Saturated with Sex

Saturated with Sex

Is it just me or is the entire world sexuality obsessed right now? Not saying it’s a bad thing, necessarily, but there does look to be an entire slew of everything sex-related in the media.

miley cyrus naked on wrecking ball

I’m not sure if it all kicked off with the bum-twiddly twerking-ness of Miley Cyrus, but it certainly didn’t help. After that, sitting naked on a wrecking ball and licking a sledgehammer seemed like a logical next step, obviously. I had felt sorry for her, losing the cover of Vogue, but after her shocking response to a concerned Sinead O’Connor (after she’d ripped off her Nothing Compares to You video), I’m pretty much all out of sympathy. You’re on your own, Miley.

Then, I miss out on the entire penis beaker incident as I was off cavorting with real feel dismembered parts at eroFame. Not a penis beaker to be seen over there; perhaps next year? Men would rather dunk their junk in a conveniently placed beaker by the bed, than get up and wash? Not the men I choose to hop into bed with. If your guy has a penis beaker, you might want to question your tastes. And I don’t mean taking a swig from said beverage container, either.

Don’t even get me started on the car crash that is the Channel 4 Sex Season. I love Tracey Cox, really, I do – but why oh why is Sex Box styled like Mastermind? I can almost imagine a spotlight on the couple when they’re in the questioning seats, along with ominous music before being put to task by the ‘experts’. It feels cold, clinical and doesn’t really tell the audience anything they shouldn’t already know – if they actually have a sex life of their own.

Sex is relaxing and makes couples feel more bonded. Shocking revelation.

It seems like every Hollywood film is trying to get in on the action (literally) too. From 2011’s Hysteria to a new film covering Deep Throat… and now a Nymphomaniac film? Seriously?

I love sex as much as the next confident, adult woman but this feels a little like saturation to me. I don’t want or need absolutely every piece of entertainment I choose to be involved with or watch to be about sex. In fact I’m looking forward to going to see Turbo or maybe Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. Although the latter states it contains ‘rude humour’… perhaps there’s a sploshing scene in the middle or someone discovers they orgasm by fellating a piece of celery.

It really wouldn’t surprise me.

How do you feel about this surge of sexuality entertainment? Too much? Not enough? Just right?

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– Cara Sutra

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