The Songs of Solomon: A Pillow Book for Breast Cancer Survivors & Their Lovers

The Pillow Book Project

the pillow book breast cancer survivors

The Pillow Book is a book designed for survivors of breast cancer and those with resulting mastectomies. Not just for the survivors themselves, this book can be shared between lovers to help partners reconnect after such a physically and emotionally draining time in their lives. The book has been written, illustrated and designed by Toni Barca, artist, activist and feminist writer.

I wanted to highlight this book as I believe this is a wonderful idea that many people could benefit from. Cancer, in a variety of forms, has affected various members of my family and some of my friends. It is an evil that cannot be eradicated soon enough.

With much emphasis on the physical and consequential sexual form and appearance of a woman, particularly, in the world in which we live, the effects of breast cancer are more far reaching than merely physical. Even though sufferers happily turn into survivors on many occasions, the results can also include a partial or complete loss of body confidence and difficulties regaining sexual and emotional intimacy with a partner.

The Pillow Book holds heartwarming artwork depicting a survivor of breast cancer in positive and energetic positions, with full body and mind confidence and viewed as a sexual being once more. The plan is to help women who have survived breast cancer, with or without their breasts intact, to face any lasting mental and emotional demons and completely win the battle. The book also looks to help partners and lovers understand the emotional torment faced by a woman who many have lost one or both breasts.

I believe this book to be a very worthy project to give your consideration and support to and I truly hope it finds the good homes, exposure and distribution that it deserves.

You can find the Songs of Solomon Pillow Book purchase page here. If you believe in this cause, please share this page using the sharing buttons below, and I would also love to hear your thoughts in the comments section. Thank you.




  1. Thanks for your support!! There is only 11 days left to ensure this grassroots campaign is funded so that I can self publish an Art book. Please donate and no amount is too small. Also, it would help if you reposted the Kickstarter live link to Facebook and Twitter and urge your friends and family to support this book, I will be eternally grateful to you all.

    Thank you, XO, Toni Barca

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