Fetish Friday: Today I meet my submissive of 6 years

Fetish FridayToday’s Fetish Friday is a bit of a personal post, as in an hour I am leaving to meet a certain submissive. Now, I have been speaking to this submissive online for about 6 years and there is a place in my Mistress heart reserved for him. There’s no sexual attraction involved (from my side, anyway lol) but this submissive has always been entertaining, intelligent and has kinks that correspond with mine.

He used to live in London but was too scared to meet up at that point. Now lives in the US and is back in the UK only once or twice a year. Anonymity always was a huge issue to him, working in legal services. However the years have passed and he has been resolute in his submission to me, even though there are times when we don’t speak to each other for months. He hasn’t found another Mistress, even though I have not stopped him; I’ve always made it clear that I understand if he were to find a Mistress who suited his needs, lived closer and he bonded with, I would allow him to go as I’d feel that only right and fair.

Calling himself denied, you can perhaps guess his main kink: chastity. Or rather orgasm denial. Not just the act of going without orgasms, whether through sex or masturbation, but being actively denied them by his Mistress. Cruelly tortured by being brought to the very edge and then denied. Kept locked in a chastity device, the only release being through either strap on sex (he fantasises – I don’t indulge in strap on sex with my submissives anymore), or prostate massage on his own.

I remember many nights on instant messenger, watching the screen flicker into life as he anxiously peered into the webcam and showed me himself. Terrible lighting and focussed on his face only briefly… just in case. Sessions of him milking into a pet bowl, licking up the consequences. Having to bark in order to be able to touch himself. Wearing lingerie for my amusement. Having bought that lingerie first of all, in an embarrassing shopping trip by himself, being told to ask the assistant where he can try them on…

Not just the kink… being there for me as a friend (yet always owned) throughout some bad times for me. Past violent relationship, my miscarriage, difficulties with other friends and also bad kink experiences with other people too. We both know that our circumstances differ, he would never be a live in slave for me and he lives far across the pond now, but somehow he’s always been the slave that resides nearby. In sentiment if not in reality.

So today we meet. Location arranged, 2pm. Or at least I hope he shows up, otherwise I am going to look quite foolish. Minnie will drive me and be there too, so if all else fails, we’ll have a cracking lunch together, the two of us. Always have a back up plan 😉

I’m actually quite nervous, which I guess I ‘shouldn’t’ admit. As a RARGH Mistress and all. Whatever. I am human and this is a person I have spoken to for 6 years who think I am all of the awesome and in reality, at times I feel like a girl who can just string a few sentences together and mostly wears PJs in the week, make up free face and downing coffee like Brazil declared a shortage.

I vaguely remember what he looks like… not that it matters of course. The joy I get from this relationship is that he wants to be owned, wants to be controlled and wants in particular, me to do it. Not just any random Mistress, or anyone who will have him. This is not a FinDom relationship, he has never paid tribute financially nor does he sent material gifts. Apart from the odd bunch of flowers ~smiles, remembering~ … but his gifts are given in other ways.

Fantastic personalised erotica, a wicked imagination and intelligence. Respect and submission. Being there as a steadfast supporter and friend.

I’m looking forward to lunch. And the wine. I’ll be sure to add an update later on!

– Cara Sutra


sardaxPublished with permission of the writer, denied…

The Marathon

A Fantasy about women using a man.

Part One

It was late in the party and Bob a nineteen-year-old student at the college was drunk and staggering around. He left the main room and wandered outside. As he walked around he noticed a tall blonde girl with a slim figure and cute breasts. To his amazement she lifted her short skirt and dropped her panties and squatted for a pee. Bob was able to see her cute tight arse and let out a whoop of delight and laughter. The girl looked up and saw Bob laughing at her and she pulled her panties up and stormed over calling him a pervert and a voyeur. Bob laughed as she raged at him but then a group of three more girls approached. All of them were attractive and another slim blonde with long legs and cute breasts said, “ What’s up Vera?” “ This pervert was watching me have a piss Kim!” Bob laughed and said, “ And a pretty sight is was too!” He had only just finished speaking when Kim said, “ grab him!” and the four girls seized his body. Bob was still laughing and immune to his danger as the girls pulled him to the floor. He felt a hand unzip his pants as another hand pulled them open and then to his surprise he felt a hand grab his balls roughly. Bob cried out, “ No more the joke is over!” And Kim replied, “ This is no joke shut up and stop struggling or I will rip your balls off!” At this point Bob realised that he was in trouble and started to bluster to get himself out of it but it was to no avail.

He was dragged begging for mercy into a small bedroom and thrown onto the bed. As Kim tightly gripped his balls the other girls stripped him naked and then Vera tied the worried boy’s arms to the beds headboard. Vera said, “ Okay the sod is fixed!” and Kim let go of him. The four girls stood back and Bob was able to admire them Kim said, “ I am Kim this is Vera, Sharon and Jane. We are liberated women and we do not put up with people behaving like you did. I think ladies that this boy needs to suffer a marathon. Do we agree?” The other three girls all nodded. Bob said, “ Suffer a what?” and Kim replied, “ A marathon! But this is not a race! Instead we will play with your dick until we have emptied your cute balls!” Bob smiled it did not seem at all bad to have four sexy girls pleasuring his dick. Kim saw his smile and smiled back saying,  “ Oh yes at first it will not seem too bad. But after a few comings it will be awful and just like in a marathon race we will come to a point when you hit the love wall and think your balls are empty. But we will force you through that wall into orgasms of agony!” Jane added, “ Oh yes darling you will beg us to stop and promise us anything to stop but we will carry on and on. “ Sharon kissed Bob on the cheek and said, “ Oh yes! You will beg to wear a chastity belt and be our sissy sex slave! And we will let you serve us but the marathon will go on!” Kim said to the now horrified boy, “ Yes the marathon takes a week to run and by the end of it you will be totally in our power!”

Jane said, “ I will get some drinks and snacks for the long night ahead” and Kim added, “Good idea I am going to get comfortable! Be a dear and get our dressing gowns please” and with that Kim stripped down to her bra and panties and Bob was able to fully admire her sexy figure. As she stripped Vera and Sharon also did so and Bob was able to admire three sexy and determined women and wonder again just how bad it would be. After a couple of minutes Jane returned with a tray of drinks and an armful of clothing and the girls put on the dressing gowns. Jane said, “ The party is nearly over very few people are left.” Then Vera seized his dick and started to rub it saying, “ Just think sexy a whole week of this to suffer! And we will make you beg!” Vera rubbed his erect penis between her hands as Sharon lent over Bob and removed her bra and he was able to see her plump breasts hanging free. Sharon rubbed her bra in his face and then leaning forward pushed his face into her breasts. Her hand forced his mouth open and a plump breast with an erect nipple was forced into it for him to suck. As he sucked he could feel Vera rubbing his penis and her fingers brought him to the edge of orgasm then just as he was about to come she let go and his orgasm faded away. Sharon said, “ For number one baby we tease you it makes the week a lot worse if the first one is frustrated”

Then Jane took over her strong fingers taking him to the point of coming and his body arched with anticipation. However she slowed and reduced the stimulation to hold him on the edge. For ten long minutes the girl held him helpless on the point of coming and reduced him to begging. Bob pleaded with Jane to let him come and she replied, “ Oh baby! If I let you come you must agree to give each of us head whenever we ask! And we all love oral sex from a toy boy! Do you agree darling?” Bob screamed “yes!” and then her hands took him over the edge and his dick shot spunk all over his tied body as the girls laughed. Jane milked the last drops out of his first orgasm as he moaned. Then Sharon took over and gently rubbed him to maintain his erection as she smiled and said, “ The marathon has only just started and all ready you have agreed to give us oral love on demand! You may think that next week when we release you from the hell of the marathon you can back out but by then you will have given us so much to blackmail you with! However you will offer all we demand! Now let me help you to stay hard and get the second out of you sexy!”

Sharon rubbed him between her hands and then lent forward and placed his erect penis between her plump breasts saying, “ I think our toy is a tit boy! Let me see how long he can resist my charms. “Sharon moved up and down rubbing his dick between her soft breasts. The sensation for Bob was unbelievable and he was soon moaning with delight. It was too much for him when the other girls removed their tops and Bob could admire three pairs of wonderful breasts. Vera lent forward and rubbed his face with her hard nipples and at that point Bob lost control and exploded between Sharon’s breasts with a loud groan. Sharon pulled off Bob and looked at her spunk soaked breasts and said, “ The toy can lick these clean. Okay Kim do your stuff!” Then as Kim started to gently rub his softening shaft Sharon forced his face onto one of her breasts. Bob closed his mouth and Sharon said, “ Lick them clean stud or I will crush your balls!” and Bob was forced to lick them. The taste of his come was foul and when he had finished Bob felt completely humiliated however Kim had managed to get his dick erect and with horror he realised that his ordeal was to continue.

Kim expertly rubbed his shaft between her strong fingers as the rest of the girls watched and joked. After several minutes Bo was close to coming and started to moan with pleasure. Vera said, “ Soon baby you will be moaning for mercy!” as Kim took him to the edge. Then as he started to come Kim stop rubbing him. The sensation of a half orgasm was agony and he screamed as his spunk leaked out of his frustrated dick. Then just as the orgasm faded Kim vigorously rubbed his erect tender penis and Bob screamed with pain. He twisted and begged but the girl kept rubbing him milking his dick and forcing him to stay hard. After a couple of minutes the pain faded and Bob was left erect, unsatisfied but drained. Vera took over rubbing his dick as Kim forced him to lick her hands clean. Bob was too humiliated to object as he licked his own spunk.

Vera rubbed him and after five more minutes Bob felt his excitement rising. His dick felt sore but Bob found the expert manipulation of Vera stimulating. However he realised that one more coming would finish him off. After another five minutes an intense orgasm hit him and as he contorted under its power he saw a small amount of spunk leak out of his penis. Vera kept him coming and as the orgasm grew Bob passed out with pleasure.

He was awaken by a wet towel slapping his face and saw the four topless girls smiling down at him. Vera said, “ Now pervert the real fun begins you may think we have emptied you but you have a lot more to lose! The first few orgasms are fun but from now on each coming will be agony as your body tries to shoot out non-existent spunk!” Then he felt Kim’s fingers grasp his tender penis and start too roughly rub it. His penis became erect under her vigorous massage but it was sensitive and Bob begged her to be gentle. This made all the girls laugh and Sharon said, “ No chance baby! We know what you need and it is rough stuff!” “Oh yes” added Vera, “ A boy need to be rubbed very hard to extract the last of his come before the real fun starts!” Then Vera lent forward and pushed her full breasts into his mouth and forced him to suck on her erect pink nipple. Bob sucked nipple as Kim abused his tender penis and to his horror and surprise Bob felt himself getting close to orgasm. Kim said, “ thirty seconds!” and Vera pulled her erect wet nipple from his mouth and smiled at him. Then Kim rubbed the head of his penis with the palm of her hand and Bob lost control. The sensation of pleasure was so strong as he came that it was actually agony as his penis shoot out small drops of spunk. Kim rotated her hand on his dick and milked more drops from Bob as he screamed in agonised delight. As she continued to abuse his penis his screams turned to pain and he begged her to leave his tender post-orgasmic penis alone. Kim said, “One minutes rest in return for each of us with a strap-on and your arse as our toy!” Bob screamed his acceptance and Kim let go of his inflamed penis.

