Hungry for Orgasms 2, 3, 4…

blogasm 500 orgasm sex blog projectOk so I may have misjudged how many orgasms I have over a weekend. Blogging them individually may not happen. As you will see in this post, sometimes many ‘come’ along at once!

Saturday morning saw me laid in bed, as usual, naked and aware of being awake yet not really feeling it. Still tipsy from the night before I needed to revitalise my body and senses and of course an orgasm is the best way. Stuff hair of the dog and even a strong coffee can take a back seat to the wonders of a body jolting orgasm when you need to feel refreshed and alive.

Using my Doxy wand again (my chosen ‘easy’ route to orgasm these days) I simply let those images race through my mind, like the first orgasm documented on this sex project. The orgasm, when it came, was thrilling, unstoppable, powerful. But fast. Just a practical purposes orgasm, flush that need out of the system for the moment and enjoy a quick ride on the crest of the wave, then back down to reality.

It wasn’t like that later in the day. Playing with my partner in bed once the evening arrived, he soon saw fit to take advantage of my nearly naked state. I was on all fours, ready to switch the TV to something entertaining. His hand on my arse made me feel as if I’d leapt a foot off the bed, but in reality my heart just jolted slightly at the uninvited touch. That’s what I get for sticking my lace thong clad arse in his face though. Or that’s what he told me, sliding his hand so his fingers slid up the thin strip of material barely protecting my modesty and giving a playful ‘ping’ to the slender, elasticated waistband.

My face hit the mattress with a thump as his tongue found the outer edge of that material scrap covering my pussy. Playfully tickling with his scratchy beard up and down my inner thigh after a quick tongue tease, his nose led the way back up to nuzzle my scents and have my back arching, needing more.

His hands held me down by the calves, while my elbows dug deep into the mattress below us, a desperate position with my head bowed and the breath coming faster the more he touched me. It didn’t take long for me to create an absolute puddle of that need, ready for him to slide a careful, experienced finger inside and give a low growl of approval at my body’s obvious betrayal.

Flicking the material to the side he moved up behind me, I could feel his position shifting without even having to turn to look. I like when I don’t know what’s coming next. Would he insert something? Would it be a toy or himself? Where would he put it?

I definitely didn’t need any lube for where he was going. His head pressed urgently and readily hard at my pussy, splitting the glistening pink lips apart where he held aside the thong material allowing him access. Depraved, filthy, dirty access. Still semi-dressed sex. There’s something about it that says NEED. You both need it too much to waste time doing something as unimportant as undressing fully. You’re wanted too much for him to hang around while you peel off your underwear. Unimportant. It’s simply snatched aside, while he gains his eager entrance and plunges deeply within, the relieved grunt matched by your own exclamation of pleasure from somewhere deep in your throat, involuntarily.

While still positioned balls-deep within my pussy, he tossed me a silver bullet from the bedside table. I want you to pleasure yourself while I’m fucking you, he says. I want to feel your pleasure. I want you to come while I’m coming inside you.

My clit responded to the fast, one speed bullet immediately. Well trained in that regard. Clenching at him even more now from the inside. Having to take moments away from the pleasure to remind myself to breathe. Laying my head down on the mattress while my hair is a mess about my face, arse shoved up in the air behind me, the vessel for him to reach climax within.

My own came building slowly, steadily, undeniable. His penetration saw to that. I’ve always come a lot easier, a lot harder, if I’m being fucked at the same time as using a vibrator or some sex toy. The combination of vaginal penetration, thrusting, and the clitoral stimulation just tips me over the edge a lot easier than masturbation simply via clit stim. Real cock in my pussy feels better than a cold dildo too, while the thrusting action hasn’t been 100% replicated by a sex toy yet (but close).

I didn’t let myself go over that edge until he let me know he was going to come. Telling me he’s going to come, going to come in his little girl. That I should come for him, he wants me to come for him too, at the same time. And we do, together. Perhaps I am a couple of seconds later. I’m enjoying his outpouring of need and pleasure and want into me too much to fully focus completely on my own pleasure in that moment. Is that wrong? It’s the way it is. He reaches the peak and I let myself follow him over that waterfall, breath catching on the fall on the way back down to normality, to the shimmering haze of post orgasmic bliss.

Glass butt plug - Cara SutraOrgasm number 4? Yesterday – Sunday afternoon. After a morning of shopping and feeling much more like myself than the hungover Saturday, I sought the sanctuary of my room for an ‘afternoon nap’. Which is code for ‘masturbation’. Obviously. Teasing myself by inserting the glass butt plug that has a permanent home as a display item on my bathroom shelf (with lube! This plug is quite big even for a sex toy veteran like me), I took to bed with the rest of Dark Secret Love by Alison Tyler. Before I finished the book I had reached for the iGino which lives by my lamp (seriously, I just have sex toys everywhere in my room) and found an orgasmic high while sitting legs spread, in bed, book momentarily flung to the side, buzzing nub to clit. The large plug stretching my ass and me, attempting to sit down on it even harder to feel more stretched the more aroused the clit stim was making me. No matter how big a butt plug feels when I’m inserting it I always want more once it gets to the point of no return while masturbating. Is that just me? Am I simply a greedy slut who always wants more? Perhaps.

The orgasm was delicious, complemented by the scenes running through my mind from the book. The Dominance, the scenes of public show, the clamps, the spankings. Gorgeous. I want.

I’ve yet to have an orgasm today, very busy with work. But my work does include masturbation and lots of sex… so another Blogasm 500 post will most definitely be on the way to you shortly, dear readers…

I hope you’re enjoying the ride.

– Cara Sutra



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