh batteries in your vibrator and if you use condoms, slip three on just in case.


Happy Friday 13th everyone…


– Cara Sutra


  1. Getting zapped by mains powered wands and vibrator batteries exploding… now that’s a scary thought. I can actually imagine someone making it as a porn parody of Final Destination!

    • Yes! That’s exactly the sort of thing I had in mind. There are worse things I guess, like finding your wooden dildo hasn’t been lacquered, or your glass dildo not being made from shatterproof glass…

      Wow, I actually have quite a horrible mind once it gets going.

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