Bob lay shattered as Kim said, “ So far you have promised to be our oral slave and to give us your arse to rape! You will promise a lot more than that soon slave boy! Minutes up.  Sharon he is all yours!”  Sharon smiled and gripped his softening penis in her firm hand and started to rub it. Bob believed that he could not get hard again but Sharon let go of him and removed her panties. She placed them over his face and said, “ Smell a woman toy boy and enjoy!” Then she returned to roughly rubbing his dick. Bob smelt her femaleness on the panties and that combined with her expert manipulation was enough to get him hard. Sharon continued to rub him and after ten minutes Bob he felt his excitement rising yet again. He twisted and moaned as he got close and then knew he was lost. He exploded and his dick let a small trickle of spunk out as it strained to unload. Bob screamed and the room spun as the agony of a near dry coming hit him. The pain was so intense that he passed out with a final loud scream.

He awoke to feel his sore dick being vigorously rubbed and saw that it was Jane who was abusing him she smiled and said, “ We think you are virtually empty but I reckon I can pull the rest out! Maybe a quick arse rub will help!” Then she placed one hand on his penis and fisted his sensitive dick her hand moved rapidly up and down. Her other hand went under his bottom and as he moaned with pain he felt her fingers at the entrance to his anus.  His dick was erect but incredibly sensitive to her rubbing hand as she masturbated him. The other three girls were drinking glasses of wine and watching his torment with amusement. For ten minutes his dick was fisted and Bob started to feel pleasure at what was occurring. Then he felt the fingers on her other hand move and push up his back passage. Jane inserted four fingers into him and he screamed with pain and humiliation. Jane said, “ Hush baby! If you think my fingers are bad wait until you feel my strap-on!” Then she started to push and pull her fingers deep inside of him. Bob moaned but realised with horror that the combination of her hands were bringing him close to an unpleasant orgasm. He endeavoured to hold back but Jane forced him ever closer. Soon he was screaming and then the orgasm hit him. His dick emitted a couple of drops of spunk but the sensation for Bob was shattering. He screamed and screamed but Jane kept fisting and fingering him and the orgasm kept on going. He felt his dick and anus were on fire as she continued to ruthlessly milk him. He begged her to stop and she said, “ Only when you promise to give us full ownership of your dick and balls!”  Bob desperately agreed and collapsed as she let him go and the unbelievable orgasm faded.

The four laughing girls groped his defeated body and then Vera took his penis in her hand. Bob moaned and begged her to let go and she said, “ Why toy? We own it now it is our dick not yours! When we want to play with our toy we will” All the girls laughed and Kim said, “ I think that emptied your balls! Now the real fun can start! Your dick is super sensitive and will stay hard for hours yet. You will be unable to come and each stroke will be agony!” Then he felt Vera vigorously stroke his shaft and moaned. He looked down at his red dick standing erect and moaned in pain as she rubbed her fingers up it. Every touch was torment but his dick stayed erect and ready to be abused.  Sharon kissed him hard then said, “ This is the fun time for us! And after you have suffered tonight you have six more nights to survive before the marathon is over!”

The start.

Part 2

The rest of the night they had me in torment. I stayed hard for hours but my prick was so was sensitive with it. They were pulling dry orgasms from me, almost at will.

Once they had sucked every last drop from me, they mounted my prick, raping me. I had never thought sex would be so painful. As they sat astride my tormented body, driving themselves up and down on my painfully engorged prick, they seemed to get off on the pain I was in. They manoeuvred their hips to grind themselves against the sensitive parts of me and when they thought they had got as much out of that part of me as they could, they started pinching my nipples.

“Hey Kim. Don’t you think these would look good pierced?”

“Please Sharon, no.” I whimpered. She slapped my face.

“No? No? You don’t say ‘No’ to us. In fact I want you to beg us to pierce your nipples. If you beg sincerely enough – we’ll even stop your torment until tomorrow. Of course, if you’re not sincere enough, your respite will be more brief.”

I didn’t need much more incentive. “Please pierce me. I whispered.”


“Please PIERCE me….”

“Again… but LOUDER…!


“Don’t stop begging…!”


As I kept up the tirade, Sharon got more and more excited and more and more vigorous as she ground her cunt onto my pathetic prick. Finally her body was wracked in a tremendous orgasm fed, in no small part, by the power she had over me. She climbed off me and moved her soaking cunt lips up to my mouth.

“Kiss me a ‘thank you’.” She was SO wet, it completely put me off.

“Remember, you promised oral sex to us whenever we wanted. This is nothing. You’re in for a BIG day tomorrow.” So saying, she grabbed my head and ground herself down onto my mouth, suffocating me for a good 30 seconds or so. She released me, gasping. Jane took over.

“I think we ought to send you off with one more of those lovely dry orgasms, since you needed SO much encouragement to beg for your piercings. Do you want to climb on, Kim while I ‘kill him off’ for the evening?”

“Sure.” she said as Kim climbed on to my face.  “Now we are all four of us different and we all like to be pleased in different ways… ”

As she began her instruction, Jane went to work on my prick, still slick with Sharon’s juices. She wasn’t trying to give me pleasure at all, it was all about pain. Taking the palm of her hand, she rubbed it in firm hard circles around the upper side of the head of my prick. I was too sensitive for such a vicious move. “NO!!!” I screamed, just as Kim lowered her cunt onto my mouth, completely drowning out my screams.

“Hey girls”, Kim said, “You ought to try this. I never realised that having a guy screaming into your fanny actually tickled. Now, as I was saying, Bob, we all like to be pleased in different ways. We will each tell you how to please us , but only once. We expect you to remember. The lessons start with me tonight and will go on with the rest of during the week ahead.”

Concentrating on the instructions was hard with Jane seeing to my prick. She had now moved to flicking the underside of the glans with her fingernail – more torment. But she only seemed to be encouraged by the twitching of my prick every time she flicked it.

Meanwhile, Kim continued. “Now I like a man to start by burying his nose in me, just to get my scent. That scent will stay with him while he services me……well go on then!”

Reluctantly, I did as instructed. “Oh boy, you’re going to have to be a LOT more enthusiastic than that.” Hearing the disappointing tone in Kim’s words, Jane gave my balls a hard squeeze and I let out another yell, which Kim again chose to smother with her cunt.

“This can go on all night if you don’t sow some enthusiasm for something you agreed to do. Do you want it to go on all night?” Jane gave my tired and aching balls another painful squeeze and in return, I gave Kim another scream to tickle her pussy.

“So now your nose is wet, just like the pathetic dog that you are.” As if their actions weren’t humiliating enough, they were backing everything up with words like ‘pathetic’ and ‘dog’.

“You then kiss around the lips, teasing  me… good. JUST like that.” I did as she instructed while she instructed.

“Then I want you to nibble on my outer lips.. you see them?” Kim gave me a quick anatomy lesson at a distance of a few inches, showing the key parts of her pussy. She then sat herself on my nose once more, claiming my nose was now dry, but I think the real reason was because she knew I didn’t like it.

She proceeded to tell me how she liked to have my tongue explore the insides of those outer lips before I started kissing the inner lips and repeating the whole process with them. She really seemed to be getting off on the ministrations of my mouth and tongue as I felt her begin to drip excitement more heavily onto my face. The sudden soaking that Sharon forced into my mouth earlier had been a shock to the system but I was surprised to find that I actually enjoyed getting a woman worked up in this way.

“Now to finish, I expect you to start by licking firmly up the length of my entrance – a vertical lick – but stay away from my clit. It’s highly sensitive and if you go anywhere near it without my direction,, I’ll RIP your balls off!!! After the lick, which has to be firm, deep and strong, like licking skin off a peach, you are to pump me with your tongue and to keep on doing that. If you get tired, you can do a vertical lick but you are only allowed three such licks before I cum. Well…. get to IT!!!”

I started with the lick and that seemed to be Jane’s cue to really go to town on my prick as she began to pump me. Sharon’s juices were now replaced with my own, so excited was I by the oral I was giving Kim. I felt like I was a long way off from my own orgasm and as along as I concentrated on Kim, I was sure it would stay that way….. but Jane’s fingers were strong and determined.

I got constant feedback from Kim on the need for more depth or more power but my tongue tired quickly and I soon had to give her the second of her three long slow licks. It seemed to shock her slightly and put her up into another gear. Perhaps the shock was from me as I started to really enjoy what I was doing. I couldn’t believe how quickly my tongue was tiring though and Kim seemed to have so much energy. She was sapping everything from my mouth while Jane did the same at my prick – a pair of Succubae.

Jane gave my balls a very hard squeeze at Kim’s instruction when she felt my energy fading and I was left with no choice but to use the last of my three licks just to get a breather. This time, Kim seemed to lose herself slightly as she started to move on top of me. Spurred on by this encouragement from her, my tongue seemed to find energy from some hidden reservoir and I renewed my efforts. Kim was bucking more and more but my tongue was dying.  I had almost stopped completely when I felt a huge yank on my balls. I let out an almighty scream and THRUST my tongue out, just as Kim adjusted her hips and pushed down on me. My upcoming tongue met her clit full on in a collision and I just felt the beginning of her orgasmic screams in my ears as she squeezed my head between muscular thighs. I could feel her contractions on my tongue as she froze on me, suffocating, well beyond the capacity of my lungs.

“Give him all to me Jane.”

She lifted up and I gasped in a rasping and desperate breath.

“Jane let go of my balls as Kim moved back and lowered herself onto me, savouring the new sensations from my prick rather than my tongue and siphoning off as much of her orgasm as possible before she lost the wave completely.”

“Girls, I think we’ve got a live one!!!” They all laughed.

Part 3

“Let’s get him back to the House. Vera, would you get the stuff from the car?”

Once Kim was finished, Jane moved back to my prick and began some serious pumping. I could feel the beginnings of another climax – one I was desperately trying to avoid but it was like being sucked into a whirlpool – I couldn’t get out and it was taking all my energy just to stop myself from being taken under by Jane’s fingers. But just as I thought I was under control,  Sharon came back to the bed, and sat astride my face. “I’m taking your next lesson.” She pulled my face up into her cunt once more. As she did so, I felt the tendrils of my final orgasm for the night grab me by the balls and slowly squeeze as Jane continued her pumping. I screamed in pain and pleasure from my cumming but the noise was drowned to a muffled moan by the presence of Sharon’s cunt lips around my mouth.

Vera came back from the car with a carpetbag and from it produced a black velvet bag with a drawstring. This was used to blindfold me. A collar was placed around my neck and as my hands were released from the bed, they were secured behind my back to the collar by means of wrist cuffs.

I was eased off the bed, my legs extremely unsteady. I felt cold cream being smeared all over my body – including my groin, still sore from the penetration of Jane’s fingers – but I finally realised the comforting purpose as my skin began to go numb – finally some mercy. When I had been thoroughly ‘basted’ in anaesthetic, my legs were pressed together and something wrapped around my entire body holding me secure.

“It’s cling film,” Vera told me.

Blindfolded and immobilised, the girls carried me down the stairs to their car and drove me back to the House.

I was taken down into the basement where my blindfold was removed and I found myself in a large white tiled room. Vera and Sharon stripped out of their clothes and came at me with a pair of scissors each, to cut the cling film from me. Chains at brackets in the wall secured my hands and once immobilised, my collar was removed. The numbness of the cream was starting to wear off.

“It’s all about contrasts, Bob. We give you relief so we can take it away again.”

