Erotica Show London UK 2013: Pre-Event Information & News

Erotica Show London UK 2013: Pre-Event Information & News

Will I be meeting you this weekend? I am talking about, of course, the wonderful Erotica Show London UK event held in Tobacco Dock London, from 25-27 October 2013.

Erotica Show London UK 2013 Pre-Event Information & News

I will be at the Erotica Show London on Saturday, along with slave minnie. Having been invited to the event by the lovely team at Erotica, I am there just for the day then back up to my home in Lincolnshire again in the evening.

(There’s an important first birthday to be prepared for the start of next week!)

What to wear? It’s always difficult at any event, never mind one so spectacularly glamorous as Erotica. I haven’t properly decided yet, but then again, would I tell you if I had?

Let’s just say that I will be following my usual sensible option of wearing comfortable footwear. Less than the expected glam, perhaps – but I have been too far too many trade shows to end up with broken and bleeding toes from walking all day in 6 inch heels. To do that I need to be dancing, and quite inebriated. Which isn’t like me at all, of course.

Erotica Show London UK 2013 Pre-Event Information & News

A part of the Erotica Show London I am really looking forward to, is reading out parts from my favourite erotic works of fiction over at the stand run by Lucy Felthouse and Victoria Blisse. There are many erotic authors running a meet and greet as well as Q&A at this stand, so I feel very honoured to join them.

Along with Lucy Felthouse and Victoria Blisse you can also meet:

KD Grace

Kay Jaybee

Kristina Lloyd

Toni Sands

Laura Wilkinson

…plus many more, I’m sure.

Submerged in the Erotica Show London experience, dancing, burlesque, adult acts, music and dazzling lights, I will be doing my best to keep my head on the projects in hand! As well as enjoying myself at the Erotica Show London, I hope to meet many familiar faces from the adult industry, as well as making many more friends and finally putting faces to names only previously seen on the web, in some cases.

Then, next Monday, my next advice article goes live over at the website of the Erotica Show London which you will be able to read, as well as looking forward to the Cara Sutra Erotica 2013 report.

I can’t wait. So:

Will I be meeting you this weekend at Erotica Show London?

– Cara Sutra 

Erotica Show London UK 2013 Pre-Event Information & News

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