Life after a relationship – can you ever move on?

Post-relationship life: can you ever move on?


When you’re in a relationship, it’s easy to get into a comfortable routine of living. Your partner is there when you get back from work, or you make plans together, you discuss the household bills and hopefully, enjoy a regular sex life. Whether you’re married, co-habiting, or regard yourself as in a serious relationship, life can continue in this vein or something very similar for years without much of a hiccup.

When a relationship ends, it’s a painful time. it could have been on the horizon for a while, or a complete shock. Nobody likes to feel rejected, or like their relationship has failed in any way. There are risks that you will fall prey to health and lifestyle issues such as depression, loneliness, feeling abandoned as well as suffering from a lack of affection and a complete stop on your sex life.

When this happens, it’s easy for people to give into temptation and seek out rebound sex, or worse, a rebound relationship. You may do this knowingly or unknowingly; for affection and sex purposes or out of spite and revenge over your ex-partner. Whatever the reasons, rebound sex and relationships hold many dangers, both for you and the other person you’re involving.

Seeking a person out for the purpose of revenge sex is unfair, disrespectful and hurtful,as it will no doubt become apparent at some point after the fact that that was your only intention all along. You may then suffer guilt and spiral even further into depression and self loathing. There are many better options for a satisfying life – and sex life – after a relationship ends. Let’s take a look at a few.

Examine what went wrong in the relationship.

Were you the one to blame? Are there character traits and faults that you need to work on to have a happier, more stable life? Taking the time to think about what really went wrong in the relationship (thinking deeper than pointing fingers of blame) can help you avoid making the same mistakes in future relationships.

Determine if it’s really over.

If your relationship isn’t really over, moving forwards with someone else or engaging in sexual acts with another person will cause distress and hurt to both of you, in the long run. Although it can be very tempting,  don’t act rashly – you may regret it if you find a way to rekindle the relationship with your ex-partner.

However, if your relationship is definitely over, you need to accept this fact. Be firm with yourself and make a conscious decision to move on. It’s a waste of time and a lot of heartache to continue holding a candle for someone who is leaving you far behind.

Restart your sex life in a fair, honest way.

There are many other ways in which you can receive adult affection and even no-strings sex without having to pull a random from a club or other location under false pretences. As we’ve discussed, rebound sex and relationships are quite harshly dishonest and disrespectful to the other person involved, who may believe this is the real deal.

For affection, adult dating and casual sex encounters, why not consider one of the many adult services available and free hookups at a site such as You will discover a world of adults who are searching for adult intimacy and sex without the relationship side, and you can explore previously unchartered territory into fantasies and sexual experiences to help broaden your view.

Decide whether you want a single or attached life.

When you have that past relationship truly out of your system, you will be happier, confident and feeling positive about the future. You have the power to live a life as sexually fulfilled as you want, without psychological or emotional hurt to either yourself or other people.

Being in the strong position of feeling emotionally ready for whatever life sends your way, with time to develop your personality and work on any faults, you can make rational and balanced decisions about your future.

Do you truly need another relationship or does the single life suit you more? Only you will know the answers to these questions, but avoiding rashly set up relationships and dishonest, rebound sex will surely stand you in good stead.


Life after a relationship is a journey which is at times incredibly painful, filled with memories and complex emotions. It is also a fantastic opportunity to discover the truth about your personality, your sexual preferences and fantasies and what you really want from life when it comes to a relationship with another person.


– Cara Sutra

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