I had been too disoriented to take too much notice of the details of my surroundings but moments later, I found myself being drowned in soothing warm water from a recessed shower head immediately above me. Sharon approach me with a hose. Vera switched off the shower and Sharon let loose a high pressure spray of freezing cold water that tossed me off me feet as I fell onto my bondage for support. If I had been able to keep any balance on the smooth flooring, I might have been able to pull in vain at the short chains to protect myself but I was as helpless as a rag doll in a hurricane. Washing off the sweat and gunk that had stuck to my flesh seemed to be of secondary importance as my body went into pained shock.

Sharon and Vera alternated the hot and cold and when Sharon finally turned off the cold for the last time, they stepped back and I was temporarily blinded by a violent flash of light.

“Smooth as a Baby’s bottom.”

Having hung my head in protection, I finally looked up to see the girls, all standing in a row looking at me with grins on their faces. Kim was holding a camera. I slowly looked down at myself to find I was standing in a puddle of my own body hair. My torso, groin, arse and legs had been completely denuded. I had never felt so naked. I looked up in fury but when I saw their faces, my anger turned instantly to terror.

Vera moved towards me with a towel. “I wouldn’t get too upset about your body hair. You’re going to be losing a lot more before we’re done.. and at least your hair will grow back. Some of things you’re going to lose, once lost, will be gone for good.”

Having seen what they were capable of so far, those words had me petrified of what was coming next. I was dried and then the chains at my wrists secured to a trolley attached to a rail in the ceiling. I was manoeuvred into the middle of the open room, away from the shower area and leg spreaders secured between my ankles, and then another between my thighs, just above the knees, completely removing the option of closing my legs. Just when I think I can’t feel more vulnerable, they seem to find another dimension.

Sharon came towards me with a bottle of some cold grease and slicked my shrunken prick and balls with it. Then she started to cover my groin in plaster. I was cold from the shower and the cold gel didn’t help. I was left for some 15 minutes while the plaster set and Sharon came back to free me up, washing off any remaining gel.

“We need a cast of you if we’re going to get you a well fitting chastity belt. For now, though, we need to prepare you for the strap on.” I tensed in terror as Jane Kim came from behind me with the largest dildo I had ever seen.

“Now this is a ‘medium’ – do you think you could take it?”


“Now what did we say about saying ‘No’ to us?”

I felt fingers at my rear entrance greasing me, pushing insistently against my puckered sphincter. The fear of what they were going to put into me had caused me to completely seize up. I felt a finger move inside me and then wiggle around. It came out again. Then it went in again – much easier this time. Finally it came out and I felt something hard going in. Suddenly I felt like I was being filled – it felt alien. Wrong. Unnatural.

“We’re giving you an enema – the first of your daily ‘baths’. Jane here is a nursing student, so don’t worry. It’s not a proper enema of course, Just enough to clean out the bottom of the colon. We could really fill you up but we haven’t got time to administer proper treatments. Of course we don’t want you to enjoy it too much, so we’ve put in a mix of alcohol and some irritants. There isn’t much alcohol but you’re going to feel very light-headed soon, because the walls of the colon are quite thin and will take up the alcohol quickly. I felt an itching begin inside me and in a futile attempt to do something about it, I began to buck.

“That’s all the irritants” she said as I continued to writhe in my bonds. “Don’t worry, they won’t do any damage, but they will frustrate like hell, because there’s no way you can get to them. We don’t want you getting rid of then too quickly though.  I felt a pressure at my anus – I was being stretched.

“We’ve given you an inflatable plug to stop you from evacuating too soon. We’ll be back in a while.”

They left and the time seemed to drag. My attention was totally focused on the itching in my rectum. There was no way even to gain even some psychological comfort from crossing my legs – held apart as they were by the spreaders. I was exhausted from the night I had had up to this point  but this took all the remaining energy out me. When they finally returned I was allowed to evacuate in a toilet screened off in a corner.

They had been able to take me down with no threat whatsoever of a struggle but my hands were still secured behind me back. I used a foot-operated bidet to clean myself. The inflatable plug had been deflated and removed but as soon as I returned, it was quickly replaced with a firm but flexible butt plug – before my sphincter had too much chance to revert to it’s normal size. Not being inflatable, it was very uncomfortable going in, but all my resistance was gone.

“Looks like we tired out our new toy and it’s only the first day of the marathon.” When they showed me to my bed, it was a flat, padded palette with a hole for my groin. I was laid face down and my prick and balls pulled through the hole in the palette. From underneath, a metal ring was secured around the base of both my prick and balls together. The ring served to prevent me from pulling myself up off the palette and there was no way I could get my arms around to the underside to release it.

Lined up, the girls began to take turns whipping my arse and despite my exhaustion, I tried to struggle up. It was totally impossible with my prick and balls secured under the bed. They didn’t keep the whipping up for long though.

“OK girls, I think he’s got the message.”

I saw Kim move over to a wall to press a button. The bed lifted further up from the floor until it was just above head height for the girls. I couldn’t see what they were doing but I could feel them tending to my balls and prick. I felt the balls divided and then something heavy suspended from them. A tight condom of some sorts was then rolled onto my prick. Finally, I heard Vera’s voice.

“You’re not in bed to get any rest, it’s just to make things easier for us. This is a marathon and in marathons, you don’t get too much of a breather – you get constant pounding on your feet. Well, your constant pounding is on Our prick and we need to make sure it stays the right side of tender.” I felt a biting sting on the tip of my penis and screamed. As I calmed down, I felt a sudden and significant tugging on my balls.

“Every scream you make will mean another weight is added to your balls. I would say you have enough for about three screams” I felt close to my limit already. “We also think we’ll need to circumcise OUR penis but in the meantime we’ve rolled a piece of rubber onto our prick to keep the foreskin back. It makes the sensitive tip more accessible. We’re off to bed. One of us will pop down occasionally to ensure you’re reminded of your position. Good night and get all the rest you can.”

I heard them leave and began to doze. A sudden stinging spear on my sensitive prick woke me, followed by a small laugh as I heard the fourth set of footsteps leave for the moment. I hadn’t screamed at the last, but I had never felt more powerless.

Part 4

Supported on the bed, but held above the floor, I couldn’t see anything. All I could do was rely on sound. It was almost as though they had over-emphasised their stiletto footsteps when they had left earlier, because I never heard them approach immediately prior to my prick being flayed – no matter how much my ears strained. Stockinged feet? The thought of stockings had the expected effect and I became angry with myself – it wasn’t as though they needed any help from me. With such images in my mind, I began to drift off, only to be awoken by a sharp pain on my prick. Twice as I was drifting off, I forgot not to scream and twice more, weights were added. My mind wandered, wondering how they always knew – a camera? For the rest of the night, I was kept hard by thoughts of them, and kept awake by paranoia, anticipation (mostly unfulfilled) and fear. As morning approached, exhaustion gave in and I finally fell into unconsciousness.

I was woken in what seemed only moments later, by the shower. I had been so tired, the girls had been able to take me down off the bed and hang me up before turning the water on me. They gave particular attention to the tip of my prick; the rubber sheath, along with the butt plug, having been removed.

“The wonderful thing about this morning, Bob, is that you haven’t cum for a while but our prick has still been getting plenty of action. That means you’re ultra sensitive but still with scope for orgasm. Let’s see how you like this morning’s exercise.”

I was dried with my arms suspended above my head to the ceiling trolley, which had now been moved into the middle of the room. The spreader bars of last night were reattached – but extended much more this time. My thighs were held achingly far apart and I was supporting almost all my weight on my arms alone as my legs were up on tiptoes just to reach the ground.

I was given another enema, again with an inflatable butt plug and the girls laughed to see me wriggle in my bonds as I tried to resist – the frustrating itch of yesterday still very fresh in the mind of my colon. They had to hold me still to stop me from swinging but with my legs held apart, prying my buttocks open was an easy task for them. As soon as I was filled – warm fluid this morning – I immediately began to thrust and writhe to shake off the itch, trying to expel the fluid past the butt plug, or even to open myself up to expel the plug itself, all to no avail.

“I don’t know why you’re expending so much of the energy you will need later – there are no irritants in this – just nutrients to supplement the food you will be given by us this week. I think you don’t believe we’ll look after you…”

The look of hurt on each of their faces was so real as I scanned them, that I felt ashamed at my lack of trust. As soon as that embarrassment was pasted on my face, however, they all began to laugh. I was now terrified of what was coming next and wasn‘t expecting each of them to give me five soft expert strokes on my highly sensitive prick. That their hands were slick with grease only heightened the sensation and by the end, the stokes were so soft (they needed to be). In the short time that it took, I was not only totally vein-bulgingly engorged, I was also amazed to be oozing precum.

“That should keep you hard for about two hours. We’ve covered you in a cream that should help in that respect and it works will with the chemicals now being taken into your blood stream through your colon wall. Just because your enema doesn’t itch, it doesn’t mean we can’t use it against you; especially when there is nothing you can do about it. Now, we thought we would like to start the day with some target practice.”

I stared, still in shock at being so violated, so used, so helpless! The rubber sheath wasn’t needed now – my hardness kept me vulnerable. They each pulled out small handheld whips – knotted cat-o-nine tails, rubber ones, a small riding crop. In turn they went to town on my prick and worked in the arse the balls. I was too wracked in pain to notice at first but soon the adrenaline kicked in and my body adjusted to the discomfort. Once they noticed that I had acclimatised to my pain threshold, they took me higher, and I started to notice a rhythm in their whipping that I hadn’t observed before. It built up and up and concentrated more and more on the tip of my prick until I could feel an orgasm building. Just as the first tendrils of a climax crept down my legs, giving rigor mortis to my limbs, they turned their attention to my balls and built up a rhythm there – taking me onto another plateau. The pain was at once unbearable and exquisite and just when I thought I could go no further, there was an almighty whack on my tip and I was sent spinning out of control. There were no more hits but I was left to leak cum like they had turned a tap on – the stuff was almost pouring out of me.

“That should keep you nice and sensitive for a while.”

I had orgasmed, incredibly, and I was cumming, but I desperately needed to feel a rubbing on my shaft. I needed their greased hands again. It didn’t happen. MORE frustration. They took me down and in my hardened state, took another caste of me to go with the one they had taken in flaccidity, yesterday. I actually managed to doze a little when they left it to set.

I was woken by a slap the face. The caste had already been removed.

“We’d also like to take a wax mould of you.”

“Why? I’m so raw right now and you already have the plaster caste”

“We’re going to do it for two reason – because it will be painful for you and because we can.”

They brought out a candle. It was only the first few drops on the tip that really stung, but no worse than the whipping, as they completely covered my prick and balls with hot wax. Leaving it there, they wheeled in a metal frame in the shape of a trolley that I soon found myself bound to. I found myself sitting inches above the floor with my legs secured straight out in front of me but still opened by the spreaders. I was leaning back at a 45 degree angle, strapped securely at waist, chest, neck and forehead to a thin padded board. What looked like a small padded open toilet seat was fixed in front of my face and the opening angled down to point at my chin. My fear leapt to another level at what this signified while they fastened my wrists towards the back of the horseshoe.

“This is your training chair. Allow me to demonstrate.”

Sharon climbed on to the horseshoe where her soft fleshy buttocks came into caressing range of the palms of my hands. I found my mouth perfectly positioned in front of her cunt. She allowed herself to slide forward so that her weight was being supported on my mouth. I was in turn supported by the padded board behind me which now served as a headrest. She used her hands to pull her outer lips around my mouth and my lips were left surrounded by her outer lips and pressing against her inner ones.

