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This week’s Spotlight Series feature spot falls upon the wonderful Justine Elyot. With a new book about to be published (tomorrow!), there’s never been a better time to get more intimately acquainted with the many sexy and sensual works from Justine’s collection. 

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– Cara Sutra

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Justine Elyot Biography

I always wanted to write, but for years I set myself impossibly high standards, resulting in apparently terminal block – until I discovered fanfiction. It gave me the freedom to write whatever I felt like without having to worry about whether it was ‘important’ or meaningful.

Once I’d taken that first step, I was swept into a crazy momentum. The more I wrote, the more I wanted to write – and my readers made it quite clear that they wanted more sex! Within a few months I was penning my first original erotic story, and within a year I had had my first piece accepted for publication at Black Lace.

Four years later, my life hasn’t changed much. I still do all the same things I always did and I still live in the same seaside town, but I have written books that have given pleasure – and that’s worth any number of fat royalty cheques.

My full-length titles are: Seven Scarlet Tales (Black Lace 2013), Secrets And Lords (Mischief 2013), Saxonhurst Secrets (Xcite 2012), Game (Mischief 2012), Under His Influence (Carina Press 2012), Food of Love (trilogy, Total E-Bound 2012-2013), Erotic Amusements (Carina Press 2011), Meeting Her Match (Xcite 2011), The Business of Pleasure (Xcite 2010), On Demand (Black Lace 2009)

Novellas and shorter pieces: Ask No Questions (self-published, 2013), Confessions of a Kinky Wife (Mischief 2013), Come To Him (Total E-Bound 2012), Under the Mistletoe (Xcite 2012), His House of Submission (Mischief 2012), England’s Dreaming (Total E-Bound 2012), Kinky (Mischief 2012), Bewitched in Budapest (Xcite 2012), The Science of Submission (Total E-Bound 2012), Highly Sexed (Resplendence 2012), A Very Personal Trainer (Total E-Bound 2011), Cat And Mouse (Resplendence 2011), The Sevarian Way (Total E-Bound 2011), Honeytrapped (Total E-Bound 2011), Bollywood Superstar (Total E-Bound 2011), Sempre (Total E-Bound 2011), Competitive Nature (Total E-Bound 2010)


Plus more short stories in anthologies than I could begin to list!

More details can be found at my website:

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Free Excerpt

Justine Elyot’s next book is entitled Lecture Notes and is out on the 1st October. Enjoy this free teaser from the book!

Lecture Notes - new erotic book by Justine Elyot

He rinses off the foam and surveys his handiwork with detached approval.  “Much better,” he opines.  He leans down and breathes on it, making my skin pucker into goosepimples.  “Now you cannot hide from me.”  He prises my thighs wider with his hands and continues to drift warm breath over the area, until I can’t avoid squirming and trying to close my thighs.  But his hands are firm and there is no chance of that.  He uses his thumbs to spread the newly-nude lips and his face is coming closer, closer until the tip of his rather long nose is almost touching the glistening pink insides, and now his breath is hot and intrusive, inescapable, and I have to let loose a shuddering giggle.  He takes a theatrically deep breath and then…aaaah….his tongue, so delicately, so teasingly, maps the nooks and crannies of my hidden valley.  It curls up and down, hither and thither, gently over my clitoris, which he slips in between his lips and hums on…oh CHRIST!…

“This is all new to you, isn’t it?” he murmurs, preparing to dust his tongue across its supersensitive surface again and all I can do is ‘aaah’ brokenly.  He laps and licks as if presented with an unending banquet of his favourite foods and I can feel my clit swelling and stiffening until it must be about twice its usual size, whereupon he begins to suck on it, his fingers massaging the surrounding area in sympathy and I lose the plot, lose my head, lose consciousness of everything except his wicked, wicked tongue.

I expect him to kneel up on his heels and change tempo once I have finished bucking into his mouth, but on the contrary, he just says, “I could eat you all day, Beth.  Such sweet juices,” and starts right back in, only this time his fingers are digging up inside my slick canal and he nudges at the higher ground of the mons veneris with his bloody nose.  It is almost – no, not almost, it is – too intense to be borne and I feel myself slide and drown in the swirling, whirling laving of his voracious tongue and the insistent probing of his fingers.  Every iota of my being is concentrated on that inferno at my core and I feel reduced to a primal essence of femininity, as if he is reminding me of my place and his sexual power over me.  Three fingers curve against my front vaginal wall at the same time as his tongue flicks pitilessly at my little fleshy jewel and I almost expire with the force of the orgasm, jerking my hips and arching my back animalistically, howling my surrender to the four corners of the room.

He moves back an inch or so, breathing again over the steam-damp nexus between my legs and chuckling at my undone state.  “We’ve barely begun, Beth, and you’ve already got that begging-for-mercy look in your eyes.  Dear, dear, this won’t do at all.  I suppose I shall have to break you in gently.”

I struggle to master my breathing and stop my limbs from shaking so much while he slides up my body to give me a taste of myself, wrapping his scented tongue around mine and sucking at it lusciously.  His fingers continue to knead betwixt my thighs, lest I should be allowed to forget his works down there, and I press my eager nipples against his chest, wanting to merge my softness with his masculine hardness.  I had never imagined a man could feel this good against my skin or seem to fit so well with my body.

Look out for it at Amazon, where it will be available from Kindle Direct Publishing’s Select programme.

– Justine Elyot

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