Cara Sutra Exclusive Adult Films & DVDs Offer

Cara Sutra Exclusive Offer

Loving Sex dvds at Alexander Institute special offer discount code

Get a huge 30% discount on  all Loving Sex DVDs from the Alexander Institute! These adult films and DVDs are full length (no compromising on inches here), unrated & very sexually explicit.

Whether you’re after some more porn for your sexy viewing collection or want to purchase some couples sex and relationship advice DVDs, this is the best place to do it.

All you have to do is shop here, using the discount code supplied on the page you reach. You will then receive an automatic 30% discount on all the DVDs in your basket.

These DVDs feature real couples, people just like you; having real sex in real life sexual situations. It doesn’t  more sexy or real than this.

There are even DVDs to help with your Fetish, Bondage and BDSM techniques, for which it’s always better to see the actions demonstrated in this way.

For example…

The Art of Erotic Spanking and Bondage

A Lover’s Guide to BDSM

Discover the pleasures of dominance and submission. Join us for an erotic visit at Widow Centauri’s dungeon.

Unleashing your inner master or slave can be a liberating experience that will take your sexual pleasure to new heights of ecstasy.

Watch attractive real couples explicitly explore themes ranging from spanking to S&M to rope tying basics and beyond. Indulge your fantasies and experience new levels of arousal with this erotic sexplay.

*Communication and safe words
*Being restrained for sexual arousal
*Tickling, flogging, denial of pleasure
*Erotic pain and BDSM tools
*Costumes and role-playing
*Rope tying for stimulation

BDSM bondage fetish DVD video film special offer

Browse the collection here and get money off your favourite brand of sexual advice and adult film DVDs.

Exclusive Cara Sutra discount code loving sex films dvds

– Cara Sutra

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