Fetish Friday: Tricho treat for facial hair fetishists

Fetish Friday

Facial Hair Fetish

It’s Friday once more, so I turn my attention to a particularly fascinating fetish or other interesting area of BDSM. Knocking out three birds with one stone, as it were, this Fetish Friday article focuses on facial hair in honour of Movember, with a slightly Halloween themed title.Β Tricho, of course, a reference to trichophilia, the erotic arousal relating to hair.

Do you love a man with a beard or moustache? Maybe even both? Have you stopped to consider just what it is about them that’s so arousing?


As many of you know, I have a little ‘thing’ for Daddy/little girl roleplay. I prefer older men in general, not just in my partners but also in submissives. I don’t accept a sub or slave under 30, that’s the rule. Call it ageist if you must; it’s my preference, my choice.

Older men have an allure which says they have acquired knowledge and experience through the years. That they can be relied upon for comfort, support and fucking hot sex.

Having a beard and moustache adds to the visual evidence in support of an older gentleman. Marks them out as “distinguished”. Facial hair is seen as a sign of masculinity and even virility amongst men, with those unable to grow more than just fluff on their face quite often finding themselves the subject of derision from their peers.

Some men just have a face which looks better with facial hair. My partner is one of them. He looks lovely without, of course; but with his beard/tache combo he looks distinguished and sexy and hot and ravageable.

Sexual Use

Yep, beards and ‘taches have their practical purposes.

You’re riding him during sex and your hands roam his body. Up his arms, over his shoulders and reach his neck… his face. Fucking him harder the passion intensifies; you’re both moaning almost in sync with the grinding motion. Holding on to his face the friction from his beard means you get a great grip, leaning down you kiss him hard, the hair tickling your face as your own tresses fall in a theatrical curtain enveloping you both in the moment.

Think on another occasion. You’re sat on a chair and he’s willing to service you orally. You slowly raise the hem of your dress, revealing more and more creamy thigh which his hungry eyes eagerly roam over, seeking yet more. With one finger you beckon him forward, giving permission to begin. He doesn’t delve straight in; he knows it’s best to take things slowly, a slow burn to the crescendo of your arousal. As his face meets the soft flesh of your inner thighs, his facial hair prickles and teases you, causing your sensitive regions to become aflame with arousal. He rubs his face this way and that, his hot breath complementing the gentle brushes of his manly face, making you teeter on the edge of sanity even before his tongue touches the wet puddle in your panties, soon to be yanked aside by his expert mouth.

Pure Fetish

movember money raising for charity directoryThen there are the pure fetishists. Trichophilia, as we’ve already mentioned, is the fetish pertaining to hair in general. Pogonophobia is the fear or beards, while pogonophilia is the love of, or fetish for beards.

I’m yet to meet any ladies or gentlemen that have a true fetish for beards, moustaches or male facial hair in general. I haven’t heard of anyone having a fetish for women with facial hair, but I assume that’s pretty rare. I wouldn’t rule it out, though.

Perhaps the Movember movement will flush out these wonderful pogonophiles and facial hair fetishists, so we can give them the support and encouragement and respect they deserve.

Hooray for facial hair!

Do you have a facial hair fetish? Do you mind whether it’s beard, moustache or both? Are you a man considering growing facial hair, or maybe shaving yours off?

I’d love to read your comments below.

You can also find a directory of companies and bloggers getting involved in the wonderful fund raising and charity work for Movember in this Great Big Money Raising Movember 2013 Directory post here.

– Cara Sutra


  1. I know this article is old, but I feel I am a true facial hair fetishist. My feelings towards men at a very early age is what made me realize I was gay. It is a known fact amongst my friends and family that I am less inclined to be into a guy who is clean shaven.

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