“Now I’m already soaking wet from this morning’s switching so I don’t need too much of a warm up, but I will take you through it anyway. You will use your tongue to move my outer lips inside your mouth – like trying to stuff whipped cream into a box that’s a little too small; it IS possible, but only with persistence. Once you have done that, you are to put your mouth back into this position – between both sets of lips and use your tongue to open me up. You will start by fucking me with your tongue – just as Kim showed you on her, but build up slowly. Once I give you the signal, I want you work as hard as you can with your tongue to open me up, left right, up down, I want to feel my entrance stretched open by your tongue. It’s pathetically short so can’t reach as far inside as I would like, so you will have to work VERY hard. The final signal is for you to shake your head from side to side, where your nose is pressing against the hood of my clit. You don’t stop for anything at that point. UNDERSTAND?

I muffled a ‘yes’.

“Now you must be wondering about how I will give you the signals. “

At that cue, I felt my balls being hit, to break open the wax armour. I grunted in fear of a ball busting and tensed as I waited for it. Nothing. Was I so very easy to trick? Once liberated, my balls were divided. Sharon brought two leather loops out in front of my eyes, one in each hand.

“These are my control ‘rods’ they are attached by a rope through a ring by your feet and back up to our balls. Left and right. As she gave each a tug in front of my eyes, I felt a tug on the corresponding testicle. “Left means faster, right means slow down. If I pull them both together – I felt a hard yank – THAT is your cue to move on to the next part. So go on boy.”

She gave a tug and I immediately started to try to open up my mouth wider as I sought to move my tongue to the outside of her lips so that I could put them inside my mouth – I imagined it to be like trying to put a rubber tyre on a frame. I felt a sudden tug on my right nut – slow down. Once again, slowing down and trying to enjoy myself made things easier. As I worked my way around, her lips were slowly taken into mine. I really did begin to love it. I completed the circle as I went around her, and I simply continued the route as I put the lips back inside to finish where I had started. My tongue was already beginning to tire, however, and I hadn’t even started the hard part. I felt the tug on both balls – time to begin the tongue fucking.

“Shame his prick couldn’t be in here”. I could feel my harness respond in agreement. I felt a tug on the left ball – faster, just as I felt a whip land on the tip of my prick; I could only surmise they didn‘t like the way that my hardness was twitching and leaking.

I pushed in and out with my tongue – so sore at maximum penetration and maximum stretch and it was a relief to pull out. I tried to spend more time out than in but I felt an insistent tugging on my left ball, which became stronger and stronger the more I lagged.  I felt my left ball would be hanging a foot lower than the right – if it was still attached. I was so numb there, that at first I thought the sensation on my right were a cue to slow down and it was only after three more that I realised Sharon was pulling both – move on.

The next part was the hardest and I struggled to push my tongue to the left and right, to stretch her entrance. I had almost no energy and once again I felt the renewed assault on my left ball. I tried to imagine myself taking revenge on her cunt, to tear her open using only my tongue. This seemed to give me more energy, and suddenly I found it easier – I don’t know if this was because of what I was thinking or if she had somehow relaxed herself. I noticed her getting a lot wetter and she had slipped further down the seat. I couldn’t breathe and I felt some of her slickness filling my nostrils. I panicked for lack of air but a giant gasp caused me to snort her nectar right up my nose. The fire in my nasal passages was as nothing to the relief that I could breathe and after an all too brief recovery, my left ball was being ripped off again and I continued with the scent of her sex paste throughout my head – as though a bitch had just marked her territory; my mind.

Right on cue I felt the final signal and immediately shook my head to left and right as my nose brushed her clit – alternate tuggings on left and right brought me into a rhythm to speed and slow until my anticipation was reprimanded by violent tugs on the left when I had mistakenly slowed. I sought to shake my head violently. I grabbed her arse cheeks as best I could with my bound hands and I heard an almighty yell above me as I felt her incredibly strong grip pressing just above my ears in a vain attempt to bring my tornado head under some control, and without having much success.

I felt Sharon lift up from me and push the chair from in front of her and out through her legs. Her limbs seemed to collapse under her as she sat down violently on my prick. The pain was awful. After the constant attention I had been receiving on the tip, and the tightness of Sharon’s cunt as she sat on me, I screamed in pain. She just sat on me slowly wriggling, lost in her world. After the initial shock I felt the balming effect of her cunt juices. As I relaxed into the pain, it slowly gave way to pleasure and I was finally given the rubbing and clenching on my shaft that I had craved so much immediately after my whipping. Insanely I felt a climax building, but that’s what the other girls were there for. They lifted Sharon off me and gently allowed her to ride the last of her wave by using a large vibrator to fill her while they, lovingly kissed her face and her breasts. I was left to watch; tied up and completely helpless; my head filled with her scent and my twitching prick covered with her juices; completely dissatisfied once more.

Part 5

After they had recovered, Kim disappeared. I was released from the training chair and hung up by the remaining girls. I felt pathetic that a grown man could be so easily handled. The girls gathered round, into my ‘space‘. I felt intimidated. Sharon began.

“Your tongue is pathetic. It needs training and you will adopt that regime beginning right now. This will consist of two one-hour lessons in the morning and three one-hour lessons in the afternoon and evening. You will not be able to speak during this time. There will be a gap between lessons for you to recover and for us to administer punishment should you fail in your tasks.”

Kim reappeared and as she approached, I could now see what she had gone off for. She held the collar up to me to read. On a little medallion hanging from the front were the words “Pervert” on the back “if found please call 7555 1234”. She told me to kiss it. I was reluctant but a painful reminder to obey quickly changed my mind. I tried to move my head away to stop her from fastening it but Jane held me firm as she locked it around my neck. I immediately felt sudden sharp shocks hitting my neck, increasing in intensity. I began to thrash in panic but Jane grabbed my jaw and she quickly but a black ball in my mouth. The shocks stopped.

“This is your first tongue work out. What have given you work as a pair, just as muscles work as a pair and just we used our testicles to guide you – in pairs. You must have the partner within a few inches or your training collar will shock you. Since your hands aren’t free, you will have to hold it in your mouth. Don’t worry – it’s not fatal, but it is EXTREMELY uncomfortable. Much better to keep the thing inside your mouth where it has the double benefit of allowing us to train your tongue AND keep you from talking.”

I took a moment to feel what was inside my mouth. The ball was attached to a wide flat base which sat in front of my teeth but behind my lips – rather like a gum shield. The ball itself was in my mouth and though it felt large, it didn’t fill me.

“Now, you will need to use that tongue of yours to push and fold that thing in your mouth until it looks like this. She held up what looked like an egg cup. This is the first of the models you need to mould and it may well be one we come back to later in the week.”

“You will find it tough going at first, the material is malleable but requires a lot of tongue strength. I would recommend you persist. If you don’t try hard enough, we’ll whip your balls so hard, that you’ll be begging us to cut them off.”

I failed in my first lesson. My balls received the worst whipping they would get all week. I don’t know if it was because I tried harder, if the shapes were easier, if my tongue was strengthening or perhaps because they gave me more malleable dough, but I never failed again.

I could feel strength coming to my tongue – most noticeably with Sharon and Vera. Sharon liked to have her inner lips prised open. Vera, however, was more unique.

The training chair was never used when Vera was receiving her favourite oral from me. I was strapped to a low bench, facing up and a dildo strapped around the back of my head to my chin. Facing my feet, Vera would lower herself onto the dildo and I was expected to poke my tongue into the sphincter at her rear. It was so tight and I’m sure she closed it up tight deliberately. I tried to push in but found my way barred. It wasn’t until later that I learned to work her up for it so she would relax and open up to me. She wasn’t as good a teacher as the other three. While she was on me, she violently slapped my prick in an effort to get me to push harder into her, but that only made her more tense, more tight and my job harder. She was definitely the most sadistic one; it she was always first to demand punishment, as I quickly found out when my first oral session with her failed to give the satisfaction she demanded.

“Get him up girls.”

I was strapped against an X-frame at the side of the open room. Vera had a vicious look in her eyes and I was terrified of what she might do.

“Jane, do him now. No anaesthetic!”

Jane moved towards me, wheeling a medical tray. The assertiveness in her movements and her business like approach immediately dispelled any idea that I might protest. The smell of antiseptic filled my nostrils and I became a little light-headed as she dabbed some on each of my nipples; the cold sent them hard. My light-headedness wasn’t helped when I saw the needle she produced.

Pinching my left nipple, she placed it needle to one side. I held my breath, scared stiff of moving. They held my head, forcing me to watch as it entered the flesh. I screamed before it had come through the other side. It was left hanging through me while she repeated the process on the other but for this my head was released and by closing my eyes, relaxing and breathing slowly as the next one went in, I found myself better able to disassociate myself from the pain.

“He didn’t scream enough”, Vera protested.

“Shut up Vera. If I do this right, you’re going to get a lot more mileage from this than one or two brief screams.”

The needles were replaced with bars and small balls secured in the ends to keep them inside.

“They will hurt for a while but we’ll clean them for you. You are not to touch them yourself. If you do. I will put more piercings in you and these will seem like a picnic in comparison.

I was given some water fed a chocolate bar before I was left. The atmosphere was subdued. Sharon retuned half an hour later. Whenever I saw her now, my nose twitched at having been filled with her scent. She pulled up a small stool and sat down in front of me. She took my prick and proceeded to give me an amazing blowjob. It took a long time to cum but eventually I shot into her mouth. When I had, she stood up, looked at me and kissed me on the mouth. I was disgusted to find her transferring my own cum back into my mouth and I tried to shake free, but there was a totally unexpected tenderness in touch that I was overwhelmed with gratitude as I swallowed for her. I felt myself begin to cry. She kissed my tears away.

“Don’t tell the others I did this. The week is going to get a lot worse – and just wait until you meet Miss Chesterton, my aunt. But stay with it. I know you can make it.”

With hope ignited, she left me.

Part 6

I had five ‘tongue work outs’ a day and I could see improvement as time progressed. The mornings would begin with an enema and oral pleasure for them. At night my prick and balls were tormented through the bed; dealing with that never got any easier either. On the third day, after the orals, there was a change.

“OK. Wank for us. “

I couldn’t possibly do that but Jane took my hand and placed it around my shaft and began to rub it up and down. The others taunted.

“I bet after the first few moments with us, you would have had another fantasy to jerk off to. Would you? WOULD YOU!? You pathetic prick!”

Kim walked over to where they had me kneeling and taking my head, placed it against her cunt. My hand started moving faster on my shaft as I worked my tongue around her before darting inside to open up her inner lips.

“From the blurring speed of his had, Kim, I would say you were right. He would have been using us to jerk off.”

I could feel my face go a hot red in embarrassment and I slowed my hand.

“We didn’t tell you to stop. You stop when we say stop.”

Kim took my head and tilted it up until I was looking at her face. With her hands either side of my head, she rotated my gaze down towards the floor as she ground her cunt against it. I could feel first my tongue and then my nose – soft and then hard – brush firmly over her clit. She shuddered. My hand speed picked up as I continued on her with my tongue and I could feel her climax, a slow, low impact, but intense wave. Just as she crested, I lost thought of anything except myself as I stroked myself harder. But my hands were ripped from me, held out to the sides, while Kim continued to hold my face against her. I worked on her with my stronger tongue and new found knowledge of her pleasures and she reached her tipping point very quickly. All the same, there was a massive sting on the tip of my prick and I screamed into her; the wall of hot breath thrown at her clit was unnecessary but I guess it was what she wanted. She held me there for a while.

