Incompatible Sexual Desires and How to Combat Them

Incompatible Sexual Desires and How to Combat Them

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In a long term relationship, you are always fighting the battle against the bond between you and your sex life becoming boring or stale. Life and circumstances take their toll and as time goes on, it can be difficult to keep things as exciting and fresh as they once were.

One major source of relationship frustrations is incompatibility with regards to your sexual libidos and particular desires.

As you both grow and evolve as sexual adults, your libido will go through periods of waning and blossoming. This is not always in sync with your partner, unfortunately. You may even develop sexual fantasies which your partner isn’t aware of or doesn’t share with you.

What do you do when your sex drive is stronger than your partner’s? How about having sexual fantasies that they have no interest in making reality? What if you’re the one who doesn’t fancy sex quite as often as before?

If you find that your sexual libido has tapered off recently, you may want to try helping yourself to feel more sexy. There are many articles written about this subject, but a few top tips are to play one of the many adult games with your partner, to keep the atmosphere light yet exciting, or engage in a non-sexual yet bonding experience. This could be sharing a bath or trying some massage on each other.

If these don’t help, you may seek the help from either herbal supplements, many of which are readily available at low prices on the internet, or in the worst case scenario, medical help might be required.

For the partner who has a stronger sex drive and different sexual fantasies than their lover, communication is the only way forwards, if you hope to have a fully satisfying sex life together.

Discuss the situation with them openly and honestly. Do this out of the bedroom environment, so they don’t feel undue pressure to immediately perform or act out the discussion. There may be reasons behind their aversion to your fantasy which you were not previously aware of, or you could just arrange steps together to help them feel more open towards you sexually.

Are there any reasons behind their low libido? Discuss their sexual confidence and any psychological issues which you may be able to help with. Remember that it isn’t all about you getting what you want, either from the relationship, or sexually; their happiness is essential for the success of your relationship together too.

Assure your partner that their needs and desires are important to you. This will hopefully lead to the realisation that so too, are yours.

You may have quite specific fantasies that you’d like to bring to reality, whether your partner agrees to help or not. Many of these fantasies often centre around the increasingly popular topic of Dominance and submission, as well as other forms of kinky power exchange and control during sexual activity.

Whether with or without your partner’s knowledge, depending on your relationship and your conscience, phone sex lines offer a cheap, safe and anonymous way to help bring these fantasies closer to reality. Dipping your toe safely into these waters will bring you a clearer understanding of what it is you really want when it comes to kinky or other sex fantasies.

There are many specialist phone sex lines available, for example, those wishing to experience the pleasure of submission during sex may choose a Domination and BDSM adult chat line such as

However you decide to proceed, remember that your partner’s happiness and fulfilment should be as important to you as your own. Give them time and don’t expect your libidos and fantasies to always correlate, it would be unrealistic. With honesty and open communication, you can grow together through the years and come to a happier understanding of each other’s needs, in every respect.



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