8 Top Tips for Spectacular Male Masturbation

8 Top Tips for Spectacular Male Masturbation

Male masturbation top tips and advice

There is much written about the feminine aspect of self stimulation and sexuality in general, both through digital media such as articles on sexual health websites and in traditional print, sex guides and sexual health books. But what about improving solo sexual stimulation for men?

It is too often assumed that when it comes down to male masturbation, men will simply grasp the issue with both hands and get down to work, as it were. In this article, women simply have to nudge over for a moment, as we focus on 8 top tips for the best male masturbation sessions.

1. Lose the shame

There is nothing, repeat, nothing wrong with masturbation. It doesn’t make your palms hairy, you won’t go blind and your penis won’t fall off. Regular masturbation is a healthy part of an adult male’s sex life and there is nothing shameful about it whatsoever.

Many men feel the need to hide the fact they masturbate, or view it in cultural terms and social circles as a bit of a joke. The truth is, the more you try to sweep the masturbation issue under the carpet, the more likely you are to be missing out on great advice to make those necessary solo stimulation sessions even better than they already are.

2. Make time for me-time

As male masturbation is an expected and healthy part of adult life for a man, it makes sense to plan for it. Why grab 5 seconds on the run when you can schedule this important time for self discovery and enjoyment of your sexual fantasies?

Book sessions on your calendar, set reminders or just assign an evening off from life. Take yourself to a safe, comfortable area where you can focus on the task in hand.

3. Get the right atmosphere

Following on from ensuring you realise the importance of sexy me-time, is setting the right atmosphere. You’re sure to enjoy masturbation a whole lot more in a conducive environment.

Do you feel more comfortable in the bedroom, or the bathroom? Is there another location that’s better for you? If there’s a lock on the door, use it. Your mind and body will be a whole lot calmer if you remove the worry about being walked in upon at any moment!

4. Be prepared

Once you begin your masturbation session, you’re going to want everything you need within close reach. That means preparation beforehand.

Will you want to use a sex toy? Will it be a stroker style (traditional masturbator) or are you also going to try anal beads or a butt plug?

Whether you use a sex toy or not, your masturbation will be enhanced if you use some sex lubricant to give a pleasurable glide and avoid any unwanted friction. There are even lubricants made especially for male masturbation.

Have everything you could want within reach, then you won’t have to frustratedly interrupt your session in order to find whatever it is you’re missing.

5. Try something new

Many men find a way they like to masturbate, and stick with that. It’s time to try something new! After all, how will you ever know if there’s any better way to do it, if you don’t experiment?

Men are more likely to enjoy visual or some other tangible sexual stimulus to arouse them prior to and during masturbation. This could be through a variety of means, such as using porn in magazine, DVD or website format, or calling up one of the surprisingly low priced phone sex lines around, such as those at cheaphardcorephonesex.co.uk.

6. Take your time

Remember what we said about losing the shame about male masturbation. The shame you may have held either consciously or subconsciously in the past may have meant you rushed your solo sexual stimulation sessions.

If you’re rushing it, that means you’re not fully enjoying the time you’ve set aside to really explore the full potential of your sexual desire.

Take your time and don’t feel rushed during masturbation. It takes as long as it takes; so enjoy it!

7. Include your partner

If you’re not sure what your partner thinks about your masturbation habits, if you’re in a relationship, it’s time to find out. She may have her own masturbation habits, either with or without the use of sex toys.

Many people enjoy the voyeuristic thrill of watching their partner masturbate themselves, while you may discover an exhibitionist facet to your nature too. Blending the lines between masturbation and foreplay, sharing your private moments with your partner on a few occasions is sure to strengthen your relationship and help them understand your sexual needs on a deeper level. This, in turn, will lead to a more fulfilling sex life for both of you.

8. Clean up afterwards

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, it’s not a great idea to leave a devastating trail of masturbation mess behind you after your climax. This refers to both your location and yourself!

Tidy the area you’ve used, disposing of any rubbish, putting away your media (magazines, films etc) and cleaning your sex toys thoroughly. Clean yourself thoroughly to keep your personal hygiene at optimum levels and retain a grateful partner.


By following these 8 top tips for spectacular male masturbation, you are sure to experience solo sex sessions like never before. You will be more relaxed, confident in your sexuality and more in tune with your sexual needs and nature. For men in a relationship, losing the shame or hurriedness of masturbation will lead to a happier and more contented life; for you, as well as both of you connecting together as a couple.

Men deserve the best personal playtime they can achieve. Follow these top tips when you masturbate and see for yourself how thoroughly satisfying masturbation can really be.


– Cara Sutra


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