Someone else began my stroking. It felt just like my own hands, but not. The sensation was peculiar. That was just the way I masturbated and yet it wasn’t me doing it to myself. Despite the fire at my tip, I soon approached another orgasm but as soon as it was in sight, the hand stopped and I felt myself immersed in ice water. With the heat in my prick, the ice felt hot, but across my tip, where the whip had kissed, it, it felt positively scalding.

Kim stepped away from me and I found my arms held out, secured by manacles on chains to opposing walls.

When I had softened, I was taken out of the water and Jane conducted a lesson.

“OK, everyone, now watch this. This is how hour Wank Boy jerks off… you see the grip…. And the frequency. OK. So he builds up and then slows his pace. Then he builds up again, a little faster this time, and then slows down. It’s bit like revving an engine up more and more each time you do it and it seems to work quite well.”

Her demonstration made me feel like a lab rat; does a dissected animal ever have a say in the experiment? And despite the matter of fact way I was being handled, I couldn’t help but get more and more turned on. I could feel my orgasm building.

“Vera, you’ve seen this, did you want to jump on?”

Vera came towards me and pressed her cunt in my face and once more I found myself giving oral whist be made to jerk off. I wasn’t allowed to cum. They were thorough, though. The lesson continued until each had two goes of using my own technique on me. The orals also continued and so did the fire and ice torment. Eight cunt lickings later, they stopped. I still hadn’t been allowed to cum.

Once they understood my masturbation technique, they no longer gave me any choice about how I could make myself cum. They would tell me when to speed up, when to slow down. Humiliating didn‘t come close to describing how I felt – this went so much deeper. I think the word was ‘invaded‘.

One more day in, after the round of breakfast orals, I found myself suspended in the room, waiting for my next use when Kim came towards me with a wide steel band. Between two and three feet in length, about two inches wide with a rubber lining, there were also two chains. These hung down from the front and back of the steel band: the longer chain hung freely but the short one ended in a peculiar three circled shape. The circles, each maybe a couple of inches in diameter, had been welded together on their opposing edges so that when viewed side on, they formed a triangle.

Jane held the steel band to one side while Kim took my prick and, holding the circles with one parallel with the floor, fed my balls through the largest circle and out the bottom of the second largest one. It wasn’t so difficult to get the first one through but when she wrestled with the second one, she didn’t tread lightly and I felt the wind knocked out of me as she pinched the slippery jewel and forced it through the rings so that it could join its brother. My flaccid prick was then pulled unceremoniously through first ring and out of the empty upper one. When she was done, I was left with one circle flat against my body – surrounding both balls and prick – my prick sticking out of the upper angled one and my balls dropping through the one parallel with the floor. The wide steel belt was then placed around my waist the circles were somehow tightened; the sensation was not at all unpleasant.

Wrist cuffs were secured to me. These were similar in design to the belt, wide steel bands with rubber linings. I couldn’t see how they were fastened though, I merely heard a click.

“Try and touch your prick”

I did as instructed and as soon as my hands came close to touching myself, I felt an almighty jolt of fire through my balls. I instantly lost my erection as I doubled over in pain – at least as much as my bonds would allow.

“These things are fitted with electrical sensors. And they come as a trio. DON’T try to touch yourself. Bend over for the third part.”

Something was inserted inside me. I felt the ring of my anus stretch to accommodate the girth. The object was incredibly long but the substance appeared to have some give in it. It seemed to stretch me ever wider and I wasn’t sure I could take much more. Just as I thought I was about to tear, I suddenly felt the diameter shrink and my sphincter closed around it to suck hold of it and keep it firmly in place.

“We don’t want it falling out, though – stand up”

The chain, which ran down from the front of the steel waistband to the top of the ring held against my body, started again on the underside of the same ring. The trailing end was brought up between my legs and threaded through the ring in the object invading my arse. Then it was secured to the back of the steel waistband. After Jane checked the waist and the chain for a secure fit, I heard a click as I was locked in.

“Don’t worry, it’s not a chastity belt – it’s a training device. Watch this.”

Kim produced a small box, like a remote control and pressed one of the buttons. I  instantly felt a small shocking in the intruder behind me coupled with a strange kind of constraining feeling in the trio of circles around my prick and balls. I became instantly erect. Kim turned it of and flicked another switch and I was brought up short of breath, as a wave of pain seemed to hit me simultaneously in the balls and the pit of the stomach.

“This thing has a range of 200 metres and we all have one. Now that we have you under control, we’re going shopping.”

I was given a tight fitting black t-shirt that came to just below waist level and a pair of light beige cargo pants to wear. We went in a people carrier and I had been blindfolded before I left the house. It was removed when we came to a stop at the shops.

“Here is your list of things to buy”

I had to brave the lunchtime crowds to buy a pair of silk panties, a pair of stockings, a suspender belt and a powder pink camisole. The girls came to the entrance of the shop with me. They gave me a fifty-pound note and I had instructions not to forget the change. They would be watching me throughout.

Just before we entered the store, Sharon took out her control box and pressing the pain button, sent a jolt though me. I collapsed on the pavement but they quickly helped me up before anyone cold comment.

“You will thank me for shrinking your prink right now because you’ll need all the help you can get. You’ve got 15 minutes, before we drive off. We expect you to turn up carrying the items in your hand and NOT in a bag. If you’re offered a bag, refuse it. Now we don’t think you would want to miss your ride. Not without the keys to your prison and not while we can administer so much pain from a distance.”

With that she put her hand onto my groin and felt my flaccid state. Taking a small loose thread in the bottom of the crotch in the pants, she slowed pulled on it in front of my eyes as the fly of the cargo pants, which had been sewn up, slowly opened. I was adjusted so that the flap wasn’t too obvious. I had to go into a busy lunchtime store with my flies undone and no underwear. If I was to purchase the items, I would have to be careful about what I was thinking so that I didn’t get hard. I also had to be careful how I walked so that I wouldn’t open my trousers up. Using my hands to adjust them wasn’t an option. I couldn’t even rotate the fly opening away as the trousers had somehow been secured to the steel band at my waist.

The ladies clothing was on the first floor and to my horror, the escalators were broken. I wasted more time than I would have liked looking for alternative methods of getting up there which wouldn’t require me to lift my legs too much; I was terrified of opening for my flies. Even the lifts were out – employee use only – eventually I surrendered myself to using the stairs and must have looked completely stupid going up them sideways, one step at a time. I made sure I faced the railing so that my flies were not on view.

When I got to the top, the flies were open and I had to rub myself against the railing at the top of the stairs to try and close them, an older lady gave me a filthy look and I turned beet red. She looked about to say something but thankfully a group of tourists came flooding by and she moved on, as did I.

I managed to find all the clothing, but the suspender belt was on the bottom rack and I had to bend down to pick it up. I checked the fly and it had opened up – surrounded by women in the lingerie section – feeling extremely vulnerable. All those thoughts together started to turn me hard. I thought of shopping as shopping – boring, boring, boring, – I got myself under better control.

The flies were still open and I had no way to close them so I held the camisole over my front to hide my blushes. There was a post office style queue for the counter and I had to wait in line, getting more and more anxious about both meeting my 15 minute deadline (they hadn’t given me a watch) and about my open flies. Worst of all, I suddenly noticed the older lady from before immediately behind me. She looked down at what I was buying and tutted. Somehow her disapproval turned me on, or maybe it wasn’t her disapproval, maybe it was her matronly manner; big boned and well covered but not unattractive and very full bosomed.

My thoughts and my fantasy escaped from my mental grasp and I felt myself swelling. I could feel myself popping out of the front of the trousers just as the next clerk became free. I went straight up to the counter, pressing myself tightly against it and handed over the goods. I could see a slight wet stain on the camisole and prayed that the clerk didn’t notice. Thankfully, she didn’t. But just as I handed over the 50-pound note, I felt the vibrations begin in my rear and around my prick and balls and I sprung all the way out of my pants. The REMOTES!!! I had forgotten.

The girls must have given me a 50 pound note deliberately because the clerk had to get it checked before she would accept it and I was standing there for a few minutes while she got approval from her manager. In the meantime, the older lady took up position at the check out next to me and looked across. I had to get myself back in my trousers as soon as possible, but the memory of the pain I felt when I brought my cuff laden wrists close to the triple circle device was burned in my memory. What was worse, the pain or the embarrassment?

I decided I would try for the pain, I was sure I could handle it better and just as the clerk put the 50 in the till and was looking out my change, I went to put myself back in. The result was not what I expected. Wrist cuffs and rings together had caused pain but they hadn’t told me that when the wrist cuffs and rings join the anal intruder, I get something quite different – intense pleasure.

My knees buckled and I had to redirect my hands away from my groin and threw them onto the counter to help support myself. The pleasure consumed me entirely in a fraction of a second and I felt myself cum – I couldn’t stop myself.

After my most incredible climax, I recovered enough to look up where I saw the older lady staring down at my groin and the trail of spunk I had spat at the front wall of the counter. I grabbed my change and ran away from the till, holding the clothing in front of me. My hands must have gravitated too close to my groin because I was just running out of the shop when I was hit by another wracking orgasm. I tripped and fell. Just yards away, three of the girls were killing themselves laughing out the side of the car.

I staggered into them and fell on the floor at their feet.

Part 7

“You’re pathetic – but damn fine comedy. Sharon still had tears in her eyes but it was Vera who seemed to get herself back under control quickest. Give us the clothes and the money. I did as she ordered. And fell flat on my back in exhaustion.

“Show us our prick”

I leant up on my elbows and opened my legs so that they could see better.

“Hold it out for us”

I didn’t want to cum again – not like that – I didn’t move. Kim’s face was carved in anger as she held out the control box where I cold see it, and flicked a switch off.

“OK? NOW hold it out for us!”

With relief, I finally took hold of my prick to present it to them but felt another murderous orgasm rip the guts out of my balls and I screamed as I doubled over in unexpected pain. Vera still had the camera going and moved from my prick which had just exploded a small dribble, up to the look of shock and agony in my eyes.

Sharon knelt down and slapped me around the face. “When we ask you to do something, don’t you EVER hesitate. We KNEW that holding yourself would make you cum, THAT’S why we asked. And the fact that we had to trick you into thinking we had deactivated the belt just pisses us off even more!“

My hands were secured and a terrifying leather hood was placed on my head. With pair of small curved hooks, which were inserted into the entrance of my nose, it was pulled up over the top of my head, covering all but my mouth, before it was locked around my neck. I found myself focusing on the heat of her hand print on my cheek and I dwelt on how I might have made things worse for myself.

The van’s engine started up and I felt my head being held in a firm grip. A tube was inserted into my mouth but it kept going. I began to panic as it hit the back of my throat and I felt the urge to gag. Mercifully, it stopped at that point, and it was locked in place by something secured at the back of my head. We drove off and a few moments later, I felt fluid through the tube soaking the inside of my dry stomach. It didn’t cease and though the volumes weren’t large, I had to gulp against he sensation of the tube every so often. After a little while, but still with a great deal of discomfort, I found myself able to control my gag reflex.

We reached the house, and the flow of fluid ceased. I was taken down to the basement. The hood and tube were removed but I had to ask the inevitable. Normally I ask to use the toilet as it’s the only opportunity for me to be alone – although there was sometimes a little assistance from Jane, the nurse. It was the one occasion where I was allowed my dignity. Even enema evacuations were private. So why did I feel nervous when Kim said “yes”.

