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blogasm 500 sex diary challenge

I know, I know. I’ve been very lax on blogging my orgasms! Just a quick update today, sadly… Life is moving quickly but I have  been fitting in at least one orgasm a day, if only to relax the muscles. I’ve had 12 orgasms this past week so it takes me up to #17… which have been achieved by:

1. Doxy Wand

2. Silver 50 Shades bullet during sex with Him

3. Found an unusual way to use the ns novelties Infinit vibrator. I’ll tell you more in the review but let’s just say it gives you a rabbit vibrator (kinda), standard vibrator and double penetrator all in one. And then some. I adore it.

4, 5. Sqweel Go – testing. 2 orgasms here. it’s a cutie but not waterproof unfortunately. Very effective though 😉

6. Using a dildo I can’t tell you about yet – along with that 50 Shades bullet again. it’s really quiet in the en-suite in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep but don’t want to disturb him 😉

7, 8, 9. Received the Lal Hardy 160mm bullet vibe, so obviously had to give this a thorough testing. It’s given me three orgasms this week. I really like it. Review coming soon of course but basically: it’s big, it’s powerful, it’s waterproof, it’s in the good books with me. used it both with Him and on my own. You don’t lose grip of it with slipperiness or lube either. Cool.

10. I came through (well lubed) anal sex. I do this sometimes. I don’t orgasm through vaginal penetration alone though. Apparently this makes me a slut (in a non-shaming, totally hot way, growled into my ear during the hard fucking that occurs…)

11, 12. The last two orgasms were very lazy, using my  Doxy Wand. I think I have an addiction. It’s the best way to have a break from work in the afternoons 😉

An additional point: it’s probably really weird to have an Orgasm Count notebook, right?

Oh, I haven’t linked to the reviews for any products mentioned as I think that would be against the spirit of this personal project. It’s a blog project about my sexual pleasure, not a campaign for more hits! But, you know, there’s a search box up there if you’re interested in reading anything more about the sex toys mentioned. I can’t help that I have a lot of orgasms with sex toys, it’s part of my job! (sob, sob, hard life etc)

Planning on writing some more erotica soon, just as soon as I can grab an hour or two for it! I have been so incredibly busy this week especially with Christmas just around the corner.

blogasm 500 orgasm sex blog project

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– Cara Sutra


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