Sex Diary: Apparently reading in bed means I want anal sex

Quick Sex Blog Update

There are times when you worry that maybe you forgot how to feel sexy, because of work, life, family, or just REASONS, then there are nights like the past week.

sexy sex blog diary update

Images flash through my memory like fast-browsing a video finding those snippets you want to watch over and over again.

His large hands, roughly prising my lips apart where he delves between my legs, as I lay on my front, naked, reading a book – perhaps not as innocently as I might have.

Masturbating him, using new sex toys together. Sucking him hard and ready.

I haven’t lost that deep throat touch. Hungry girl.. a flicker of the eyes up to catch his gaze, the surge of hardness in my mouth when he sees me looking at him through my long, dark, red streaked tresses

A slick of lube over my asshole, the tip of an unseen, cold toy pressing against my entrance and I have no idea whether it’s the small plug which will slide straight in or the large toy I can only take after a long, long practice. The one which feels like I’m ripping apart. The terror. The arousal. I have no idea until he starts to push… and no choice either

His weight deliberately pressing upon me, a ready cock keenly at my pussy opening, the head sliding between lips as his hands come crashing down to clamp my wrists to the bed, no chance for movement

Sliding into a complete piece once again, him and I, connected with his hard cock deeply in place. Plug buried within. His strong legs force mine to remain open and stationary while he now grabs both wrists in one hand. His teeth find my shoulder, while his free hand curls and tightens around my throat

Forgetting the world, fucking any worries from my mind, the only sounds his voice – a whisper or a stern, strong voice I don’t know, seemingly both at once – telling me I’m a filthy anal whore but it’s ok, I’m just Daddy’s slut

Plug removal, so sudden, so cold. Emptiness. He withdraws too. Why… I’m being abandoned. Why?! But something fills my pussy again. Not him. Something long, cold, noduled, glass…

HIs cock poised once again at an entrance, now pre-stretched and ready to take all of him. And so it does, one screechingly painful slide up, on top of the deliberate use of tingling lube… he fills my ass

Shhh… no, stop that now, no fighting. Don’t try to wriggle, it will be worse. You’re getting it, it doesn’t matter. No point crying, put those tears away. You know Daddy gets what he wants from his little girl, that’s how it is, how it always will be

I told you to stop fighting but you always push, don’t you, bitch. Yes, struggle to breathe, that’s it. Remember who owns you. This body isn’t yours, it’s mine. Tonight and every night if I want it. Calm, now. Good, that’s better. See, you wanted it all along, slutty little whore

Please, Daddy…?

Please.. what?

I don’t know. Please? Please. Something. Stop. No! Don’t. Please. Please. Please…

Yes. No. I don’t know anymore. I can’t remember which way is up and where I am. What my name is and what is wrong or right. Just have to trust. Trust him, the one owning me. Obey. Move. Please. Pleasure.

Begging for orgasm, for release, when I can’t take it anymore. Him, keeping me on the brink, right on that edge. Just a few seconds longer than I thought I could stand, but it honestly feels like minutes. Minutes of delicious, lust filled cruelty.

But then, yes. Come for me, little girl. Come for Daddy.

Thank you. Thank you Daddy…


– Cara Sutra


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