The spreader bars were placed on my ankles and knees and I was knelt in front of them before the centre of the knee spreader was secured to a pin in the floor. I looked up stunned when a large metal bowl was placed in front of me.

“You can piss now.

“I can’t go like this – in front of all of you.”

“Fine, then you won’t go at all”

They pulled up chairs, although Vera left us. The strain of suppressing the urge began to take hold I felt myself shaking. Vera’s return provided a welcome distraction… until I saw what she was carrying. She tied  the large bag of ice firmly around my waist, just level with my bladder, before she joined her satanic sisters on the remaining empty chair.

“We pumped you with a lot of fluid in the van and it included a heavy diuretic; so with the ice contracting the size of your bladder, we shouldn’t have too long to wait.”

They were right. I could begin to feel the dull ache turning into a sharp pain inside me as I tried to dam the flow. Vera had her camera out again. The instinct was to squeeze my legs together but the spreader bars didn’t make that an option.

Eventually the bladder’s sphincter muscle began to cramp up and I was left with no option but to relax a little to give it relief. As I did so, I felt the first trickling, drain down the inside of my prick and form a few drops at the end. One dropped into the bowl and the sound reverberated around the room. I immediately clamped down on the flood waters again but the pain was virtually unbearable.

“It will only be a few moments now, girls,” Kim said.

I knew she was right. I looked down, partly in shame and partly in concentration but the inevitability in her words began to seep through my mind, weakening what little was left of my resolve. I held on for as long as I thought I could but when the dam broke, I let the rivers run with a relief I had never known in my life – the pleasure was more sublime than any of the orgasms I had known at their hands but when I looked up to see them laughing, that joy disappeared in an instant. I tried to clamp up again but I had no strength and I was left thinking of Kim’s words and wondering if her words had convinced me to give up too easily; had I had chosen to believe her words because it was the easier option? What was left of my ego shrivelled still further. Was my shame NOW complete?

The flow seemed to go on forever and I was still pissing into the bowl, my head down to avoid their looks of derision, when I felt a riding crop came up underneath my chin and guide me to look up. My gaze moved up past black, knee-length leather boots, stockings, a robust corset, past an enormous chest and into the cruel eyes of the older lady I had seen in the shop. Yet again, I thought I had gone as low as it was possible to fall, before they pushed me down further still.

The derision carved on her face said everything. She turned on her heel and my eyes followed her, transfixed on a huge her bare arse. I was terrified when I felt a stirring in my prick. She leant into the girls and said something to them as she left. They all stood up and crowded around me. The flow had ceased by now and any hint of hardness had also fled in terror.

“Now when we demand something from you, we expect you to obey. We don’t care if you don’t like it. What the hell were you playing at, trying not to piss when we told you to? Don’t you realise that we control every aspect of you?”

I was unlocked from the floor and manhandled to a bench where I was secured, face up, with my arms above my head. Both spreaders were still attached and were used to secure my legs. Jane approached me with a strange, thin tube with a flaccid balloon near the end. Wearing rubber gloves, she took the end of my penis; applied some gel to the length of the tube and then began to run it up inside my urethra. The pain, no, not pain.. the DISCOMFORT was intense. It ran some way up, maybe a foot? I felt an obstruction inside me, my sphincter still had a little life in it.. but not much. Jane gently pushed against the barrier until eventually she was able to push through a gap in my contracting and once more I was left wondering if I had given in deliberately. Fluid ran out the bottom end of the tube and into a receptacle that Vera was holding. That was their signal. Jane smiled and began to pump a valve. I could feel the small swelling inside of me.

“We’ve put a catheter inside you. You no longer have any control over when you piss. We just inflated a small rubber bladder in the head of the tube to make sure the thing doesn’t fall out.”

They took the free end of the tube protruding from my penis and ran it into the top of a metal bottle, which was taped, securely to my leg. While I was being led, still hobbled, back to the suspension device, the relative silence of the room was suddenly filled with the sound of fluid hitting that hollow metal container. The girls all laughed and I cringed in embarrassment. I tried to squeeze my bladder closed but my sphincter had now been made impotent.

The hood used in the car was placed over my head. The feeding tube was reinserted down my throat. Just as before, I could feel the fluid flowing down my throat and after an initial urge to gag, I fell in with its rhythms. Made to drink; made to piss. I heard that awful metallic sound again and again as my bladder periodically emptied.

“Stop pissing yourself slave!!”

I felt a thwack as a riding crop or cane connected with my arse cheeks. Every time there was a noise, of fluid running into the metal device. I was struck. This went on for some while and I completely lost track of time.

At the end of the day though, someone put cold cream on my raging fire of an arse. I suspect, after her tenderness before, that it was Sharon. I was led back to my bed. The catheter was deflated and removed and I was lain face down, with my prick and balls sticking out through the hole in the middle of my cot. With my arms and legs secure, the bed was raised and despite the pain of having had something up my prick and in my bladder for several hours, it still responded to the manipulations of one of the girls hands. Judging from the way the fingers moved on my prick, I would guess it was Kim.

I soon felt my first orgasm approach, I thought of the matron’s arse and with an exhausted grunt. My balls were emptied. The hand relaxed slightly, just enough time for a breather before she resumed and I was once more knocking at the door of an ejaculation. This one was more painful than the last, my prick was actually sore on the inside, but the orgasms persisted. Again I passed that key point where I crossed into the land of dry orgasms and after the seventh or eighth, I lost count and I began to cry.

My sobs were clearly audible and although I felt the touch become gentler, the manipulations continued to the point where no more orgasms were possible. The ball stretcher and sheath were attached. My sore tip was flayed a couple of times, but it seemed to lack the passion of the previous night, and I was left alone once more.

Part 8

A few days later, I met Miss Chesterton again – the older lady from the department store – Sharon’s aunt. I had been prepared by the girls – lipstick on my face, stockings and suspenders and a blonde wig. I must have looked ridiculous. The spreaders were once more on my legs and secured to the floor leaving me on my knees. My hands were suspended above my head from the ceiling.

Miss Chesterton was dressed in a crisp white blouse and a knee length black leather skirt. She took off the blouse and skirt and placed them on a nearby chair to leave her as I remember from before – black knee length stiletto boots, black stockings held up to a tight whale boned corset. Her vaginal lips were hairless and slightly puckered. She was a big boned woman, strong in the legs, wide on the hips, heavy on the chest and yet so beautiful curved. The cruel face didn’t sit right on that body but I knew that this was a woman I could NEVER disobey – whatever she told me to do.

As she approached me, she pulled out a large black latex double-ended dildo, just under two inches in width. Part way down the shaft there was a rubber imitation ball sac, quite a large one. It was positioned so that about three to four inches of dildo were at one end and seven to eight were at the other.

She took larger end inside herself, slowly. She teased her entrance with it and I had a close view of the beast as she slowly pushed it inside herself. When it was 4 to 5 inches in, she began to pump herself with it, slowly.

“Do you recognise it? We made it from the casts the girls made of you. The larger end is when you were erect. We had to expand it a bit to get it to a respectable size but in terms of contours it is an exact replica.” I stared at it in horror.

“The smaller end is made from the caste we took when you were flaccid.” Now I can take quite large men…. but this is rubber, more unyielding and so VERY uncomfortable.” She slowly slid it out of herself. “Which is why I’m taking the nice manageable end and you are going to have to take the big one. Of course there’s also a psychological dimension to have your flaccid cock inside me. Now open your mouth.”

I immediately opened my mouth and she pushed the dildo inside, still slick with her juices. She took the back of my head and pushed herself onto the shorter end. I managed to take a little more into my mouth – thank heaven I had worked on my gag reflex with that feeding tube. The dildo was firmly secured on the top of the shaft to a wide soft leather belt. This was in turn secured around Miss Chesterton’s waist by Kim and left the rubber ball sac to hanging freely beneath her.

“I designed it myself”, she said. “It allows more up and down movement when it’s inside and with the sac positioned as it is, it can flap around and give a bit more stimulation.”

I couldn’t speak; my mouth was full. Kim then took a three strap harness and placed around my head before securing it to a corresponding trio of straps around Miss Chesterton‘s waist. I was able to pull back and move around, but not enough to remove either of the dildos that separated my mouth from her sex.

“Now you’re going to give me a blow job, and if you’re good, you’ll get to cum. If you’re really good, you’ll get to cum inside someone. Show me what you’ve got.”

I began to move the dildo in and out of my mouth, sucking on it like a lollipop.

“Now if this was your prick, or rather, the prick you used to have, how would you treat it?”

I had to change tack. I went more slowly, just using my lips to stimulate it. I moved the dildo in and out, allowing more of my saliva  to lubricate it. Then I started to tease it with my tongue, up and down the underside of the shaft, getting harder and harder and then softer and softer. Miss Chesterton moaned as she could feel the effects of the pressure of my tongue on the part of the dildo inside her. The more pressure I applied to the underside of the dildo in my mouth, the more pressure she felt on the lower wall in her vagina.

I then began to mix things up, revelling in the task, alternating friction and the speed of my lips on the shaft. I formed a rhythm and then deliberately broke it to form another. Then I broke that one as well. It was having a positive effect on Miss Chesterton.

When I had teased ‘myself’ enough, I began to work on the head, exploring it with my tongue. Running around the top and then underneath, tickling the underside. She began to moan more as my attentions to the far end of the dildo gave me greater leverage on the dildo inside her. I pushed a little on the end and felt the lifelike contours of an open tip, which seemed to be wet. I pushed a little harder and she moaned really loudly this time. At this point I was no longer giving myself a blowjob, I was using my mouth to fuck her cunt with a dildo.

I began to move the tip round in circles and I sought to create the corresponding effect on the walls of her vagina. I started slowly and gradually built up and up until I could hear her panting quite heavily. At this pint I switched tacks as I pushed on the end of the dildo with my tongue and tried to press it into her further. She began to move against my tongue as her hips took over and began to supply some of her own rhythm. Once that seemed to be established, I went back to the rotating of the tip, stepping down a gear slightly so that she had to slow a little to catch my wave but we were soon up where we had left off and this time she was beginning to fuck my mouth in and out.

The dildo was too long for me to take completely and still be able to get near her clit, so I suddenly chose to push down hard on my end of the dildo, forcing it up against the upper wall in side her and as I pulled back as far as my head harness would permit, I sucked on the dildo pulling it out of her slightly, trying to rub her clit as I pulled out. She seemed to catch her breath so I repeated it twice more and I felt her gripping her wave tightly.

She began to pant harder before they became low but audible screams. She took my head in her hands as she began to pump harder, screaming louder and louder as I resumed my rotating, faster and faster. She was screaming, in rhythm with my rotations until she paused a moment before letting out an almighty yell.

Just as she did, I felt fluid hit the underside of my tongue as I was rotating the tip. I saw Kim’s face from the corner of my eye and just from her look, I suddenly knew what was going on. I was being forced to swallow my own cum. I hadn’t been able to see any of my nightly climaxes so I’d had no idea they had been storing the stuff after siphoning it out me.

Miss Chesterton’s climax had somehow triggered my spunk, which had sloshing around in the huge mock scrotum, to pulse into me. There was a lot to take, almost too much. Again, were it not for the experience with the feeding tube… how could I have been so stupid! They had conditioned me; they were ALWAYS conditioning me.

