Erotic Author Spotlight Series: Tessa Wanton


Welcome to another in my spotlight series on some of my favourite erotic authors! This time we are taking a peek into the world of Tessa Wanton.  Thanks Tessa, for your bio and of course the free excerpts of your fantastic erotic works. Such a tease! 

Tessa Wanton – Erotic Author

Tessa Wanton Erotic Author


Best-selling author Tessa Wanton has had a busy time recently, nominated for BDSM Book Reviews Book of the Month February 2013, nominated in two categories for Sizzling PR’s awards, and holding silver stars for “The Training of Tess”, “Tessa’s Dilemma” and “Love in an Elevator” at All Romance EBooks. Recently completing “The Tess Series” with Ménage a Tess she specializes in the emotional and sensually physical aspects of BDSM. Creating a complete world for her characters, there are many more adventures planned with “The Isabella series” and “The Charles series” coming soon. “Becoming the Master” giving a taste of what readers can expect from the mysterious Master Charles.

Never one to pigeon hole herself, Tessa also explores the world of fetish, combining torrid love affairs and a family life with Tickling Fetishes in “Tickled Pink” and “Nylon Dreams”. Kinky fun isn’t just for fancy free adults in their early 20’s.

An artist first and foremost, the development of her characters and their stories are the most important things to her as she weaves her tales for your enjoyment. Let Tessa take your hand and lead you through the minds of her characters, each emotion and sensation laid bare for you to experience as though you were right there on their journey with them.

Tessa loves nothing more than to hear from her readers, so please drop her an email, leave a review, you’d be surprised how easy it is to make an author smile.

Tessa Wanton's Dark Desires

Erotic Books & Free Extracts

The Training of Tess erotic book by Tessa Wanton free excerpt

The Training of Tess by Tessa Wanton (Free Excerpt)

Tessa's Dilemma erotic book by Tessa Wanton free excerpt

Tessa’s Dilemma by Tessa Wanton (Free Excerpt)

Menage a Tess erotic book by Tessa Wanton free excerpt

Menage a Tess by Tessa Wanton (Free Excerpt)

Becoming the Master erotic book by Tessa Wanton free excerpt

Becoming the Master by Tessa Wanton (Free Excerpt)

Tickled Pink erotic book by Tessa Wanton free excerpt

Tickled Pink by Tessa Wanton (Free Excerpt)

Love in an Elevator erotic book by Tessa Wanton free excerpt

Love in an Elevator by Tessa Wanton (Free Excerpt)


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Want more? Find links to more sexy stories by Tessa Wanton at the Tessa Wanton Erotic Author website.

I’ll be adding more Tessa Wanton excerpts as they’re released, as well as keeping you posted with all the Tessa news and info.

– Cara Sutra


  1. Hi Cara! Thank you so much for your spotlight on me! I hope everyone enjoys my excerpts and of course, as more of my stories get published, I’ll make sure you’ll be the first to know… T xxx

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