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Spotlight On: Alex Jordaine, Erotic Author

Alex Jordaine is one of my favourite erotica authors, especially as he concentrates on a subject close to my heart: FemDom. I have written about Alex Jordaine and his works in the past, and you can find my other posts on his new releases as well as book reviews here at Cara Sutra.

One of the strongest presences in the Xcite Books author library, Alex Jordaine combines his own experience and knowledge of the FemDom and BDSM scene as well as a highly vivid imagination to bring his audience the most tantalising kinky tales you can hope to read. There is a shortage of great FemDom erotica on the erotic books market, but Alex Jordaine is leading the way to making FemDom erotica available for the masses.

You can find Alex Jordaine’s books on Amazon (UK and .com) and his Goodreads author page here.

– Cara Sutra

Alex Jordaine Biography

alex jordaine booksAlex Jordaine is the UK’s leading Femdom writer and is the author of the highly acclaimed ‘Mistress’ series.  Alex tells us more here about his work, which includes short stories in BDSM and other erotic genres. He also treats us to a free excerpt from the latest thrilling addition to the Mistress series, ‘Mistress Severity’.

I have been writing for Xcite Books for the last five years and my fiction falls into two categories. First, there’s my ‘Mistress’ Femdom series of paperbacks and e-books – six of them so far – in which powerful women are firmly in charge. They control the pleasure and men are there to serve and obey them. Secondly there are my short stories, which have been included in various collections of BDSM, gay, lesbian, and general themed erotica. Twelve of these tantalising tales have now been anthologised by Xcite Books into a paperback and e-book collection, entitled ‘Sweet Torments: The Best of Alex Jordaine’.

‘Mistress Severity’ is the latest in my ‘Mistress’ Femdom series. The other books in the series are ‘Mistress of Torment’, ‘Naked for the Mistress’, ‘Mistress Extreme’, ‘Mistress Divine’, and ‘Surrender to the Mistress’. They are all full length novels, with the exception of ‘Surrender to The Mistress’, which is a collection of four novellas. All the stories in the ‘Mistress’ series are ‘one-offs’. Each of them stands alone, with an entirely different cast of characters, location etc, and can therefore be read in any order. The seventh in the series, ‘Bound to the Mistress’, is another full-length novel and comes out next year.

I’m delighted that the ‘Mistress’ series has proved to be so popular and that it’s making new fans all the time. (‘I couldn’t put the book down… it blew my mind…I got mega-horny every time I read a bit more…I didn’t want the book to end’ raved one enthusiast recently when reviewing ‘Mistress Divine’.) They seem to love reading the books as much as I love writing them.

I thoroughly enjoy turning the usual stereotypes on their head, as well as exploring the psychology of submission, the joys and perils of the BDSM lifestyle, and the redemptive power of love. This last is worth mentioning because, for books so full of graphic discipline, bondage and domination, they are essentially love stories. And ‘Mistress Severity’ is certainly no exception to that rule.

So, if you think Femdom erotic fiction might hit the spot for you and you’re looking for a well-written, fast-paced novel that’s both a real page–turner and an extremely raunchy read, you need look no further than ‘Mistress Severity’. It would make a perfect introduction to the rest of the ‘Mistress’ series.

Free Excerpt from Alex Jordaine

From Mistress Severity

Tim passed his hand nervously over his handsome face. He realized he’d said the wrong thing as soon as the words had tumbled out of his mouth. It was the big question and he knew he shouldn’t have pushed his luck and asked it a second time.

Mistress Severity by Alex Jordaine‘I told you before very clearly that I wasn’t going to say why I’ve banished Justine to the old dungeon,’ Mistress Katya told the naked slave, glaring with piercing severity into his submissive grey eyes.

Tim pressed his lips closed, then opened them again suddenly, cutting off an anxious sigh that stuck in his throat. ‘I know you did, mistress,’ he said. Tim was a fine figure of a man by any standards. The bone structure in his face was striking, his hair was thick and dark and he had an athletic build, his naked body smooth and muscular. His shoulders were broad, his chest and abdomen rippled, and his cock big and heavily veined.

‘So, what do you do?’ Katya went on angrily, her eyes still boring into his. ‘You go and ask me again. Well, I’m not going to put up with it.’

Tim tried not to tremble beneath the ferocity of her gaze. ‘I’m sorry, mistress,’ he said. ‘You know how my mouth parts company with my brain sometimes,’ he added, attempting a disarming smile.