The taste of the latex was bad enough and I began to shake my head violently in resistance at the fluid invasion. My frantic head-shaking had a similar effect on the dildo that was still filling her vagina and my exertions in shock and disgust only served to take Miss Chesterton’s orgasm onto another level – a little too much because she grabbed my head to stop the shaking.

“Don’t you DARE spill a drop!!!!”

Through compliance, terror and pure obedience, I fought my instincts and slowly downed my cum as I continued to look up into her eyes with my own cock filling my mouth. It was foul and I hated it but for the first time since my capture, the words ‘decision’ and ‘choice’ were completely absent from my actions.

Part 9

“You did well. I’d say you deserve a reward.”

One of the spreader bars, between my ankles, was removed and replaced with cuffs linked to chains. I was still trying to follow the line of the chains when I felt my whole body being stretched up. I screamed in pain before Jane realised they had forgotten to unlock the knee spreader from the floor. They laughed, I sensed more at their own forgetfulness than at my plight. The mechanism froze. They used the opportunity to attach a wide belt around my waist. The chains to my ankles were pulled through rings at the side of the belt, forcing my stockinged legs in half as my heels were pulled up against my arse. They were locked off the chains. I was lowered a little before Jane unlocked the spreader bar and once more I was lifted from the floor.

Miss Chesterton turned to one side. Her expression was very matter of fact but there was a harshness, both in her eyes and the turn of her mouth, when she spoke.

“Sharon – stand in front of him and bend forward, placing your hands on the table in front.”

Sharon did as she was instructed. Kim and Jane lowered me a little.

“Vera, secure Sharon’s hips to that padded bar.”

Sharon was left leaning forward but soft leather straps across the small of her back and around the top of each thigh left her virtually immobile. Miss Chesterton walked around in front of her and leant across the table until her nose was virtually touching Sharon’s. She leant forward a little more and kissed her aggressively – Sharon opened her compliant mouth for the pillage. Miss Chesterton pulled away suddenly and Sharon lurched forward. Her wrists had been gripped and yanked out from under her. They were locked to the far end of the table by the swift hands of the older Mistress.

“Perfect. We know you’ve been going lightly on, and even helping, our young charge here. If you can’t dish it out, then it’s only right that you share in his plight. Now you have only one way to help him.“

Sharon looked up at her, puzzled.

“Don’t worry; you’ll find out soon enough.“

The castors to which my chains had been attached, were wheeled forward until I found myself with the tip of my prick right at the entrance to Sharon’s cunt. With my feet off the floor, there was nothing I could do to push myself inside.

“Now for the reward.”

I felt something wet spay against the bud of my anus, immediately followed by something hard. As Miss Chesterton firmly gripped my hips, she guided her dildo into me. I can only think she must have squeezed the last of my cum from the false ball sac to provide a little lubrication to her entry. The conditioning I had received meant I was easily able to open without tearing myself but the dildo still stretched me severely.

“This reminds me of something you said to Kim, right at the beginning. I seem to recall the words, ‘go fuck yourself’. How does it feel?“

I said nothing. The fact that she must have been watching me right from the beginning of this adventure didn’t register until I was alone again that evening. All the girls were laughing – all the girls except Sharon.

The strap on hit the front wall of my rectum but she kept pushing and I felt it suddenly begin to move again, carrying on its journey up inside me. She pushed in so slowly that I felt the thing was going to come out through my throat. Unlike the butt plugs, there was no ‘narrow bit’ that I could rely on for respite and I had to stay relaxed for the whole time. All my attention was focused on helping her fuck me as I tried to block out the heavy dull ache in my arms, the tantalising prospect for my dick, fractions of an inch from a cunt I’d been dying to pound into from the first moment I tasted it nearly a week ago.

It was ironic that Miss Chesterton made me feel free. If I did as she said, I felt unburdened and unlike the girls, she was hard but I never felt that I would fail her – she wouldn‘t give me a choice. I had never felt so liberated.

Once she had buried her false prick – my prick – up to the hilt, Miss Chesterton took her hands off my hips and pushed a little further. I found the tip of my real prick being pushed just inside Sharon’s cunt. I felt it slowly part her inner lips and nestle itself just inside. I felt those lips close around my glans and I imagined her soft mouth gently enveloping me.

I revelled in the feeling of dipping my wick into something so hot and warm and wet but only a moment later, I felt myself slowly slipping out as the dildo was withdrawn from my arse and I lost the pressure from behind to keep me inside. I bent my waist forward and strained to stay inside as I let out whimper of frustration. The size of the dildo inside me and it’s sheer girth meant that not only could I not contract my sphincter, but I couldn’t even bend my torso without a great deal of pain. I was totally reliant on Miss Chesterton’s pressure behind me for any satisfaction my prick got from being inside Sharon. And I could only BEGIN to fill her once I had been filled and totally violated myself. I was dipped just inside several more times before Miss Chesterton removed her hands from my hips completely. Now I had a little more control – if I could stand it.

I found that if I hugged Miss Chesterton’s cock with my arse, as she pushed into me, I could create enough friction to swing myself further into Sharon. I could hear Sharon moan in appreciation but just as I got as far in as I could go, I had to keep clenching to stay in. Miss Chesterton kept pushing, through my clench and I wondered if the pleasure of fucking Sharon was worth the pain in my arse. I had decided that it wasn’t went I felt Sharon beginning to help me.

Despite initial reluctance on her part – she had seemed to deliberately relax herself so that I had as little friction as possible – she soon began to clench my prick with her vaginal muscles as I was dragged out of her – almost as if she was trying to hold me in. And when I was thrust inside, she relaxed so that I could go as deep as possible into her. By contrast, I was relaxing my arse on the way out, just as she was contracting to keep me and I was contracting to get in, just as she was relaxing to allow me access. The pain was still enormous but my ache to please her kept me going through the agony. Sharon seemed as desperate to be filled as I was to please her.

Miss Chesterton increased the rhythm slowly but surely and I saw Vera crawl beneath Sharon and start to lick her lips. Sharon was getting double the attention and I could tell from her clenches around my prick, that Jane was having an effect.

With Sharon abandoning herself to Vera’s attentions, she stopped clenching, to try and hold me in. I could sense an orgasm building inside me but it was somehow muzzled. I redoubled my clench and painful though it was (or perhaps because of the pain) I felt myself free up and I began to ride my small wave into shore.

Sharon’s pleasure was well ahead of mine and I could feel her building to an intense orgasm as Miss Chesterton pounded harder through me and into her. I could feel her vaginal contractions; quick sharp bursts until suddenly her wave broke over me. I was pushed into her a couple of times and I felt myself about to break against my own sea wall. Miss Chesterton, however, pulled back and I fell away from Sharon’s quivering cunt; I could still see small shudders on the outside of her lips as I was withdrawn. I was precariously  on the edge with no hope of stimulation. Miss Chesterton bent forward and whispered into my ear.

“What would you give me to be able to shoot off into Sharon right now?

“Anything. Honestly – ANYTHING!!!!”

“I know you will. You won’t have a choice but I just wanted to hear you admit it to yourself.“

She released my left arm, doubling the pain in my right, and secured my freed wrist to the front of the belt I was wearing. I was left with only enough slack to wrap my hand around my prick and pump, I couldn’t even touch Sharon’s arse.

“Go on then, pump it for me, Wank Boy. Spray into Sharon’s cunt.”

My hand was already working and despite the agony in my right arm, I only took two strokes before I was beyond the point of no return. Miss Chesterton pushed inside me and just as I was about to cum, she snatched my frustrated but exhausted left hand away. I couldn’t prevent my climax but it was hardly satisfying. I felt my intruder thrust forward as Miss Chesterton acted as though she was pissing cum again against Sharon’s honey coated lips. Despite the muted effect of my climax, being so filled at the same time meant an incredible intensity, though I felt almost all that pleasure through my arse.

I had barely finished when I felt Miss Chesterton pull away, somehow leaving the dildo inside me. I was quickly lowered onto my knees and my right arm finally had some respite.

“Sharon needs more attention – you will finish her off.”

Her rough hand pushed my face, unceremoniously, against Sharon’s cum-slickened cunt. A strap was secured, presumably to the padded bar, either side of Sharon’s hips, and round the back of my head. I could feel Sharon being manoeuvred, the table being withdrawn and her wrists secured to her ankles. The effect of bending her in two was to force her cunt against me, burying my mouth and nose and almost suffocating me. The taste of my cum was unpleasant but I knew now that it wasn’t going to kill me and I was eager to bury my trained tongue to thank Sharon, somehow, for her kindness to me. I dove in, as deep as I could with my tongue. I recalled her love of putting my mouth inside her outer lips. With her legs squeezed together it was difficult, but that just seemed to make it more pleasurable for her. My ruined orgasm left me with life in my prick and I felt it beginning to swell again in pleasure.

My tongue snaked forward to her clitoral hood and I flicked it. I couldn’t get much leverage in this position but perhaps the lack of pressure was a benefit. As her body strained to pick up as much stimulation as it could, it opened itself up to sensation. With her previous orgasm so recent, it was inevitable that she should be taken by another but I was surprised she was capable of something so powerful considering her I was only able to apply a feather light touch to her clitoris. As she came, I drove my tongue up inside her to give her vagina something to munch on. It wasn’t much but I could feel her inner lips sucking my tongue out of my head as the waves continued. My reverie was broken as my harness was released.

“You pig!”

I recognised the voice. Where had she come from?

“I believe I have no need to introduce you to your own girlfriend.”

I turned and stared in shock, before immediately looking away in shame. I wanted the earth to swallow me when, in turning away, my eyes fell onto a large mirror that the girls had wheeled in to reflect my shame back at me. That shame seemed magnified a hundredfold. I saw myself in stockings and with a raging hard on, a dildo in my arse and my face smeared in a mix of lipstick, vaginal juices and cum. My girlfriend’s hurt, bitter and intensely angry face began to dominate my vision.  I don’t know what was worse, seeing my girlfriend, or seeing myself. Until that moment, I had never wanted to die.

“I saw the whole thing you disgusting pig. I saw you enjoying yourself. I saw you fucking and being fucked. I saw you jerking off. You disgust me!!! I’m going to tell everyone about this.”

Miss Chesterton. Took her to one side and they whispered in conference. My girlfriend stormed off.

“She’s quite a straight-laced girl isn’t she? I doubt you’ll be seeing her again, at least not in an intimate manner. But then you seem to be enjoying this kink so much; she probably wouldn’t be enough for you anymore.”

“So, do you still doubt how much control we have over you? Admittedly we had to tell her a few white lies to get her here, but now she has the evidence of her own eyes. “

She continued. “We HAVE worked out a proposal, which she accepted, and which means that she won’t tell anyone what she’s seen you doing. Will you agree to it?”

I had no idea what it was but I had already lost everything anyway. I muttered a defeated “Yes.”

“Yes, Miss CHESTerton! I want enthusiasm from you. ALWAYS!”

“Yes, Miss Chesterton!”

“Good. Jane, begin by piercing the pig.”

“Where Miss Chesterton?”

Where else do you pierce pigs? Through their noses. Through his septum. I like the idea of leading him around by it. I think he needs to cry anyway and this will make sure of it. Besides, I want to others to see it on him but most of all, I think it could provide us with a little extra stimulation during the orals he will be giving us.”

