Fetish Friday: What’s the fuss about Waxplay?


Waxplay is the sensual art of using the heat of dripped wax on to the flesh in order to stimulate the body and mind. It provokes a harmonious physical and psychological reaction, which dips one toe into the alluring world of erotic sadism and masochism.

In that regard, it’s not unlike spanking.

Waxplay does not mean NOT using candles to penetrate someone, as if they were dildos!

Fetish Fantasy Sensual Hot Wax Waxplay SetIf you’d like to engage in waxplay, there are a few important things to remember. Most of all, is to remain safe. Do not use ordinary household candles to drip wax on to yourself or anyone else, as the burning temperature of the wax in these candles is different to those specially made for waxplay. Using ordinary or household candles will lead to irritation in the best cases, and severe skin burns at the worst.

Buy waxplay candles which are designed to be used on the body. These candles burn so that when the wax is melted enough to drip or drizzle on to the flesh, it will provoke a temporary stinging reaction from the heat, but not enough to burn the skin.

If you’re feeling rather wary of having wax dripped on to you (or dripping dots of wax on to your partner), you could ease yourself into the idea gently by using one of the many massage candles available as your first ‘erotic candle’ experience. These massage candles melt the wax into a luxurious massage oil, which is then either poured into your palms to be used to massage your partner, or drizzled on to your partner where the warm massage oil suffuses them with a physical warmth and a psychologically calming, relaxing experience.

From the massage candles you can then decide, based upon how you react to the heat from the massage oil on to your body, whether you’d like to step up play to waxplay.

jimmyjane afterglow candleRemember that as you’re dropping dots of melted wax from a height on to your partner’s body, there is a risk that some small bits of wax will land elsewhere. You could invest in a PVC sheet to put down first (they’re not just for sploshing and golden showers!) or select an old towel which you’ll just be using for your waxplay sessions.

Hardened wax is easier to lift from a PVC sheet once it is cooled.

The higher you drip the wax from, the more time it has to cool before hitting the body. Therefore the closer you are to the flesh, the less time it will have to cool and it will feel hotter and more intense.

For newbies to waxplay, the back is a good area to start with waxplay candles. There is a broad surface area acting as the target, and the skin is not as sensitive as some other regions. Leave the genital areas, tummy and breasts until you are more confident about your wax tolerance levels. I would avoid the hair firstly as the scalp can be more sensitive than you imagine and secondly because wax is difficult to remove from the hair.

Never drop wax on the face or near the eyes.

As with all fetish activities, you really should set a safeword before you begin. A word you would not normally say in the course of that scene (so make it different from the often cried out in the passion of the moment “stop” or “please” or “no”), which means your partner will put an immediate stop to proceedings. This keeps you both safe from hurt, both physical and emotional.

In addition to the sensations of the hot or warm wax dripping on to, or being poured on to the body, there is an artistic element to waxplay. The wax coating the surface of the skin dapples it in an attractive way and often different colours are used to produce human based works of art. The underlying element of the person’s submission to this activity gives the work of art a deeper, emotional meaning which is moving and heartfelt.

Is waxplay something you’ve thought about trying? Have you heard of it? What are your thoughts on the subject? Have you any experiences you’d like to share?

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– Cara Sutra

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