Love wood dildos and wooden sex toys? Dee Lee Doo needs YOU!

dee lee doo wooden dildos

Whether you’ve ‘got wood’ or not, surely everyone with an interest in luxury sex toys and hand crafted adult products will want to know more about emerging wooden dildo manufacturer, Dee Lee Doo.

Iris is a 26 year old wood designer, who is trying to get sufficient funding to present her wooden dildos to the world for purchase. You can watch the short video about her new range here:

The Dee Lee Doo wooden dildos collection

This artisan collection of all natural, handcrafted wooden dildos are 100% natural as well as safe to use internally. Their sculpted forms mimic the natural curves of the human body and have a fluid aesthetic which is sure to have universal appeal.

These dildos look so beautiful that they are sure to double as boudoir features and thought provoking ornaments, instead of traditional toys which may be stored away from sight, in boxes and drawers.

The crowdfunding campaign over at Indiegogo has a goal of $10,000 to establish the Dee Lee Doo brand and enable Iris to provide the market as a whole with these fascinating items.

My review will come shortly, but in the meantime please head over to Dee Lee Doo website as well as the Indigogo campaign page to find out more.

Dee Lee Doo Facebook page.

You can also download the official Dee Lee Doo press release here.

– Cara Sutra

Dee Lee Doo Gallery


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