He was doing his best to try and make light of the situation but knew it wasn’t going to work. He could see that from the look of anger that remained on Katya’s face, could tell it from the threat of retribution in her piercing blue eyes. And she was in exactly the right place to exact that retribution too, the cavernous dungeon in the east-wing being extremely well equipped.

Most of this equipment was made of or was partially covered in soft black leather, like the horse, the horizontal and vertical torture chairs, the whipping bench, the bondage table and the wall-mounted St. Andrew’s cross.

There was an open cabinet of dark wood that was panelled up to the ceiling and extended most of the length of one of the walls. A huge and elaborate collection of disciplinary instruments hung upon the polished wood. They included straps, tawses, crops, whips, paddles, canes, gags, chains, handcuffs and nipple clamps, to name but a few.

On one of the adjacent walls was a smaller cabinet containing a number of other BDSM items including leather and rubber hoods, body bags, collars, cuffs, and sundry leather and rubber clothes, including cat suits, skirts, chaps, thigh-high boots and other articles of fetish wear.

‘Saying you’re sorry won’t cut it this time,’ Katya said, the expression on her face more thunderous than ever. ‘You’re going to have to take the consequences, aren’t you.’

‘Yes, mistress,’ Tim replied, feeling his lips tremble when he spoke. He tried to make them stop but could not. Cursing his own stupidity, the penitent slave awaited the inevitable. The prospect of suffering beneath Katya’s lash when she was angry with him like this always scared him shitless. Tim had his own private nickname for her when she was in that frame of mind. It was “Mistress Severity” and, my God, did it fit the bill.

Normally his submissive role with Katya was an enviable one for a man hard-wired the way he was. This was because the dominatrix tempered her tormenting of him, cruel though it invariably was, with excesses of erotic pleasure. When she was angry, however, it was a different matter. Then she was completely without mercy. Enduring a chastisement from her in those circumstances was a terrifying experience even for a heavy-duty masochist like him.

‘I’m going to beat you severely in a moment,’ the dominatrix hissed. ‘What have you got to say about that?’

‘I deserve it, mistress,’ he said.

‘Elaborate on that statement,’ she insisted.

Tim took a couple of deep breaths and tried to gather his wits. ‘I can’t help being curious about the situation because it doesn’t seem to make any sense, mistress,’ he said. ‘So I make no apology for my curiosity as such. But you’d already told me to mind my own business. I should have done that and kept my big trap shut. There’s no question about it.’

The dominatrix nodded. ‘I couldn’t have put it better myself,’ she replied. ‘And now you’re going to have to pay the price for your disobedience.’

Katya looked really beautiful today, Tim thought, as he tried to take his mind away from his impending punishment. But then she always looked beautiful because she was a natural beauty, her face absolutely symmetrical and with a porcelain-perfect complexion. She had the most extraordinary cheekbones, piercing blue eyes and full sensuous lips. Her shoulder length hair was auburn and had a glossy sheen. With her big firm breasts and narrow waist and her smooth rounded hips and long well-shaped legs, Katya had a wonderful body. It was minimally dressed on most occasions, this one being no exception.

What few clothes the dominatrix was wearing – a bra that barely contained her full breasts and a tiny skirt that merely skimmed her shapely thighs and underneath which she was naked – were of soft black leather as were her knee length high heeled boots. The seductive sight of her and, yes, the thought of what she was about to do to him, made Tim’s cock begin to stiffen.

‘You want it though, don’t you, slave,’ Katya said. She eyed his growing erection briefly, before looking back into his soft grey eyes. ‘You can hardly wait for your torment to begin even though the thought of it terrifies you.’

She was right. Tim was suffering with mixed emotions. He couldn’t recall the last time he had felt so intimidated by his mistress – or more turned on by her.

Tim smiled. An almost sardonic smile that replaced the worried expression he’d had on his face. ‘Yes, mistress,’ he replied, staring back at her excitedly, his heartbeat quickening further. He could feel sweat gathering at his brow and a powerful electric sensation, a combination of fear and desire – of eagerness and dread – started to vibrate within him.

– Alex Jordaine

The Alex Jordaine Library

Mistress of Torment (Book 1)

Naked for the Mistress (Book 2)

Mistress Extreme (Book 3)

Mistress Divine (Book 4)

Surrender to the Mistress (Book 5)

Mistress Severity (Book 6)

Bound to the Mistress (Book 7)

Mistress Absolute (Book 8)

Addicted to the Mistress (Book 9)

Sweet Torments: The Best of Alex Jordaine


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