Fetish Friday: Maid to Serve

Fetish Friday: Maid to Serve

There’s something about a maid which calls to the pervert in all of us. Is it the outfit? Is it the submissive attitude? Is it the fact we can click our fingers and get brought what we want? Probably all of those things, plus a mysterious touch of something more.

When I think about maids in an erotic sense, I think of two distinct types:

Kinky maids

French maids who dress up, act out the roleplay and for the main part are women in French maid costumes or themed sexy lingerie, for the purpose of a bedroom only roleplay session.

Sissy maids

For the most part, male submissives who enjoy both cross dressing, taking on a feminine appearance and attitude and acting submissive as a maid for their Female (or in some cases, male) Dominant partner.

traditional french maid sexy costume lingerie outfit

French maids are quite mainstream now, with the roleplay costumes widely available from sex shops and adult product retailers across the globe, both in e-commerce and in bricks and mortar stores. Referenced regularly by the media and culture, French Maid roleplay is seen as provocative but on the saucy and naughty end of the scale, rather than extreme and perverse.

On the other, more frilly yet shackled hand, are sissy maids. Still largely unheard of in mainstream, erotic circles, sissy maids range from the innocent, cross dressing kinks all the way to chaste, cuckolded submissive men who love to wear nappies (diapers) and covered with pink, satin frills and enjoy a great deal of torment and bondage. Maybe not all of the above in every case. But you get my point.

sissy maid submissive photograph & blog post

Maids in action

For a Dominant, the enjoyment of owning a maid, whether for a session in the case of a submissive or long term in the case of a slave, comes from their obedience and complete devotion to you as their owner. The term ‘maid’ necessitates their full obedience, and apart from a few exceptions, the rule is to simply obey the orders and tasks set out by the Dominant party.

For play punishment (funishment) style roleplay, disobedient maids can be turned over a knee and subjected to a long spanking session. More extreme sissy maids could be ‘punished’ in other ways, having to stand in the corner with knickers around ankles, facing the wall holding their many petticoat frills high up for a set amount of time.

I am not saying that all women will be a certain role on the maid spectrum and all submissive men will be on another. I am not trying to pigeonhole anyone, nor do I wish to stereotype any one gender to any given position in BDSM and kink. These thoughts are based on my own experiences as well as a broad view of the world of sexuality and eroticism as a whole.

My preferred attitude for a maid who serves Me, as the Dominant party, is one of complete obedience and submission at all times. I have high standards and expect (and deserve!) only the best from my maids and slaves. As I only accept male submissives into my service as a Mistress, maids usually come into my presence with the frills of a sissy maid, but not always. There have been a couple of occasions where a male maid cross dressed with the French Maid attire but did not consider themselves to have the ‘sissy’ attitudes or demeanour.

Each Dominant/submissive bond and relationship is different which is why it’s so important to get to know the nuances of your particular sub before launching into any serious sessions or activities.

What tasks can you set your submissive maid?

As a Dominant or Mistress you are constantly looked to for tasks and chores. On many occasions I set the task of the submissive thinking up their own tasks, which usually throws them a little. For many submissives it’s easy to get lazy, let the mind slip into nothing and to stop thinking, expecting the Dominant to do all the work.

However here are a few ideas for jobs that your maid could perform, which I hope will serve (!) as an interesting reference:

Housework: The obvious tasks for a maid, housework covers such mundane daily jobs as cooking, cleaning, dusting, hoovering, doing the dishes, laundry, changing bed linen and ironing. There are other in-house jobs that can be performed by your maid too, such as a daily wake up service at the time you choose, along with your morning tea or coffee, of course.

Doorstep delivery: Need something from the shop? Fancy take out? Forget the door-to-door delivery services, many of which have charges. Get your maid to run out and fetch what you need, be it shampoo, champagne or shoes. Never miss the dry cleaning again. Have your own personal post out service. So many options.

Personal services: At the end of a long day, it would be lovely to have a bath run, towels warmed, then afterwards, relax with a foot rub or a full body massage. Why continue wanting, when you can have. Your maid is at your service, use them.

Party waiter: Waiter, butler, somelier. The submissive could and should be all of these things, as you need them. For visitors to your home, your maid should either take drinks orders, or wait to be told their preference, as is your wish. During day to day service, food and drink refreshments should regularly be offered to you anyway, as standard. For parties, particularly with other Mistresses in attendance, your maid should be on their very best behaviour as well as properly turned out.

Where can you buy kinky maid costumes and accessories at low prices?

It’s easy to find the standard French maid costumes in sex shops around the world, but for the fetish or sissy maid it’s not always that easy. Larger sizes of either the standard French maid or the sissy variations seem to only be in very niche stores, and then quite costly.

It might be worth seeing if your maid can find suitable short dresses in a size which fits them, which could be accessorised at home with a belt, small apron piece and the like, as well as having them purchase their own cleaning equipment, duster and the maid’s hat. Their shopping can be done either by themselves or with you in attendance, as an additional, humiliation exercise treat, if they resentfully love that idea.

Sites of interest with regards to BDSM fetish sissy maids and similar are The Sissy Store, Sissy Heaven (UK, GBP prices) and Fantasies in Lace (US, USD prices). I would love to see more of the mainstream sex toy and lingerie shops stocking more alternative costumes, if possible.

Interested in maid service? Please enter your comments below, I would be very happy to hear from you.

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– Cara Sutra


  1. hi

    just a random bit of typing on the internet here. can someone be into the whole sissy maid thing in other ways ?

    for example for me i like the idea of being humilated or teased.

    such examples: having your dominant partner engage in your sexual fantasys. to my partner he likes to regularly tease me by saying things like smelly baby or little girl or his sissy slut. gagging me and tying me up and putting me in a frilly tutu and dress me like a little girl with bows in my hair and pony tails. or put me in a leash and collar.

    or teasing me with punishments like spankings on tying me on a spanking chair and blindfolding me and letting random men use my sissy hole, or being made to suck their cocks dry. or being forced to wear a chastity device while being used as a sissy slut hole.

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