How To Make Time For Sexy Time With A Busy Life

How To Make Time For Sexy Time With A Busy Life

By Cara Sutra

Sexy time is important time. It doesn’t matter whether you’re involved in a relationship or single, whether you’re male or female. Regardless of your personal circumstances, making time to satisfy your sexual needs should be a priority for every adult. A big question, though, is how to make time for sexy time with a busy life?

How To Make Time For Sexy Time With A Busy Life

In reality, it can be difficult to find or make the time to get sexual. Family situations, long hours at work, the day to day toll of a long term relationship – all these and more can hinder your attempts to get sexy and you can end up losing your mojo completely.

Fitting In Sexy Time

So just how do you inject more sexy time into your busy life? It can feel like a mountain of a task. However, sexy time doesn’t always need to be a foreplay leading to sex event. Stop pressuring yourself, or worse, your partner, into feeling like anything remotely sexy needs to ultimately lead to sex. This can be quite off putting and a drain on the relationship, leading to stress and a complete loss of motivation to get sexy at all.

Set yourself small goals to reach to start with. Making unrealistic goals such as a 3 hour rampant sex session every night is likely to end with feelings of failure and unhappiness. Even aiming to compliment your partner at least once a day, letting them know you still find them sexually attractive, can plant the seeds of sexy time and help that mojo to bloom once again.

Physical Affection

How often do you show physical affection to your partner? Not just through sexual intercourse, but a loving kiss or cuddle? Reflect on your answers to these questions, and if you have to ponder over when you last showed your partner affection outside of the bedroom, it’s time to make some serious changes. The act of showing affection through human touch is undervalued. Making time for a kiss and cuddle once a day, even in passing, can reignite the flames of sexual attraction and put both you and your partner in the right frame of mind for more, should you wish it.


Being spontaneous is the ideal wish for every couple’s sex life… but coming back to reality, often times this leads to long periods without sex or sexy time as you both spend the time on other life priorities such as family, housework, work or other adult duties. Planning your sexy time and scheduling in sex may at first seem clinical and unromantic, but at times it’s a necessary evil. It might be the only way you can mentally switch off from your other tasks and focus for that scheduled evening (or morning, or afternoon) on both you and your partner’s sexual needs for your mutual pleasure.

Ensuring you have regular sexy time events, whether that is foreplay, erotic massage, power exchange roleplay or full sex, will make your partner feel truly valued as a lover, boost their confidence and happiness levels and will strengthen your relationship bonds and intimacy. Nobody wants to feel merely like a house sharer, parent or source of meals or a wage. Let them know they still turn you on!

Solo Sexy Time

Of course sexy time isn’t just for those in relationships or loving couples either. It is just as important for single people to make time for their sexual needs and desires too. The benefits of regular masturbation and orgasms have been thoroughly researched and reported on, such as boosting your immune system, helping guard against depression, burning calories as well as lowering blood pressure.

As if that wasn’t reason enough, masturbation and orgasms are FUN. If you find it difficult to reach orgasm through manual masturbation methods, why not consider some of the best selling sex toys available on the market – they’ve come a long way from the simple days of the Rampant Rabbit or a realistic dildo! Of course, if they’re your chosen tools for the job, you can still buy them for low prices at sex toy shops online.

Fun Ideas

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, watch out for ways to keep that sexual feeling throughout the day, no matter what you’re up to. Sexy lingerie can give you a secret confidence and sex drive boost. Nights out can get sensationally naughty with the help of a whisper quiet bullet vibrator, vibrating knickers or a discreet remote controlled love egg.

Putting these tips and tricks into practice and keeping them foremost in your mind on a day to day basis will help guard against loss of sexual drive and will help keep your sexual needs satisfied, regardless of whether you’re a sexy single or part of an established couple.

Make time for sexy time and every day will be a new journey of passionate discovery!


How To Make Time For Sexy Time With A Busy Life

How To Make Time For Sexy Time With A Busy Life

How To Make Time For Sexy Time With A Busy Life

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