Part 10

I was taken to my now familiar bed with my eyes watering from the piercing. They had put a ring in my nose but I hadn’t been allowed to touch it. Once more I was secured although the girls seemed to take extra pains to strap my entire body down this time. The bed was lifted and I felt ice being applied to my balls and prick. So far this week, they had put wax on me, attached weights to my foreskin with clips, and hung stretchers from my balls. What more was possible?

The ice was refreshed several times as the heat of my prick melted it but eventually I was totally numb with cold. I felt myself being pinched and nipped. I felt my balls being secured and stretched by weights, but I didn’t feel any whips or hands on me. Was tonight going to be devoid of pain?

I heard them head away from me but just before they left the room, I heard Kim’s voice.

“You’ve been great fun this week, so we’re going to give you a night off. We’ll see you in the morning for your goodbye present. Oh, and you can lie in. There won’t be any enemas tomorrow. You can thank us all by licking us out over breakfast. Goodnight Slave.”

I awoke with a pain my prick. My morning erection was being suppressed. Several things flashed though my mind about what I had heard them threaten to do to me – sewing my foreskin up immediately sprang to mind.

When the girls came down for breakfast, they were in a jovial mood. The bed was lowered and after securing my hands behind my back, I was lifted off the bed. The girls escorted me to a full-length mirror and when I saw what had been done, my eyes popped out of my head.

“What the fuck have you done to my prick?!!!!”

I was wearing a cage that looked like a microphone and the length of my morning erection was pushing my flesh through the bars. The head, however, was floating freely in the centre of the large ball on the end.

“Actually it’s OUR prick and so what has been done to it is irrelevant to you. But let me show you anyway.”

Vera bent down and grabbed the cage. I tried to pull it off me by stepping back but a rang at the base locked round the back of my freely hanging balls and I was pulled up short. Vera grabbed them and gave them a sharp squeeze as she looked angrily up at me. I didn’t need to be told twice not to budge. She removed a padlock from under the large ball on the end and the two parts of the tight metal cage were allowed to separate padlock along the underside of my sex against a pair of hinges along the length on the upper side.

“This, Bob is a Chastity cage. My eyes were still on the device in Vera’s hands when Kim brought my attention back to my cock, which seemed to have a small metal ball sticking out of the piss hole. She twisted my prick over and showed me another metal ball sticking out of the bottom, just beneath the head of my glans.

“We’ve pierced you, as you begged us to do on that first day. It’s true that we asked you to beg for a nipple piercing, but you sounded so keen to be pierced, and you didn’t specify where, so we didn’t limit ourselves. It should enable us to get more pleasure from our prick and we now aren’t dependent on you being hard. Once it has healed, we’ll take the gauge up a few notches and weld a sealed ring in it. We have to put the chastity cage on you now though because we don’t want you removing the piercing bar and letting the holes seal themselves up. This means you will have to report to one of us every morning and every evening for hygiene and status check up. Your chastity device will be removed by one of us and once you ARE healed, the cage will be replaced with something much sturdier and more appropriate for the long term.”

I was speechless. They had put a hole in my prick!

I was cleaned and given a salt-water dip before the whole thing was dried. The cage was placed back on me. The ladies took their breakfast and I took their orals.

In the weeks after the marathon I was called on to pay oral service to all the girls. It was always spontaneous from my point of view although they went out of their way to pick timings and places that were awkward for me:

Jane dived into a changing room cubicle in a department store that I was using and demanded an orgasm from my mouth. The only thing separating us from the outside was the short thin curtain.

Kim went to a Masquerade party with me as her date but I spent a large part of the time underneath her Marie Antoinette dress, servicing her naked cunt while she did her best to hold a straight face during conversations with other guests.

At the end of the first week, I reported back to all the girls. With my prick healing, I hadn’t cum at all in that time and after the marathon in which I had barely stopped cumming, to say I had been on an emotional edge would be an understatement.

I was given an enema. It didn’t occur to me to protest now. Funny how the unusual can become accepted as standard if it’s done often enough. I was allowed to go to the bathroom to evacuate and was given another short enema. After the second evacuation, I was dried and bent over a padded frame at waist level although not tied up this time. I had so protested at the idea of being violated in my arse before but now I was actually looking forward to it. I felt a pair of greased fingers enter my rear and roughly opened me up. I relaxed as best I could. The fingers found their way inside and was pushed in deeply. The began to press firmly onto the wall against my bladder and the feeling wasn’t very comfortable.

The fingers were replaced by something harder and I began to ache inside. I felt like I needed to pee, and yet I had only just gone. I was told to take over and do it myself. I took hold of the end of the object and followed the same pattern I had felt before.

“Press it harder against you!!”

It was the first sign of any vocal dominance I had heard since my arrival there. It was uncomfortable to push harder but I did. I felt something coming down my prick and the sensation was not at all unpleasant. I continued for another 5 minutes until I was told to stop. Sharon came around in front of me and bent down. I couldn’t quite see what she was doing but I felt her fingers grip my prick and push firmly on the underside. Holding the pressure, she then dragged her thumb towards the tip. She did this a couple of times before standing up with a small glass jar in her hand. It was full of my cum.

“Bob, you’ve just been milked. If you don’t cum for a few weeks, then fluids build up in the prostate and seminal vesicles. This can by siphoned out of you, which we just did.”

My abiding memory was of shame, powerlessness and or a desperate urge to climax. That urge remained with me and I was in an almost constant state of arousal. I was allowed to milk myself every seven days but I was told there would be no orgasms for me before I was healed. Their cruelty, however, seemed to be on the wane as we began to have more fun together. I actually developed a fondness for them but then it’s hard not to develop a fondness for someone when you have your mouth in their cunt 3 or 4 times a week and when you have a better and better idea of just what to do to turn them on.

When the five weeks were up, I reported back the girls. They tied me, spread me and blindfolded me, just for old times sake I guess. I hadn’t climaxed in that time and was really looking forward to it. I really needed it.

Jane and Kim appeared either side of me and snapped manacles on my wrists. A strap was secured over my back and I was roughly pulled down over the bar.

“What are you doing? I came here willingly.”

“Symbolism, Bob. And also because when Miss Chesterton is here, you have to be totally vulnerable.”

I wasn’t sure. The reassurance of the good terms on which we’d spent the past month fought in my mind with the memories of what had taken place during that marathon week.

Miss Chesterton walked around in front me. Once more I allowed my gaze to move up her booted legs and up over large, strong stocking-clad thighs until my gaze fell on my tormentor’s strap on. I could see a rubber-gloved hand take a large glass jar from Sharon and empty the contents of my month’s milkings into the ball bag hanging under her cock. I couldn’t strain my head up to see above the strap on but I did hear her voice.

“Suck my cock, Wank Boy.”

Part 11

The girls had been smiling when I left. They had given me three presents.

The first was a ring in my prick. I wasn’t allowed to watch them insert it but once it was in place, I couldn’t see a single joint anywhere along it’s length. Vera rotated it though me several times and it felt seamless all the way around.

I was also fitted with the much more secure belt they had promised. It appeared to have a design based on the electronic one they had taken me shopping with, although there were no electronics in this. They said it was for long-term practical wear and was meant to stop me for getting too hard or cumming. A steel plate ran down my front and ended at my anus. My prick and balls were pushed through holes in the plate. My balls were hanging freely but my prick was in a steel tube pointing down and the end of the tube met in a small cage. The device was ingeniously engineered so that cage, tube and piercing were inextricably locked to one another. The cage allowed me some access to clean myself but no stimulation was possible and although there was a little room for expansion, I couldn’t get completely hard. In some ways the feeling of ‘almost’ hard is worse, and for me was there all the time because I still hadn‘t come.

The plate was secured to a steel band around my waist. The lock was behind me but appeared to be fairly flush with the band itself and so lying on my back was not too uncomfortable. Everything was lined with soft rubber for comfort, except the end of the plate. The plate became a finger that curved around and into my arse. It took a little getting used to but its presence did not impede bodily functions and it did prevent me from trying to lift the plate off me from underneath.

It had been seven more days and today I was particularly desperate to cum. The girls had told me that I’d have to wait 5 more weeks to get that which I most wanted but that it would be more than worth the wait. In the meantime, I opened the third present they had given me. I unwrapped the box, tearing off the label which said “Do not open for seven days”. I already knew what it would be.

I took the curve-ended dildo which I had been frigging my arse with for a month and bent myself over my bed. Having lubricated myself, I probed past the curving in the plate. I pushed against the wall of my colon and….. felt nothing. I did it again. Nothing. I removed the dildo and inserted a finger.. the rubber in my anus appeared to stretch all the up to cover the wall I needed to get to in order to milk myself.


In those 5 weeks they had taught me the only way to make myself cum… only to take it away. How much more am I sexually capable of? And how much more is there for them to deny me?

When five more solitary weeks had passed, I was almost beside myself with need. I got home from a walk to try and distract myself to find Sharon sitting in my front room, crying. I went to rush over to her but she stood up suddenly and put her hand out to stop me. She slowly took the shoulder straps of her short summer dress and allowed it to fall to the floor. I wasn’t ready for what I saw.

A finely crafted metal device enveloped her sex and was secured to a strong metal band which sat snug above her wide hips. Her heavy breasts hung free but her nipples had each been encased in a metal cone that seemed bound to her tits via a horizontal steel rod that protruded from either side of the cone, near the base.

I stripped out of my own clothes and when she looked at me, locked, with nipples ringed. She began to cry. I went to move towards her again but she backed away. I didn’t understand. She pointed to a box on the coffee table and opened it to find two pieces of jewellery. I looked at her and she nodded. I had taken out the tongue and nose rings but now I filled those holes with the two devices I found in the box.

I moved suddenly towards Sharon to hg her but both of us were taken with violent shocks to tits and groins and we collapsed together until Sharon could wriggle a little distance from me. The chastity devices were based on proximity. As we lay there, I felt a small humming in my arse. I recovered somewhat and gingerly moved towards Sharon and the humming increased. If I moved too close, the pain became too much so I withdrew. I couldn’t’ help myself, I needed this and I found myself bucking my hips towards and away from her,  fucking air, in order to try and build up a rhythm that would take me over the edge. Sharon began to reciprocate but we had to be careful not to push too close together at the same time.

Sharon and I live together. I can’t lick her beautiful pussy and she can’t take me in her mouth. The closest we can get is  a few feet which means holding hands at arms length. But when she is near, I’m excited and with her, I have the best air fucking sex of my life. Sometimes I like to surprise her, by walking towards the bedroom wall when she is in the shower but most of I like it when I am kneeling on the bed and she is standing by the cupboard, fucking me doggy style.


The power in the belts ran out after a month. Shock and disappointment quickly gave way to relief as we found ourselves able to explore each other’s bodies, at least as far as our metal prisons allowed. Sexual feelings were replaced with a degree of intimacy I had never known before and I found myself with some I really began to care for.

That intimacy grew and we resigned ourselves to our sexless existence. We began to go out more and decide to take up walking. Late one afternoon, we found ourselves in some open fields, my arm wrapped around her enjoying the peace and scenery when both of us turned to each other in surprise. There was a distinct tingling in our pleasure centres and I looked up to see that we were standing directly between two electricity pylons. The sensations were faint but their absence over recent weeks only made us more alive to their presence now. I kissed her deeply and we some slow gentle hip movement, we eventually gave way to a pleasure we thought we had lost forever.

We were still grinning like teenage lovers as we walked back through the front door that evening but were both pulled up short when we walked into the living room. Miss Chesterton was standing there, hands firmly on her hips and she didn’t look happy.

“Strip, sluts! BOTH of you! NOW!”

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