Blogasm 500 Challenge: The Orgasm Adventure Begins

The Blogasm 500 Project

blogasm 500 sex diary challenge

Welcome to November. Aside from all the Movember charity fund raising, I had another idea for a blog project as I lay awake last night, breathless after the evening’s raunchy exertions.

I’ll be blogging my next 500 orgasms in a new blog project called Blogasm 500. This way I’ll be able to chart when, how and how strongly I orgasm, using what sex toys or during which real life sex escapades (sexcapades?) and hopefully you will enjoy the pleasure journey which sets sail today.

The adventure starts with an early morning orgasm. Warm and relaxed after a sleep filled with colourful dreams, I didn’t want to get up straight away. I’m pretty lucky in that I don’t have to. Even luckier, my Doxy is right next to the bed. I sleep naked so it’s pretty easy to see where this was heading.

Himself had already headed off for work, so there was no chance of jumping astride him for an early morning ride. The desire between my legs was a hungry ache, the demands unable to be quelled. You know when you get that feeling that your clit is actually growing in size and may take over your body completely if you don’t do something to calm it down, and quickly?

I lay there getting hotter and more sticky and my mind raced through filthy scenes, scenes of being used and spanked and shoved around, passed from one mystery persona to the next for their pleasure and, humiliatingly, mine too. The trickles from my body betraying my usually hidden, wanton fantasies, the lust that always lingered far below the cool and calm exterior. The haughty disdain for various sexual actions all swept aside now by the hungering awakened between my legs, the heat emanating from it enough to make me toss aside the covers while at the same time using the action to propel myself upwards, temporarily as I snatched up the powerful wand vibrator which never fails to give body thundering satisfaction.

What did I fantasise about? Well, not about any one thing in particular. The scenes rushed through my mind like a clip show on fast forward, settling for no longer than a second or two on any one scene before rushing to the next, embellishing with another person, another prop, another tongue inside, hand on a breast, mouth to nipple, fist pulling my hair, insults hissed into my ears…

Combined with the fast shuddering of the large, soft vibrator head pushed hard against my clit, attempting to tame its petulant demands, it didn’t take long for me to find that gloriously bright, shining exit from the masturbation motorway. The destination. The goal.

A brain fragmenting orgasm, with shards of colour cascading through my overwrought imagination.

Writing about it has reawakened the clitoral demon and put out calls to its pleasure seeking colleagues elsewhere in my body. It won’t be too long before orgasm #2 of the Blogasm 500 Challenge needs to be documented here.

Watch out for more Blogasm 500 posts soon – you can just click through this image to find them all…

blogasm 500 orgasm sex blog project

– Cara Sutra


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